Become a NTM-partner today

Gloria, Sue and Ivar requests all our readers to donate 10 USD to a News That Matters Fund.

The NTM Fund will be used to spread important warnings and messages.

Jesus the Messiah loves a cheerful giver.

We all need to experience that we are more blessed when we give, rather than when we receive. With a donation of 10 USD, you help us to improve our service.

Do you feel like contributing a higher amount?

We are about to make a NTM partnership program. This will be our Areopagus-team. To join this team, please donate 100 USD, and promise Jesus to contribute another 100 USD to the NTM fund within the next 12 months.

We hope Jesus will raise a group among His followers, who He calls to become our long term Fund partners.

If you are interested in becoming an Areopagus-partner,  donate today, and contact us on email You are guaranteed full anonymity and confidential communication with us.

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