Obama chose selected US Senators to see Osama

US Senator Jim Inhofe said today he had no doubt Osama bin Laden was dead after viewing pictures of the terror leader’s body.

The dead wild men out west were displayed, to warn others not to face the sheriffs bullet.

The CIA has begun showing the photographs to some US lawmakers after President Barack Obama said they were too gruesome to be released to the public.

Mr Inhofe, a Republican, said he was shown 15 photographs taken after Bin Laden was killed on May 2 in a US commando raid.

There are 12 photos from the Pakistani compound and three from the ship where they buried him at sea.

“Yeah, they are gruesome because they were taken right after the incident,” Mr Inhofe said on FOX News.

“I couldn’t tell whether the bullet went through the ear and out the eye cavity or through the eye and out the ear because a lot of brains were draped out from the socket. But it clearly – what we saw there was it was him. There’s no question it was him.”

Source: Herald Sun

My comment:

I have no doubt that the pictures of a claimed dead Bin Laden must display the ugly face of war.

But I do not buy the explanation, why this is a valid reason not to publish them.

Today, the White House would not have published any pictures from Hiroshima. If they could block the publishing of such pictures.

Pictures of the Holocaust would also, only, have been shown to come few selected US Senators, to avoid the World being alarmed.

Do anyone still buy the White House version of the death of Bin Laden?

It is true that the US has spent 2 trillion USD to get Bin Laden, and we all understand that Obama would like to keep the truth about him for his selected people. But the US spent some money to blow up Hiroshima too, and we were all able to see the damage done.

The Holocaust was also a costly affair. A whole new Industry in Germany was built to exterminate six million Jews. And few people had any objections.

If you have forgotten, let these pictures remind you:

Dear bodies in Hiroshima, not promoted for display by the White House.
Killed by a special US Operation in Hiroshima.
Killed by the US Government, burnt alive in Hiroshima.

The pictures of the Holocaust has been seen all over the World. And should be shown in all Schools all over the Planet.

They died as a result of a campaign, backed by a new Industry in Germany.
To tough for the White House. Most likely not to be displayed by Obama and other Muslims, to save the Americans for a gruesome picture?

Barack Hussein Obama must learn from the past. I wounder if he will deny the Holocaust on the next press briefing in Washington?

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  1. Maybe you want to post some pictures of the damage from the IDF defending its self? It is clear…you don’t like the U.S.A., but you like IDF.

    1. Dear His Truth


      Do I like America?

      Absolutely. Some of my best friends are Americans.

      Do i like the IDF?

      Absolutely. Some of my best friends have served in the IDF.

      Do I like double standards and hypocrisy?

      Absolutely not.

      The IDF have told the Hamas and Hizb”Allah. If you do not fire rockets into Israel, we will not drop a single bomb on you.But for every rocket fired into Israel, there will be a response from the Israeli air force.

      Any problems?

      The Jews who were slaughtered in the Holocaust, had done no harm to Germany. The civilian population of Hiroshima had done no harm to the US Military. They were just numbers in a huge military project called the “Manhattan project”. The USA had spent billions of dollars to build a dooms day machine. Why not drop it in the ocean outside Tokyo first, and tell the Japanese to surrender?

      Osama Bin Laden had done a lot of damage to America. He was a criminal and a gangster, and the US had all the right to arrest Him and put Him for trial. I guess there is death penalty in several states in the US, and being court Marshaled Osama would have been hanged.

      But why are we not permitted to see the final evidence, that He is dead? Why is his death treated as a top military secret?

      1. While the IDF defends its self, men, women and children civilians are also killed. It is hypocrisy when one country defending its self is put down, while another country defending its self is spoken of as right. The IDF has done questionable maneuvers also. However, I don’t read about disapproval of their war tactics like you speak of the U.S.A.’s.

        President Obama might not allow pictures of the shot and killed Bin Laden because it might incite more violence from the terrorists. Can you possibly agree that it might cause more violence, and therefore the right decision not to show those pictures at this time?

      2. Dear His Truth.


        I do not claim the IDF to be the perfect army. They do commit mistakes. But they are a moral army, who try to minimize the casualties. Hiroshima is an example of the radical opposite. Hopefully, never to be repeated after the second American crime against humanity in Nagazaki.

        Did the death of Osama bring an end to Islamic terrorism? Is the hold back of the pictures of his death, a bid to minimize violent responses?

        What a joke.

        70 Policemen in Pakistan (paramilitary recruits) were just slaughtered by the Taliban. 20 shops along the road were damaged. The message is clear. There is no difference between al-quada and the Taliban. They are brothers of Jihad. The Taliban have issued a statement, and said: This is a revenge for the killing of Osama, and more gruesome acts of wickedness and terrorism will follow.

      3. You said: Did the death of Osama bring an end to Islamic terrorism? Is the hold back of the pictures of his death, a bid to minimize violent responses?

        What a joke.

        My comment: I said “more” violence. Do you not understand ‘more’? On the other hand, do you just have to go against everything someone says?

        You said: But they are a moral army,

        My comment: Maybe the U.S. thinks it is a moral army too. Do you think that the IDF ever done anything in war that is considered unmoral?
        Case closed.

  2. His Truth! What a Joke is right were the Jews defending themselves in the concentration camps?
    I would love to hear you expand on where the violence will expand? Please keep it into perspective.

    At the same time His Truth. Can you tell me why building 7 collapsed during 9/11 due to limited debree? IT shouldn’t have.

    You are also right His Truth there is hypocrisy within the US. Bomb Lybia say nothing about Syria, Iran or the millions killed in North Korea. And God forbid Obama say anything about the persecuted Christians in Eygpt! Your thoughts?

    What has the IDF done that it so immoral since you are attacking them when they’ve had tens of thousands of rockets fired at them?

    Please Due Tell All

    1. Dear Richard.

      Shalom, and welcome back with a fresh comment.

      There was nothing that made Jesus more angry than encounters with hypocrites. I need to be careful not to become one. And so do all Christians.

      Ephesians 5:11
      Have nothing to do with the fruitless deeds of darkness, but rather expose them.

    2. Richard,
      I should not discuss anything with you since you ask me, “Were the Jews defending themselves in the concentration camps?” How can you with a good conscience pretend that I was speaking of the Jews in the holocaust? What kind of spirit is you following that would cause you to say such a thing?
      In addition, your 9/11 conspiracy theory where you are bearing false witness against the U.S. is a waste of thought.

      The hypocrisy is in putting down one country for defending its self with war, while defending another country for defending its self with war.

      1. Dear His Truth.


        I know you are responding to Richard, but I feel for commenting.

        The difference between the IDF, the CIA and Osama Bin Laden is obvious. The IDF do protect some kind of possible conzentration camp. Just make Israel small enough, as the CIA and the United Nations desires.

        Osama Bin Laden and the Taliban would have done the same thing as Hitler did. If they they ever would get a chance. The US seems to have done a lot of mistakes, and feed both of them over several years will hundreds of millions of US dollars.

        What are we suppose to do with this?

        Hail Jimmy Carter, Ronald Reagan, Bill Clinton and George W. Bush?

        What are we suppose to do with Obama, who hail Islam as a “great religion of peace”?

      2. I was only noting hypocrisy in defending one country for defending its self, while putting down another country for the same thing. Let us please stay focused on that one point.

      3. Dear His Truth.


        I agree with this, and please do not feel attacked. I just want to make a point that while Israel is of the same size as the US state of New Jersey, the US has forwarded Military bases in more than 100 other nations. There is a huge difference between the Israeli acts of self defense, and the US protection of its global economic and political interest. Very often, the US seems to be like an Elephant in a China store.

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