Santa Muerte hailed in Catholic Church in Rome

Some Mexican Catholics worship “Santa Muerte”. The same “saint of holy death” is found in a Catholic Church in Rome.

An idol of Santa Muerte in displayed and blessed inside a Church in Rome.

“Santa Muerte” is supposed to be the saint who brings “holy death”. These Catholics in Mexico pray their rosaries to the “Mother of God”, and they do their worship in Catholic shrines.

Mexican Catholics parade "Santa Muerte" through their streets.

The Roman Catholic Church do not accept Mexican worshipers of “death”. The Vatican Bishops calls them members of a cult.

But the same “saint of death” is found in a Roman Catholic Church in Rome, The Church of St. Peter’s chains. “Santa Muerte” is watching over a dead Roman Catholic, enshrined at the Basilica di San Pietro in Vincoli.

When you thought you knew all about the chaos the Vatican has spread all over Earth, you might be baffled by these photo’s.

That “Santa Muerte” has been blessed and acknowledged in a Church in the “eternal city”, is another example of injustice and double standards.

An ugly display of Satanism inside a Catholic Church in Rome.
The same Church site in a different color setting. Take a look at Lucifer's feet. The Angel of Death has wings, and can walk.
A young Mexican worship the same "god" who is ruling in Rome.
The "Angel of death" is a patron saint for many Roman Catholics in Mexico.
Lucifer with wings. The Mexican is a copy of the idol venerated in a Church in Rome.

Why single out only Mexican Catholics, as worshipers of Satan?

Why not include the leadership in the Vatican, who has blessed this “church” in Rome?

The Roman Catholics are gravely miss using the name of “Jesus”. They mock the truth every day. The Catholic religion also keeps millions of non-believers away from the Messiah, because the smell of paganism in Rome seems to be unlimited.

The Pope him self is a worshiper of skulls, skeletons and corpses. The spiritual source of this deception lies with the Papacy in Rome. The chair of the claimed to be “The Holy Father”, is one of the major thrones of Satan, as explained in the book of Revelation.

Revelation 2:13
I know where you live—where Satan has his throne. Yet you remain true to my name. You did not renounce your faith in me, not even in the days of Antipas, my faithful witness, who was put to death in your city—where Satan lives.

Basilica di San Pietro in Vincol in Rome.

A Papist have put some rusted chains inside a Church, and demand from us to believe they are "holy" and was used to arrest Peter.

That Peter ever was in Rome, can not be confirmed by any reliable historical source. But inside the Church of St. Peter’s chains, you will also see that the Catholics adore and venerate the claimed chains that was used during the arrest of the Apostle Peter.

What is adorable about chains?

And in particular, if they were ever used by satanic anti-Christian butchers?

What a shameful, totally distasteful site of extreme wickedness.

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86 thoughts on “Santa Muerte hailed in Catholic Church in Rome

  1. Santa Muerte is contrary to the Catholic Faith, as has been proclaimed officially by the Catholic Church… this is well known. Also, the picture of the winged death is just that… a representation of death. It is not a saint. Nor is it connected with Santa Muerte.

    1. Dear D.C. Auguestine.

      Shalom, and welcome to this site.

      You wrote:

      Also, the picture of the winged death is just that… a representation of death.

      My reply:

      You have to be very careful, what kind of representation you chose to have inside your “Church”. Jesus correctly said: “Let the dead go and bury their own dead”.

      1. And Jesus spoke of those dead in HIM. Not of a statue that has no more significance than a picture of a church. Is a statue of a church, a church?

  2. No different than ‘hinduism’ this religion too has a god of death called ‘Yama’ and many more … I don’t even want to look at these pictures, excuse me, I feel like throwing up.

    check here ..

    These religions are all rooted in Babylon and linked together in a very complex way. They are discernible only through studying the Word-of-God(The Bible).

  3. dc augustine is correct – the cult of “Santa Muerte” is NOT endorsed by the Roman Catholic Church. You’re either ignorant, or lying.

    1. Dear Bill.

      Shalom, and welcome to this site.

      Ignorant, or simply lying: I just found “Santa Muerte” inside a Catholic Church in Rome?

      Could it be that the Pope is a liar, and not me?

      1. Hi Ivar,

        The criticism you are getting from these Catholics about Santa Muerte makes me think of Matthew 23:24 being perfect description of what these Catholics do.

        Matthew 23:24
        You blind guides! You strain out a gnat but swallow a camel.

      2. Dear Victoria.


        That was a pretty good example of a pin pointing use of a Bible verse. Thanks. May Bill get night mares of “Santa Muerte” the whole night. The receipt for sleeping pills, He can send to the Vatican.

        I say this so Bill shall not get lost. Its better to have some sleepless nights, than to spend eternity in Hell.

      3. Thank you, Ivar. And I join you in prayer for Bill. Hopefully something will shake him up till he wakes up and can see.

  4. Bill is correct, in what he says. If you believe the Catholic church to be evil and that the Pope is a liar, I will pray for you. I will pray that you be released from the demons that twist your mind, I pray that our Lord bless you with fast recovery, that the Holy Spirit enlighten you and help you see the error of your ways. Repent and turn to God.

  5. That “Santa Muerte” image in a Church in Rome is simply an memento mori, a reminder of death, to remind people that this life is not the only life and that they will one day die to go before God’s Judgement Throne. Santa Muerte in Mexico is a demon that has arisen out of the chaos and bloodshed that has resulted from the Drug War being fought in Mexico. And please learn the absolutely vital difference between veneration (given to those worthy of honour) and adoration (which can be and only is given to God Himself). I pray God turn your heart from hatred and prejudice to love and compassion (1 Cor 13).

  6. For your edification; When God created Adam and Eve, he created La Santisima Muerte. She appeared in white robes. This represents purity and selflessness.
    When Adam and Eve first made love, she put on her red robes. This color represents the love and passions of life.
    When Cain killed Able, the first murder in the history of mankind, she put on her black robes. Black being the representation of the
    darker side of human nature. And, the three traditional colors represent the Holy Trinity.

    La Santisima Muerte is a SHE. One legend tells how she keeps men faithful to their wives and judges and kills men who violate the sanctity of marriage, if called upon to do so. This is because her husband was unfaithful to her. In her grief, she committed suicide. Resulting in her hate and need to punish all unfaithful men.

    La Santisima Muerte is a “banned saint,” the Roman Catholic “cover” for an ancient Aztec goddess named Mictecacihuatl, a death goddess and co-ruler, with her husband, of the underworld.

    Mictecacihuatl, the wife of the Aztec death god Mictlantecuhtli, is the sister to the Aztec heavenly goddess Tonantzin, who has been syncretized with the Virgin Mary as Our Lady of Guadalupe. That’s why Mictecacihuatl became “Most Holy Death, The Virgin Mary as a Skeleton.”

    These Catholics are NOT satan-worshipers. If they respect your beliefs, why cann’t you respect theirs…..

    1. You lost fool. I hope all bible believing Christian pray for you and those that have been mislead and deceived by the paganistic Catholic church. God bless you all.

      1. You people are reading a blog by someone who is lying to you. THe Catholic Church despises this cult and calls it Satan worship. THe Catholic church is now exorcising demons out of these people. Crime is growing in Mexico and they are turning against the Catholic church in favour of a death cult, which is the Aztec goddess mixed with Catholicism – their own creation of a cult to gain power and they pray to this death saint as as way to harm their enemies which is not part of Catholicism or Christianity period. The Bible did not even exist but the church and mass did exist before the bible was even written. THe Bible which you now have was chosen by the original church, which is the Eastern Orthodox church and the Catholic church which were one holy apostolic church. The original church of Rome when Constantine made Christianity the religion of the the Roman Emperor. You would have no Christianity at all and no Bible if the Catholic Church did not put the Bible together hundreds of years later.

    2. What a bunch of baloney. Catholics who believe such crap their brains must be frozen that they cannot think anymore. Why can’t you all just read the Word of God, the Bible and find out the truth but I guess ” many are called but few are chosen” this is what Jesus said – and it’s so true because we are seeing His Words come alive, yet these people will never know for they are lost.

      Majority of them are stubborn (rebellious) so praying for them will be an abomination unto the God most high YEHOVAH. We believers in the Word of God are instructed to keep away from such people. Idolatry is demon inspired, it is wicked and idolatrous practices are totally unacceptable by God. Therefore, give up on your on these beliefs and practices and return to the True God YEHOVAH or suffer the damnation of hell … choose now.

      1. look you
        beleive what you want to beleive….am a follower of the Santa Muerte…..dont speak of what you dont know…… and am tawking about MY SAINT ….

      2. Dear Dionicio moreno


        You wrote:

        look you
        beleive what you want to beleive….am a follower of the Santa Muerte…..dont speak of what you dont know…… and am tawking about MY SAINT ….

        My reply:

        Do not let DEATH be your saint. Chose life. Let Jesus of Nazareth be your only saint and God. He is alive. Jesus has defeated death, once and for all. Amen.

    3. Dear Charlene–what you have recounted here is pure paganism mixed with some truth. That is syncretism—for which the Israelites were severely punished. Even Satan mixes some truth with much error. Satan will sometimes quote Biblical truth (such as what he quoted during the Temptation) but the way he quotes it distorts the meaning and intent of Scripture. You must repent of this foolishness and ask for the Father to send His Holy Spirit to indwell your heart and give you a passion for His word and understanding of it.

    4. I don’t understand, where was this mentioned in the bible about the santisma being involved with Adam and eve. I do not remember such things

  7. How kind, loving and Christ-like you pure and true “Christians” are to your brothers and sisters in Christ. “…love your neighbour as you love yourself, upon these commands depend all the law and the Prophets”. The Catholic Church agrees with you, idolatry is an abomination in the eyes of God, what unites us is far greater than anything which divides us. Just remember this, no matter how much hatred and prejudice you spew at your fellow Christians, myself and others, you are my brothers and my sisters as I am your brother. May God bless you

    1. Dear Simon.

      Shalom, and love in Jesus the Messiah.

      You wrote:

      Just remember this, no matter how much hatred and prejudice you spew at your fellow Christians, myself and others, you are my brothers and my sisters as I am your brother. May God bless you.

      My reply:

      It is not possible to worship God outside of Spirit and truth. Love, that is full of hypocrisy and lies, is not love at all. Jesus loved men enough to call people who claimed to know “god”, brood of vipers. Whitewashed tombs, etc.

      I love Catholics much more than their own priests. While the Roman Catholic priests keep their flock in bondage to falsehood, I display the truth. People who love the truth, will hate Catholicism.

      May Jesus set you free from the bondage of the Papacy in 2012. Amen.

    2. True love for Jesus Christ is obeying His Word that He commanded us to:

      I am the Lord your GOD (YEHOVAH) you shall NOT HAVE ANY OTHER gods BEFORE ME !! (PERIOD)

      Now what does that tell you? Did HE say make a statue of me and bow down to it? Did He say worship my mother or my creation including sun, moon and stars? Also remember Jesus said : You cannot worship GOD and mammon – mammon can be anything that you set your heart on which becomes your god – other than the True GOD YEHOVAH OF ISRAEL.

      Ivar is right, we love all people and for this reason we write what is the truth in order to get people out of this evil system and into the light of Jesus Christ the ONE & ONLY WHO SAVES SOULS from the eternal fires of hell and not because we hate catholics or any other peoples of other religions. If we are blunt then read the scriptures from Genesis to Revelation and see how blunt GOD Himself is.

      When I was young and my parents corrected me for something wrong I did, and if I continued that, they would say: A human being is taught with a word, but an animal is taught with a stick… so how do you want to be taught? It’s a choice … Ouch!! I would rather choose the former.
      Be blessed.

  8. Well first off I am not a Catholic, I simply do not hold to Protestant interpretations of Scripture. As I already said in my first post, learn the difference between adoration and veneration. Adoration is given to God alone, veneration is given to Mary, the Mother of our God and Saviour Jesus Christ. Look at all of the traditions of Christianity: Catholic, Orthodox, Coptic… they all have the same things in common: Saints, Mary, holy images, relics and of course the Bible. I must congratulate you though on the slight degree of Christian love and gentleness which you are now showing me, the rarity of this though must prod me to decide that such is clearly not a priority for you even though that is near the only thing Christ speaks of in the Gospels. May God bless and Mary keep

    1. Dear Simon


      You wrote:

      Adoration is given to God alone, veneration is given to Mary, the Mother of our God and Savior Jesus Christ.

      My reply:

      You might not attend a Catholic Church, but you are surely influenced by the theology of the Roman Catholic Church. I do not at all accept that “Mary” is the “Mother of God”.

      1. The Jewish virgin that gave birth to the Messiah was not named “Mary”. Neither was this Jewish female the ‘Mother of God”. She was a sinner, who gave birth to the Messiah. The Messiah is not the “father of God”, nor is the Jewish virgin “the mother of God”.

      2. “Catholic Mary” is in Roman Catholic theology the “Queen of Heaven”. She was a goddess who came down from Heaven, born without sin, lived without sinning, and even had no sex with her husband. This fiction of a goddess, is a pagan demon that that has been repainted, to fit in to “Christendom”.

      3. The Marian theology is nothing but blasphemy. The great pagan prostitute is “venerated” all over the World. Pure witchcraft is used to keep people in bondage to the papacy.

      4. I have a deep respect for the Jewish mother of Jesus. She obeyed the Torah, and raised my Master as a Jew, up holding all Jewish festivals and feasts.

      1. Actually Simon you are wrong about veneration to Mary. The Vatican created a 3rd classification for the idol of “Mary” which is HYPER-veneration which is above simple veneration and only slightly below adoration… So….
        It doesn’t matter because it is an issue of semantics regarding worship. Isaiah said ONE would be born sinless who would be the perfect lamb of God and save all mankind. Well, what does the RCC say about Mary? She was born
        sinless. So is she the Savior? When you bow down to and say 53 prayers on a beaded necklace to an idol and believe that idol was born sinless as the Bible says Christ was, and had her body “assumed” into heaven as Christ was…and can co – redeem … These actions according to the Merrian dictionary IS worship, but Catholics so no… So it’s semantics.

    2. My church does not have images nor relics since the Bible(Jesus) said to not collect things of me and since we do not know what he looked like nor ehave a real picture of him, a picture might go in the catagory of collecting also so…
      You said you are not catholic because you don’t agree with protestant views? Catholics are not protestants…protestants pretested the catholics is why they have been called that by them alone. Catholics rewrote the Bible, do not follow scriptures unto salvation, so are they really believers then? If they believed the word as it’s told them..wouldn’t they obey it? Matt.16:15, John 3:3-5, Acts 2:38. Listen to what Jesus told us to do and what the Apostles did is what Jesus told them. Jesus was God born in the flesh, there is ONE God!

  9. You quote: The Jewish virgin that gave birth to the Messiah was not named “Mary”. Neither was this Jewish female the ‘Mother of God”. She was a sinner, who gave birth to the Messiah. The Messiah is not the “father of God”, nor is the Jewish virgin “the mother of God”.

    How can you say that??? I know your thinking Miriam!

    Miriam was the sister of Aaron and Moses. Mary was not. They were separated by some 1400 years. Their names do sound alike, though.

    In any case, here we see how Muhammad would appear to have been led to believe that Miriam and Mary (Hebrew: Maryam) were the same person.

    At length she brought (the babe) to her people, carrying him (in her arms), They said: “O Mary! Truly a strange thing has thou brought! “O sister of Aaron, thy father was not a man of evil, nor your mother a woman unchaste!”
    — Sura 19:27-28

    And Mary, the daughter of `Imran, …
    — Sura 66:12

    Also, we know that Mary’s mother and father were Anna and Joachim (from the Proto-Evangelion of James and other traditions). What’s more, the Hadiths call Moses and Aaron the sons of ‘Imran as well, which further confuses the issue by drawing an even stronger link to the Mary-‘Imram direct relationship!

    Every Christians Know that Mary is the Mother Jesus and Not Miriam who is the sister of Moses! Check your Bible!

    And Mary Mother of God!! All Christians believe in this term, because all Christians believe Jesus Christ is true God and true Man, his divine nature and his human nature complete and undivided in one Person. If they deny that Mary is the Mother of God, the Theotokos, then they also must deny Christ’s full humanity and his full divinity, and therefore are no longer Christian.

    To deny Mary is to deny Jesus!!

  10. Mary is NOT a Jewish name. Miriam is.

    No one denies Jewish Miriam, a wonderful believer saved by Grace. What we do deny is a sinless virgin, who sinned against her husband by not having marital relations or a real marriage. In Jewish law, to not have sex with your husband is to not consumate the marriage and is therefore NOT a marriage. The Vatican wants you to believe they lived like a sexless priest and nun. NONSENSE.

  11. Show me where in the Bible Mary is not Miriam??? What Gospel and what translation??? You have not given me proof or source!

    1. If you disrespect Jesus’ mother, you are disrespecting Jesus. I’m sure Jesus would not like it if you insulted His mother. Do you really think that Jesus didn’t love his mother in a special way? Before He died, he told his apostle that His mother is now mother to the apostles/followers, so she is also our spiritual mother.

      1. 46 He was still speaking to the crowds when suddenly His mother and brothers were standing outside wanting to speak to Him. 47 Someone told Him, “Look, Your mother and Your brothers are standing outside, wanting to speak to You.”14
        48 But He replied to the one who told Him, “Who is My mother and who are My brothers? ” 49 And stretching out His hand toward His disciples, He said, “Here are My mother and My brothers! 50 For whoever does the will of My Father in heaven, that person is My brother and sister and mother.”

  12. @ijarfjeld, almost everything you said there is incorrect…How can you say Mary isn’t the Mother of God? Surely Jesus is God and Mary is His Mother? That is all that the title “Mother of God” states, that Jesus is God (Jn 1:1). As for the Catholics changing the Bible, I think you have your history backwards, Martin Luther removed books from the Bible which were in fact quoted by the New Testament and regarded as Scripture from the earliest days of the Church. And as for “father of God”? Where did you get that from? I personally accept the perpetual virginity of Mary because it comes from Church tradition, as does the dating of Easter and Christmas (I suppose now you’re going to go on about how those are pagan festivals?) Mary is not a goddess, she has never been granted that title by the Church, I know that some overly pious Christians have called her a goddess, but not in any sense of divinity, but rather similar to how a loving husband may say his wife is a “goddess”

    1. Simon you are very convoluded in your thought which is typical for a Catholic. To mired down in falsities. You should really study up on the history and origins of the RCC. and stop believing the tiny bits of information you hierarchal leaders allow you to have. Up the ranks at the Vatican the cardinals and Pope, they know, love, and WORSHIP the pagan roots of Catholicism actually forgoing the Christian elements and focus solely on the pagan and occult powers. That is why Luther fled that cesspool of perversion and brought the true bible with him. If he was wrong the Pope had nothing to fear and would never have had to burn bibles, destroy print shops and murder 68 million bible believers like me and Ivar.

      1. Jimmie, FYI “the history and origins of the RCC” Read Matthew 16:13-20. Nothing from our “leaders” except from Him who instructed us Read Matthew 28: 18-20. BTW: the disciples had NO BIBLE to carry with them except what they had been taught and saw for themselves. Just because Luther was incapable of accepting authority and changed the German translation to suit himself the preceding 1000+ years is wrong? Where does the bible teach “sola scriptorium”? Luther added THAT? Since when can YOU follow a man and NOT GOD! “Beware the false prophet!” Follow what Jesus, the Christ, says and you will receive salvation.

  13. Dear Martin,

    Acts 17:11
    Now the Bereans were of more noble character than the Thessalonians, for they received the message with great eagerness and examined the Scriptures every day to see if what Paul said was true.
    (end of scripture)

    The disciples had the Old Testament which IS the bible. Martin, you are following a man, the pope as your authority. The Bereans never asked Peter for interpretation of the Scriptures and the Old Testament remained without error before Jesus walked the earth without the “help” of the Catholic Church.

    Paul praises the Bereans for not believing Paul UNTIL they searched the scriptures THEMSELVES.

    Stop believing in the Pope and false doctrines, and be like the Bereans, search the scriptures for yourself.

    1. Dear Sueliz1,

      Read the last line of my post PLEASE! “Follow what Jesus, the Christ, says and you will receive salvation. As a start IGNORE ALL ELSE! Do and just as HE says. Argue only with reference to what He says. Then when you receive the gift of the Holy Spirit, be guided by Him and you will be lead to the Father.

      1. Dear Martin.


        I wish it would have been so easy, as this: Just to follow “Jesus”.

        But the Messiah never said this would be easy, because Satan has invented so many copy-cats.

        2 Corinthians 11:4
        For if someone comes to you and preaches a Jesus other than the Jesus we preached, or if you receive a different spirit from the Spirit you received, or a different gospel from the one you accepted, you put up with it easily enough.

        Yeshua (Jesus) the Messiah also warned us about the copy cats. He said WATCH OUT.

        Few people do that. They promote end time unity with people who follow false Messiahs. They do not only deceive them selves. They deceive all who are not willing to read the Bible, to find the WAY. And to follow the WAY. Jesus of the Bible is LIFE, He is TRUTH and the WAY.

      2. Martin- the Catholic Jesus is incapable of saving anybody. You guys speak in the venacular of pleasing us true bible believers, but you do not even know who the real Jesus of the bible is. You only know a weak, watered down, baby or dead jesus on a stick, or in the arms of he more powerful, more loving mother Mary. Jesus sacrifice was insufficient for Catholics. This is a lie because the scriptures in Hebrew 9 says Jesus sacrifice was enough. Once, Finished, Done. No Mass needed. No Eucharist fake cracker Christ needed. No office of the priesthood needed, since no more sacrifice is needed. Catholics are as lost as a goose in a wind storm. Deep inside you guys know this is true. Because Romans 1 says that all who perish, knew the truth but rejected it. So, simply put Martin…until you humble yourself and repent for being involved in a Babylonian pagan system, you will not recieve salvation. You must get to know the true and real Jesus Christ of the bible. You can believe whatever you want about the bible, Luther did what? Left something out…no Luther GOT OUT of a perverted sinful heretical demonic system. Livede although your popes tried to murder him. like they murdered 68 million bible believers…yet Luther brought God’s Word with him, to me. He was the best Catholic priest in history!

      3. Dear Jimmie,

        It is obvious to me you can’t or don’t want to see what I wrote. You don’t know me so please tell me how you can claim ANY knowledge of what I believe. How can you say I don’t know the true Jesus? I thought there was only one! In my post I asked as a starting point we ONLY refer to what Jesus says. You ignore that. Now I will go 1 step back and say let us start with what GOD said when HE spoke directly with man. You do of course know when that happened, right? So unless you are prepared to start there it is no use because it seems to me you hold Luther higher than Jesus.

        BTW, I was a confirmed Lutheran solider when I accepted Jesus Christ as my personal saviour, evangelising to all those lost sheep. BEFORE I was led by the HOLY SPIRIT to the Catholic Church. All your rhetoric is HOT AIR. Instead of all your arguments show me where in scripture Luther’s “sola scriptorium” is based. THEN let us turn to what GOD himself says. I will repeat an earlier post I made, to make it easy for you.

        “I will pray for you. I will pray that you be released from the demons that twist your mind, I pray that our Lord Jesus bless you with a fast recovery, that the Holy Spirit enlighten you and help you see the error of your ways. Repent and turn to God.”

      4. Martin,

        Jimmie is correct. You have NO IDEA WHO JESUS IS. And your very words prove it.

        If you did truly know Him, you would RUN out of the Catholic church so fast your head would spin. If you did truly have a relationship with Jesus Christ, you would be completely and totally UNABLE to tell others that you can still be “saved” and continue to “worship” in the Catholic church. If you did truly love Jesus, you would not be part of a church who among many, many, many blasphemies now worships the blood of dead popes.

        Those who say that the Catholic church is harmless DO NOT KNOW WHO JESUS CHRIST IS. it is impossible that they could. They are wolves in sheep’s clothing meant to deceive. No one, I repeat, NO ONE WHO KNOWS AND LOVES JESUS CHRIST and BELONGS TO HIM and is TRULY SAVED could ever, possibly enter or worship in a Catholic church or tell others it is OKAY to do so. It is impossible! The Holy Spirit would convict you and you would be forced to flee from that place, as if running for your very life!

        If you LOVED JESUS you COULD NOT, REPEAT, COULD NOT step into this so-called church without a feeling of sheer horror and physical symptoms taking over your body and mind making you feel like you want to vomit. I can’t emphasize this enough, that if someone continues to promote Catholic worship even after they claim to be saved, it is a GLARING SIGNPOST to those who truly know God that there is a wolf among the sheep. If they claim they have a “personal” relationship with Jesus and say that Catholicism is harmless — THEY ARE LYING. They are agents of SATAN and will be destroyed by Yeshua HaMashiach if they do not repent.

        Knowing and loving Jesus and being part of the Catholic church are COMPLETELY AND TOTALLY INCOMPATIBLE. God and Satan do not mix!

        I would venture to guess that you have been deceived by demonic “religious” spirits who masquerade as a counterfeit Jesus or a counterfeit “Mary” and other “saints”. Your Catholic doctrines are from the devil himself.

        You have become Satan’s treasure, Martin, as he loves to deceive, the father of all lies. One day soon, if you don’t repent and flee from the Catholic church, Satan will destroy your very soul and you will spend eternity in hell with him. The Catholic church will play a huge part in the deception during the tribulation period. The last pope will most likely be the antichrist and the sooner you know this Martin, the better off you will be.

        You are completely deceived, blinded, and trapped in a blasphemous religions system of idolatry and necromancy. Your pope, the fraudulent liar who blasphemes the name of God calling himself God, the future antichrist, has been exposed right here on this blog as well as a few other places.

        Where is your discernment, Martin? Aren’t you ashamed and embarrassed and horrified that you follow a man that worships blood other than Christ’s Holy Blood?

        Click on the link below to see your leader worshiping and kissing blood of a dead man! What a vile, disgusting sight, the height of necromancy practiced by Satan and other black magic practitioners! If you can’t see this is the highest blasphemy of all blasphemies, you are a deceived man!

        It is ONLY the shed Blood of Jesus on the cross of Calvary that is sacred, can save us, and can cleanse us from sin.

        Open you eyes, Martin! Read this link and pray about what you see being done here! Get on your knees and ask Jesus to forgive you. Ask Him to remove the blinders from your eyes. Ask Him to give you wisdom. Ask Him to save you. Ask Him to remove every single demon spirit that has come to blind you from the truth. Ask Him to take away your compromising lukewarm stance. Ask Him to expose all areas of darkness within you and cleanse you from all iniquity. PUBLICLY renounce (GOD REQUIRES THIS!) the cult that has entrapped you and the lies that you spread about the Roman Catholic church. Let the world know that the Catholic church is from the pit of hell. Warn them to get out, or their blood will be on your hands! Don’t promote it anymore! Free yourself from the chains and walk forward into your Glorious inheritance in Jesus Christ alone!

      5. Martin,

        Matthew 24:5
        For many will come in my name, claiming, ‘I am the Christ,’ and will deceive many.

        Yes, Martin there are many false Jesus’.

        I was a devout Roman Catholic with a conservative Catholic education and went to a very well known conservative Catholic university.

        If you follow Jesus, He says do not bow before idols(statues and relics). Do not pray to the dead(saints). Do not have any gods before him (Mary, saints etc.) The Catholic Catechism says that Catholics and Muslims worship the SAME god. It describes Mary as the All Holy One (capital letters in the catechism) which in itself is blasphemy.

        Since the Word is a two edged sword, it can pierce through the lies laying all exposed to the light.

        Therefore, by the Grace of God I am no longer Catholic, nor my family.

  14. Dear Ivar,

    Thank you for this article.

    It is shocking beyond imagination that Roman Catholics can read articles like this one displaying the most heinous blasphemies against a Holy God — photos of dressed-up demonic skulls, “lucifer with wings”, and parades featuring the “angel of death” — and still call these things “holy”.

    They react with comments that are completely incongruent with what has been presented. For example, instead of being appalled and horrified that the RCC partakes in such occult activities, they instead change the subject and say, “Martin Luther did not want to follow authority” or “I believe Mary” is a perpetual virgin.”

    I feel like screaming:

    “A R E Y O U S E R I O U S ! ? ! ? !”

    How can anyone read these words and look at these photos and remain blinded to what they are seeing? What could possibly cause someone to react like this?


    Could Satan deceive even those who think they are Christians into worshiping him?

    We know that our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ could NEVER deceive anyone.

    But God says this: “Because they exchanged the truth of God for a LIE and worship and serve the creature rather than the creator, for this reason God GAVE THEM OVER AND ABANDONED THEM TO VILE AFFECTIONS AND DEGRADING PASSIONS” (Rom 1:23).

    “Because they have rejected the TRUTH, I gave them over to their stubborn hearts, to follow their own counsels” (Psalm 81:11-12.) THUS SAYS THE LORD!

    Unrepentant Catholics who refuse to leave the Roman Catholic church and continue to participate and approve of such things as the “mass”, idol worship, and the latest — kissing vials of blood taken from a sick, dead pope who is now rotting in hell — will find out one day soon, that God has turned you over to your own self-deception and has allowed Satan to deceive your mind.

    “But I say, that the things which the Gentiles sacrifice, they sacrifice to devils, and NOT to God: and I would not that ye should have fellowship with devils. Ye cannot drink the cup of the Lord, and the cup of devils: ye cannot be partakers of the Lord’s table, and of the table of devils” (1 Cor. 10:20-21).

    The Roman Catholic church is the greatest deception that satan ever pulled off. The book of Revelation tells us that all of those whose names are NOT written in the Book of Life will be deceived by her. “And all that dwell upon the earth shall worship satan, whose names are NOT written in the book of life.”

    “And the great dragon was thrown down, the serpent of old who is called the devil and Satan, who deceives the whole world.”

    “But I have a few things against you, because some of you hold the teaching of Balaam, who kept teaching Balak to put a STUMBLING BLOCK before the sons of Israel, to eat things sacrificed to idols and to commit acts of immorality” (Rev. 2:14)


    1. JM, its like beating your head against the wall with these Catholics. I myself was born into a generational devout Catholic family and went 12 years 1-12 in Catholic schools. Mass 6 days a week. Jesuit training. Same teachers who taught my father…old school traditional nuns, priest teachers…that kind of school. But by the grace of God and the fact that I asked Him to come into my like persuant to Matt. 7:1 and He did. And I experienced the most radical change you can imagine. The Holy Spirit came to dwell within me. ME! I experience joy that is unexpressible. And the knowledge of everlasting life with Christ is such an unbelievable thing.
      Catholics do not have a clue…about what I just said!
      I might as well have been speaking chinese. Catholics do not understand salvation, how to obtain it, what it feels like to be saved, or the garauteed of eternal life…it is really sad. These Catholics come on these sites and speak so bold and arrogant and they just like thier priest, at night in bed are afraid, and scared and lonely because they do not know Christ. I pity them, but they are so arrogant…so sure that thier Babylonian Pagan systen of false gods, and goddesses will perhaps get them to purgatory…a fantasy place which does not exists but is really hell. They hope some strangers after they are dead will pay cash to a sinful little heretical priest to say a Mass for them, to help get them out of purgatory….but purgatory is hell. THats all. So sad.

      1. Very few Catholics even read scripture. They are spoonfed pieces of it from the pulpit & still taught not to read it on their own b/c they might mis-translate it. So they are nursed on lies that RCC is the church Jesus founded, & we must love mother church. Mary is a predominant figure, yes. But Mother Church is placed equal to Jesus. Mother Church is the real Queen & no catholic should ever go against queen mother church. What Catholics miss is we are not called to follow a church. We are called to believe in Jesus (Jn 3:16). Jesus never said we are to find our salvation in mother church. Catholics have to get thru alot of muck to see the truth & I dare say many do not have the courage to leave queen mother church.

  15. I think you are correct that the vast majority of Catholics do not read the Bible. But there are exceptions.

    My great-aunt was a Catholic who actually read Scripture daily. I always wondered how she could stay in the RCC if she knew the Bible. My husband is a former Catholic. He also had been taught by his Catholic grandmother to read the Bible daily. I once asked him why he stayed in the RCC all the years that he did, even though he knew that the RCC was at serious variance to the Bible. He said that it was more out of habit than anything; that, and not knowing where else to go. He figured that Protestant churches weren’t any better at following the Bible. He now says he regrets all the years that he stayed in the RCC when he could have been in a really great church like the one we now attend. He said that he was always a lousy Catholic because he was a good Bible student. 🙂 Good thing!

    1. Ellen,
      I would venture to guess that it was getting to know God through His word that God moved him out of the RCC. I do not believe anyone can know Jesus Christ and stay in the RCC.

      1. I think that those who truly know God through His word and through His Son would be somewhat of a prisoner in the RCC. My dear great-aunt stayed in the RCC till the day she died but she was always careful to tell her daughter and grandchildren which priest was “okay” in her sight. She told them to always look for a church where the priest believed and taught only from the Bible, even if they had to move to attend that church. Interesting isn’t it?

  16. JM- hit the nail on the head in everything he said about Catholicism, Christ, those truly saved….

    You are right I do not know you. But what I do know is, if you are a Catholic you are not saved. Period. You do not know the One True Living Christ. I suspect you already know this… am I right?

    Mormon Jesus- False Christ
    Islamic Jesus – False Christ
    Catholic Jesus- False Christ
    New Age Jesus- False Christ

    The Holy Spirit would never lead anyone to a religious system that goes against God’s Word. I would venture to guess, without knowing you, that you chose Catholicism for selfish reasons. You loved the big Cathedrals, or the liturgy, or the pompe and circumstance. Maybe you think since they have been around for so long they must be the true religion. Maybe your wife hoodwinked you into the RCC in order to marry her. ANYWAY you look at it…you chose the RCC, the Holy Spirit had nothiing to do with it.

    Clue- Martin:The Spirit CAN NOT go where His word does not go.

    God can not lead you to a system that is anti-God. The Bible is all about One subject, One being, and that is the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords, which is JESUS CHRIST. The whole book from beginning to end eminates THE SAVIOR. Without Christ the book is useless. The Bible is the manual for life….and the answer is Jesus.

    What the Bible says about Jesus is true, it is enerrant, it is final. Nothing to be added or taken away. You are arguing the same tired Catholic dictates about “show me sola scriptura in the bible.” Tell you what… why don’t you Google: Sola Scriptura in the Bible…and read for yourself. Can Catholics think for themselves?

    You stated that Luther was unable to accept authority…this is another tired Catholic trick, you should reason on your own and stop having to lean on your church’s doctrine regarding Luther. Luther was under direct and severe orders from God. He obeyed. God. He was obedient to the perfect most Holy God…not to a heretical, perverted, pedeophile, whore monger,sinful, degenerate Pope.

    Question: If your Pope asks you to take me and my family out to the front yard, make us bow down the the cracker christ wafer, or declare the perveted Pope is God on Earth..and we refuse…and the Church orders you to disembowl my wife, burn my kids alive and cut my head off…whould you be OBEDIENT TO YOUR AUTHORITY? Martin? This did happen roughly 68 million times to bible believers shortly after Luther broke out of hell with the Bible. Petty little jealous angry Pope wanted revenge.

    The worst of all the many, many sins of the RCC is the tearing down of the diety of Jesus Christ. Implying through the Mass and Sacrament of Communion that His sacrifice wasnt enough. Hebrews 9:28 says it was.

    I was Catholic for 20 years. I know the religion the people, the priesthood, the catechism, the doctrine…mostly I know how Catholics talk when they try to speak with those truly saved who truly know Christ.

    Martin let me tell you this. Ecclesiastes 4 says, “As long as there’s breath there is hope.” It’s up to you to come out of the flesh filled pagan system that you are in. It was never once good, then turned bad…it was built on lies, and murder, and deciet and is Satan’s church on Earth which is why it will be the the cornerstone of the One World Religion System controlled by the False Prophet- to promote the AntiChrist. The RCC is controlled by Satan. God would never lead a saved person to that blasphemous entity. He only leads them out….

    1. Jimmie, you and your rantings remind me of the spirits that recognised Jesus as The Christ and asked to be left alone or sent to the pigs. In all of my previous posts I have challenged you to read what God says, what Jesus says and to use THAT as a starting point. But no you don’t. Why because you are afraid of the truth! When you claim that the Catholic church tearing down the deity of Christ you are on dangerous ground. Claiming to be a Catholic for 20 years means nothing.

      Jimmie, I will pray that you be released from the demons that twist your mind, I pray that our Lord Jesus, the Christ, bless you with fast recovery, that our Father send the Holy Spirit to enlighten you, to open your eyes to see and help you see the error of your ways. Repent and turn to God pray for His forgiveness that by the blood of His only Son you be washed clean. Cry out to God the Father and He will hear you. Humble yourself before the Lord that the Holy Spirit may enter your heart and soul, drive out the demons that have made their home in you, turn to the Father and accept His love. I pray this prayer to our Father through our Lord Jesus Christ who lives and reigns with the Holy Spirirt now and forever. Amen.

      1. Martin,

        Re: sola scrittura

        This is why we place our faith ONLY in God’s Word:
        “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.”. (John 1:1 NIV).

        And I love how Jesus quoted scripture. There is no record of Him quoting men.


  17. Great post, JimmieKrackKorn! Even though some of my relatives were/are prisoners of the RCC I pray daily for them to come out of “her”.

    1. Special for you Kay :

      Matthew 16:13-20
      Matthew 18:17-18
      Matthew 28:18-20
      Mark 16:16
      Luke 10:16
      John 14:16,16, 26
      John 16:12
      1 Timothy 3:15 (only Paul’s quote (he was a man!!!!)

      Best you listen to what Jesus says and listen to the church He created!

      1. Good idea, Martin. Let’s look at Scripture together.

        Matthew 16:13-20 The RCC has long-proposed that Jesus was speaking solely of the RCC in this passage when the RCC would not even exist for another four centuries. Jesus was speaking here of His holy and universal Church that would include ALL who were drawn by the Father and chosen to be heirs of salvation. This ALL comprised, at that point, mostly Jewish believers. The RCC has, because of its replacement theology, largely persecuted, ignored, or sought to displace the Jewish people throughout its 1600 year history. Peter was the Apostle to the Jewish people (see Galatians 2:7) just as Paul was the Apostle to the Gentiles. Do you really think that Jesus’ intent was to found the RCC on Peter as the first Pope? I think a much better interpretation is that Jesus was founding His Church on the testimony that Peter gave that Jesus was/is the longed-for Messiah prophesied by the ancient prophets. The RCC has always tried to divorce the faith from its Jewish roots—that was and is evil. It goes all the way back to its very beginning when Constantine called the Council of Nicea and refused to include the 18 Jewish bishops from throughout Asia Minor. Jesus prayed, in John 17:17 that the Father would sanctify His followers in the truth and that God’s word was the truth. Since the New Testament had not yet been written, the word that Jesus was referring to was the Old Testament—the testimony of the Old Testament saints along with the announcement of who Jesus is by Peter, is the real foundation of the Church. The RCC leadership has, from its very beginning, been mainly preoccupied with political power over men, rather than the true mission of the Church (see Matthew 28:18-20).

      2. Response to Martin,

        Mathew 16: 13-20
        Peter was a man…he was never elevated to king…,Jesus has built his church on those who believe Jesus is the Messiah, the Son of God.

        Matt 18:17-18
        I believe in my savior Lord Jesus.

        Mathew 28:18-20
        Yes, ALL AUTHORITY on heaven. & earth has been given to Jesus. Amen.

        Mark 16:16
        Ah yes! And how many Catholics are baptized & do NOT believe in Jesus?! NOTE: believe first, THEN baptize.

        Luke 10:16
        And what were the 72 preaching? Belief & obedience to a church?
        Surely not!

        John 14:16, ?, 26
        The day I accepted Jesus as my Lord & God – vowing to place no man, no thing b4 Him ever again (including a church), I received the Holy Spirit, and this Spirit of Truth opened my eyes & my heart. I might note this outpouring of the Holy Spirit NEVER happened when I met the Pope, made my confirmation or while dedicating my life to Jesus in a convent.

        John 16:12
        Jesus does have so much to share with us!

        Let us hold fast to these words of Jesus:: “I know that after I leave, savage wolves will come in among you and will not spare the flock. Even from your own number men will arise and distort the truth in order to draw away disciples after them. So be on your guard! Remember that for three years I never stopped warning each of you night and day with tears.”(Acts 20:29-31).

        Be on your your guard among those there in their own number, which means other men there present following Jesus then! Be on your guard, He warns often.

        If I am loyal to both men & Jesus. I am divided. We are called to be loyal ONLY to Jesus and the best way to ensure this is to nourish daily on the Word of God.

        Ha! Try reading the entire chapter in 1 Tim. 3…gee! No mention of unmarried priests sheperding believers RATHER he indicates ministers must be able to successfully manage their own

        Scripture study was great! Thanks!

  18. And I had always heard it was the Catholic Church that was dogmatic and intolerant…reading these comments clears up my misunderstanding.

    1. Joe,

      All mankind is intolerant. All men sin.

      I love how in John 21, Jesus tells Peter to stop worrying about what would happen to John and Jesus told Peter: “You must follow me” (Jn 21:22). Clear indicator we must always read the gospels of Jesus for ouselves daily, so as to follow Jesus!


  19. Joe,

    The Bible teaches us to be VERY intolerant of false teaching. I mourn for those caught up in Catholicism and pray that all will come to read the Bible and gain salvation through the Holy Spirit. There is no dogma in the Bible—just the pure word of God. You should read it and come to know Him.

  20. I cannot believe what i read. this is not Christian love. that thing called Santa muerte is condemned by the catholic church. To even think that you are telling these people who are trying to clarify this, but you use Jesus to shut them off by saying that He’ll let them free? this is absolutely REPULSIVE. Catholics indeed have a right to clarify points when people blantly LIE. about what WE BELIEVE. 2000 years of tradition. and might i added real Saints that possibly you. never yourself

    1. I had to stop. you guys don’t love. all you do is judge and i will for sure be letting my one and only savior know of the pain you have caused by your JUDGEMENTAL commentator

  21. Ellen,

    Of ALL the posts you are probably the first to START reading. Could we, you and I, start of by reading what Jesus says. He was speaking rather clearly and was in no way speaking as He does when speaking in parables. So who are we to to asume we can interpret or analyse His words? Could we then analyse or interpret the 10 commandments? I agree Jesus did NOT intend to create the RCC (Roman Catholic Church) but His church. Because we are created with free will there are those who choose to form their own church called “Whatever”. The church Christ created is today what is commonly referred to as the Catholic Church. You refer to Peter being the Apostile to the Jew and Paul the apostile too the Gentiles, so what? When there was a dispute or guidedence required on matters of accepting converts required where did Paul go? To “Peter and the Church i Jersusalem”. At the first council in Jerusalem, it is Peter who gives final direction. The fact that this position is now referred to as “Pope” is a different matter. The person hold that position is there as a result of the guidence of the Holy Spirit.

    Can we return to scripture now and focus on what Jesus says. Not Paul or Peter, ONLY Jesus. If you want to seek confirmation that “church” is important then include Paul and his letters to the newly formed congregations. Paul himself appoints presbyters as recorded by Luke in Acts and confirms his authority to instruct them by quoting the letter drafted by the council in Jerusalem.
    You would not like to acknowledge that as that puts you conflict with the anti-church. This, “to hard to accept” already happend in Jesus’s life as recorded in John when Jesus told the followers that “I tell you the truth, unless you eat the flesh of the Son of Man and drink his blood, you cannot have eternal life within you. Whoever eats my flesh and drinks my blood has eternal life, and I will raise him up at the last day. For my flesh is real food and my blood is real drink. Whoever eats my flesh and drinks my blood remains in me, and I in him.” What happened after that? “On hearing it, many of his disciples said, “This is a hard teaching. Who can accept it?” You can read the verses that follow, then in John 6:66 “From this time many of his disciples turned back and no longer followed him.” I put forward that just as they could not accept nor can you.

    That is why I end with the following prayer for you :
    “I will pray that you be released from the demons that twist your mind, I pray that our Lord Jesus, the Christ, bless you with fast recovery, that our Father send the Holy Spirit to enlighten you, to open your eyes to see and help you see the error of your ways. Repent and turn to God, pray for His forgiveness that by the blood of His only Son you be washed clean. Cry out to God the Father and He will hear you. Humble yourself before the Lord that the Holy Spirit may enter your heart and soul, drive out the demons that have made their home in you, turn to the Father and accept His love. I pray this prayer to our Father through our Lord Jesus Christ who lives and reigns with the Holy Spirirt now and forever. Amen.”

    1. Dear Martin


      You wrote:

      Whoever eats my flesh and drinks my blood has eternal life, and I will raise him up at the last day. For my flesh is real food and my blood is real drink. Whoever eats my flesh and drinks my blood remains in me, and I in him.” What happened after that? “On hearing it, many of his disciples said, “This is a hard teaching. Who can accept it?”

      My comment:

      The Jews can not drink blood. It is a perversion, and a grave sin. The passover lamb had to hang the full day, so that no blood was found. Than it was ready for the supper. The Passover supper.

      Jesus never consumed his own blood blood. Than He would be a pervert, and a lawbreaker. He took the cup, and explained to the Jews that the blood He was going to shed on Calvary was the blood that would make a man clean. Clean from all stains of sins.

      Jesus did not cut his finger, and drank his own blood. That would make the Messiah a cannibal. True faith in Jesus has nothing to do with cannibalism. Nor witchcraft. Those who drink blood are witches and male shrine prostitutes. The teaching of the RCC is an abomination. The Vatican Priesthood claim it can take Jesus out of Heaven, and use witchcraft to transform the wine on the alter into the physical blood of my Lord and God.

      What a perversion. What a mockery of the truth.

      The truth is that the blood Jesus shed on Calvary Hill in Jerusalem is the only blood that can save. It was poured out once and for all. We still drink of the passover cup, and remember the blood that Jesus has shed. Jesus celebrated the Passover, a supper, a meal, a Passover seeder, whom Roman Catholics knows nothing about.

      True followers of the Messiah Jesus must stay away from the people who have perverted the gospel, and live in shameless denial of the message from the Lord.

    2. Martin,

      You said: “This, ‘to hard to accept’ already happend in Jesus’s life as recorded in John when Jesus told the followers that “I tell you the truth, unless you eat the flesh of the Son of Man and drink his blood, you cannot have eternal life within you. Whoever eats my flesh and drinks my blood has eternal life, and I will raise him up at the last day. For my flesh is real food and my blood is real drink. Whoever eats my flesh and drinks my blood remains in me, and I in him.” What happened after that? ‘On hearing it, many of his disciples said, “This is a hard teaching. Who can accept it?” You can read the verses that follow, then in John 6:66 “From this time many of his disciples turned back and no longer followed him.’ I put forward that just as they could not accept nor can you.”

      Jesus also said that He was a “door” and “true bread from heaven”—the Bible also calls Him the “Lamb of God”. What are you going to do with that? This is silly. I thank you for your prayer but accusing me of following demons is just a bit over the top, don’t you think? I’m just a sinner saved by grace—what are you? Satan would be quite wasting his time with me, as I am totally devoted to Jesus the Messiah.

      1. Dear Ellen.


        The problem with the RCC, was that it around 400 A.D banned everything Jewish. Some of the so-called Church councils were so antisemintic, that people who practiced the faith of Jesus were excommunicated.

        The gates of Hell and Rome has never prevailed against the true Messianic Baptist Churches.

        When the Roman Emperor Constantine claimed he had converted to Christianity, He never permitted the Jews to return to Jerusalem. Just like the British Empire closed the door to Zion from 1936 to 1945, so Nazi-Germany could complete the Holocaust.

        Claimed to be “Christianity” disconnected from its roots in Judaism, quickly become a false religion. The very religion of anti-Christianity, who hate and persecute the very faith that Jesus the Messiah was raised in, and practiced all the days He walked on Earth in the flesh.

        Anti-Christians also say “Praise Jesus” and Halleluja. You need to use the gift of discernment. It this gift is not found among Baptists, the Church will be deceived and lead astray.

        Have nothing to do with Replacement theology. It is based on a copycat “Jesus” invented by the Devil in the dark realms of the bottomless pit.

    3. Martin,

      You encourage Ellen to read John 6:66. I read it. 3 verses b4 it show Jesus saying his whole preceding discourse is all about “spirit and truth” and that “the flesh counts for nothing” (John 6:63). He would not contradict Himself by then trying to feed us Himself thru wafers that feed only the flesh & decay. Jesus has conquered death! He does NOT decay.


      1. Hi Kay,

        Yes—Catholic apologists often will quote Scripture that they think supports their erroneous doctrine but they, at the same time, will leave out pertinent Scripture that disproves their case. Teaching that the communion wafer is the real body and blood of Christ is a seriously heretical doctrine as Ivar has pointed out. Not only is it thoroughly pagan but it flies in the face of Old Testament prohibitions on the consumption of ANY blood at all. When I was a child, I was horrified when my Catholic cousin told me that they were not allowed to touch the Eucharist with their teeth because it would “bleed Jesus’ blood into your mouth”. What an ugly and perverted thing to tell a child!

  22. Hi Ivar,

    Yes, I agree with you that the RCC has always taught many anti-Biblical and anti-Christian doctrines. Probably the most wide-ranging and serious is their replacement theology and dominionism. It has resulted in the suffering and violent death of many millions of people at their hands—both Christians and Jews. Their rejection of the Jewishness of Jesus began at the very beginning, in the Emperor Constantine’s refusal to permit the 18 Jewish-Christian bishops from Asia Minor to attend the Council of Nicea. They are the ROMAN church. If you read the early church writings of Irenaeus, Justin Martyr and Hippolytus, the Roman church had a VERY shady leader in Simon Magus (the same Simon Magus mentioned in Acts) who called himself “Simon Peter”. Perhaps this is the source of their myth that the Apostle Peter was their first pope.

  23. I have read through much of what of what is written here, and it makes me very sad. You continue to propagate the division between the Faith, each thinking that the other is right and yet doing nothing more then fueling hatred in the faithful teachings of Jesus of love and tolerance. The truth is that we are all merely seeking that glimmer of truth in the true nature of Jesus, all of of us are merely relying on faith because we were not there to hear the Truth of His teachings for ourselves. Here is the truth as it concerns the nature of both Catholic and Protestant Faiths….you are all brothers and sisters in Christ, regardless of your own individual personal doctrines which have been guided by your individual leadership and dogmas. Spending hours in services and masses, being taught philosophy based on group perception of what the scriptures say. There is no Church that is out there as it stands that has the complete picture, there is no religion that has been created by humanity that has come to the complete truth because they pick and choose what suits their needs based on the society and politics of their regions. In this way all have fallen short in faith, in knowledge of scripture and doctrines, and all have fallen short in love for each other as brothers and sisters, even I am in this as I have not yet found the complete picture but instead search in faith for Truth. There is no complete book that gives us the whole picture, neither catholic bible nor protestant bible, for all are missing teachings. The formation of the Catholic faith left out a whole mass of gospels that had been common knowledge for their time; the protestant bible when written by Martin Luther, left out even more books…you argue now over who is right and who is wrong and continue to perpuate the hatred (if even in its slightest/smallest form) amongst the whole Christianity. This is very sad to me!

    You who write now about Santisima Muerte, how many of you know the truth of her? How many of you can say that they have truly faced Satan or even a lesser demon, and I mean face to face in a spiritual battle? You who argue back and forth about whether catholics or protestants are right or wrong, how many of you can honestly say that without the shadow of a doubt, you know the full truth of both faiths from the beginning of each faith (this means all of the doctrines, the politics, the secrets of which all religons hide many, of the true nature of every leader of every church in the world that flies the banner of Christianity) to this very present moment in your life? How many of you can honestly and in shining spirit from the very depths of your heart and soul, can look at another and say they know the whole story and truth of Yeshua’s Teachings? Or can truly say that they have read every scripture, every gospel, every history book that has ever been written that is associated with the Christian faith?

    We are all seeking the truth! We are all following the faith that is in our hearts to believe, whether you are catholic, protestant, gnostic, interfatih, jewish, muslim, pagan, it doesn’t matter…what is important when it comes to the very nature of the Christian faith is the faith that dwells within, the very nature and teachings of one’s heart and soul inscribed. It makes me sad that there is so much fighting still going between both sides. It is only God that can ordain your religious path and place you to where HE wants you to be and no other can do this. HE is the one that speaks to your heart and gives you the drive to join a Catholic, Orthodox, or Protestant branch of Christianity, it is just up to you to listen to the calling and nothing else matters!

    Faith in the writings of Scipture is but merely the beginning, faith without action is nothing but lip-service and the ONLY ACTION THAT IS WORTH TAKING IS THE SEARCH FOR TRUTH FOR ONESELF, SEEKING AND FOLLOWING IN FAITH AND OUT OF LOVE FOR GOD, THE TRUTH WHICH HE SPEAKS TO YOU IN EVERY MOMENT OF YOUR LIFE! Whether this is through saints, through the bible, through actions, through studies, it doesn’t matter. Stop the bickering and join in love and fellowship, helping each other grow and become better together, rather then keeping yourselves in loving-hatred of one another! This is all I am ever going to say here!

    Peace and Blessings be with each and every one of you!

    1. You said: have read through much of what of what is written here, and it makes me very sad. You continue to propagate the division between the Faith, each thinking that the other is right and yet doing nothing more then fueling hatred in the faithful teachings of Jesus of love and tolerance. The truth is that we are all merely seeking that glimmer of truth in the true nature of Jesus, all of of us are merely relying on faith because we were not there to hear the Truth of His teachings for ourselves.

      My comment: Your wrong. First, as a Christian we are to spread the news, and even call out those who lie and refuse to listen, that Jesus Christ is the only one that saves. I will not placate someone because we belive differently. It is our job as Christians to speak the truth. Second, you said that we rely on faith, because we were not there to hear the true teachings? What do you think the Bible is for? That is Christs teaching. Jesus left us with his Word so we can follow his teachings, and be closer to him through his word.

      You said: You who write now about Santisima Muerte, how many of you know the truth of her? How many of you can say that they have truly faced Satan or even a lesser demon, and I mean face to face in a spiritual battle?

      My comment: Santaria is a witchcraft demonic teaching. I know this for a fact. And I tell you since i was 8 years old, (the Lord-All Glory goes to HIm) has allowed me to see demons, and they have fled IN THE NAME OF JESUS CHRIST, for even the demons know who God is.

      You want to know how to win a spiritual battle: This is it.

      Ephesians 6:11 Put on the full armor of God so that you can take your stand against the devil’s schemes.

      You come here and tried to make a point, but from your words, you must get on your knees, you must study the Word of God, and you must believe in Christ completely.

  24. Psalm 89:48 as: “There is no man who lives and, seeing the angel of death, can deliver his soul from his hand.”

    “The Angel of Death who is charged with taking your souls will take your souls; then you will be returned to your Lord.” (Qu’ran As-Sajdah 32:11).

    The Christian Bible doesn’t name one specific angel as the Angel of Death. But it does say that angels are “all ministering spirits sent out to serve for the sake of those who are to inherit salvation” (Hebrews 1:14) and makes it clear that death is a holy event for Christians (“Precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of his saints,” Psalm 116:15), so in the Christian view it’s reasonable to expect that one or more angels will be present with people when they die.

    The death that Christ conquored was not the First Death (i.e. Death of the Body) but the Second Death (i.e. Death of the Soul). ANd my apologies Gloria, you aparanetly thought that I was seeking some sort of advise about spiritual warfare, when I clearly wasn’t. A miss understanding.

    1. Frederick T. Pharth

      Shalom, and praise Jesus.

      I dont think your comment was a contribution to a debate. If I do not see any repentance, your next message will be spammed. Do not even bother to write one.

  25. How about you learn the real history on La Santisima Muerte instead of talking and spreading false rumors and labeling her as “Lucifer” you have no idea what your getting your self into but theirs always ignorant people like you who we have to correct

  26. Uriel, it would probably help if you told us who you were referring to with this comment. I know for myself I did not refer to Her as Lucifer, and nor would I ever refer to my Spiritual Mother as such, because I am a devotee of Hers, and I know the truth and the history behind Her. My reference was to the nature of the debate about Her and to pose the question of who truly knows about Her here on this debate forum about Her? And who has truly faced a spiritual battle with such entities, because if they had they would truly know the difference between the essence of Santisima Muerte and those of the fallen!

    Beyond that it, my message was more one of sadness and grief for the continued bickering between Catholics and Protestant branches of the Christian faith. I have corrected many people in my time who have referred to Her as such and will continue to do so when necessary! Santisima Muerte is my patroness and my Protectress, She is my Spiritual Mother!

    But it would be better to clarify whose post you are referring to, if mine, then I believe you misread or misinterpreted it.

  27. Ok my friends here at this great debate, there has apparently been a lot of misunderstanding as to my post, so I am going to clarify a few things, just in case it was my post that Uriel mistakenly misinterpreted. La Santisima Muerte is my Patroness, my Protectress and my Spiritual Mother. I cannot and will never refer to Her is any means of association with the “devil” or with any of the fallen, because I know better then that. During my initial message on this forum I was expressing my disappointment and sadness over the continued bickering between the various branches of the Christian “faith”.

    I am Amortus, also known to many as Rev. Amortus, because I am an ordained Interfaith Minister. I have studied a wide variety of faiths, spiritual paths and religions, and all throughout my training Santisima Muerte has been there watching over me and protecting me. I have studied and worked with various branches of Christianity, from Evangelical to strict Roman Catholic; I have studied Buddhism and Taoism; I have studied and practiced Shamanism and Witchcraft as well as Wicca, and yes there is a difference between Wicca and Witchcraft. I have studied Gnosticism and Essenism; I have learned a little about Judaism and Islam, though still learning more here and there on these last two; as well as on the philosophy of Humanism.

    I have studied the Bible and the scriptures in depth and have spent my life and my journey with God and with Santisima Muerte, in pursuit of knowledge and truth as well as in Spiritual Warfare with what you might call demons, and I call the Fallen. I am continuously learning more and seeking after God as He calls me too; there is no rescuing my soul, there is no trying to convert me, God has led me all my life and God has brought me to Santisima Muerte, or Her to me and I shall not turn my back on the calling that He has provided me! I thank Him daily for bringing Santisima Muerte to my life and for allowing Her to be with me every step of my journey! I do not need to know how to perform Spiritual Warfare as it is something that I have been doing all of my life! When I hear of people who want to take this route in their spiritual journey, I try and discourage them because it is not something that is “fun” or even “cool”; it can be some scary crap and once you open that door, you cannot close it. I instead guide people as to how to defend themselves in a way that they will not open that door.

    I asked who here knows the truth of Santisima Muerte? I then asked who here has truly faced the fallen? The reason for these two, is because if you have then you will truly know the difference between them and you would never associate my Blessed Lady with such evil. Santisima Muerte fights against such evils while allowing us the free will to make our own mistakes and to force us to be responsible for the actions, good or bad, that we take in our lives. WE ARE RESPONSIBLE! NO ONE ELSE!

    One debater has associated Santisima Muerte with Santeria and Witchcraft! This is a fallacy and misunderstanding which is based on the propaganda that is produced by religious organizations who condemns any form of religion other then their own, even those who are followers of their same view God, merely because their dogma is different. Well first off, if you ask a practitioner of Santeria about Santa Muerte, those who are truly Santeros and Santeras, will tell you, that my Blessed Lady has absolutely nothing to do with their practice! That amongst them their understanding of the Spirit of Death is known as IKU.

    According to what I have learned, after speaking with a few of them online, there is a satanic group of practitioners who follow an entity known as San La Muerte (THIS IS NOT SANTA MUERTE!!!!), and many practitioners of Santeria and devotees of Santisima Muerte are against this particular group because of the evil that they represent. Devotion to this masculine representation of death is something completely different from those of us who honor Santisima Muerte! I do not know much more about this evil, nor do I want to! But that is a personal choice! So to refer to Santisima Muerte as associated with Santeria is wrong, whether you are speaking with a devotee of my Beloved Lady or with a practitioner of Santeria.

    As for the claim of Witchcraft, please remember that regardless of whether you are Catholic, Protestant, Evangelical or whatever banner of Christianity you choose to fall under, according to every denomination out there (except I believe recently the Anglicans who changed their view and understanding); if you are not of the same opinion and the same practice, then according to their ancient laws you could be tried for Heresy and for Witchcraft, and you are being misled by the “devil”. This is a sad state when a faith argues amongst themselves based on philosophical view points and even wars amongst themselves because of a difference of opinion. Remember that so long as the faith itself is divided, there is no real strength and there can be no real conquering of evil as a permanent solution, because they are continuously keeping the faiths divided! PEACE SHOULD REIGN REGARDLESS OF PHILOSOPHICAL DIFFERENCES OF OPINION!!!!

    As for the history of Santisima Muerte, the school of thought is divided and left to the individual practitioner to find faith in what speaks to their heart! There are some who believe that She is the Angel of Death, ever under the orders of the Lord God Almighty, never as a fallen angel, but ever as the Powerful Messenger and Deliverer of our Souls to HIM alone! And there are those who believe that She is a modernized and Christianized version of the Goddess Mictecacihuatl, the Lady of Mictlan (the realm of the dead), who has chosen to serve the Lord God Almighty! Either school of thought makes no difference to me, I have studied both and have read on both, and I take each as they are. All I know is that She is my Beloved Lady who has ever looked out for me and has protected my family and me! I am not going to get into a huge history thing here, because those who truly seek shall find for themselves! But only if it is the Will and Desire of God, and only if my Beloved Lady agrees! She calls whom She desires and whom God allows or agrees to, this is but merely a very small part of my understanding. A tid-bit of information!

  28. There is a picture of the tomb of cardinal Cinzio Aldobrandini in basilica di San Pietro in Vincoli. It is not an altar. It is not an subject of worship!

  29. Go on google – in the search engine type in: “Tomb of cardinal Cinzio Aldobrandini in basilica di San Pietro in Vincoli”. Then click on ‘images’ and what you will see is the favorite of the Vatican that is; satanic alters and skeletons – So bizarre …. yet the sheep are so blinded in this sort of worship that’s leading them to hell and they don’t know it.

  30. […] butchers? What a shameful, totally distasteful site of extreme wickedness. (Source: ) “And I heard another voice from heaven, saying, Come out of her, my people, that ye be not […]

  31. Hummm….why create an statue or idol of death, celebrate, venerate and eventually many start worshiping it? Why not just celebrate a Christian’s life during their funeral? Why not look to Jesus and His finish work at the cross. Why even call it (not her or him) a saint? Death angel (no particular one) is a being(s) to do God’s will like in the OT. God is the one we should fear for the heavenly angels does His will. We should focus on God’s love and his saving grace over death.
    Sure death is a reality, but God gave us victory over death. Sure there is difference between the death of child of God and that of a pagan.One is to meet his/her King, Master, Lord and God. The other to meet his/her Judge and punishment. Sorry I don’t believe in purgatory and the mass. Jesus will return to earth in Jerusalem Mt of Olives as King and not on the bloodless sacrifice alter of the mass thousand times all over the world by the power of a sinful human being. Jesus the last time I checked, is sitting at the right hand of the Father in heaven. When I pray to the Father in heaven, Jesus is there as my Mediator and does not take lunch breaks from heaven at the call of some sinful priest so that he can be sacrificed over and over in the mass. I can see this enjoyment of killing Jesus over and over again. I guess the priest must enjoy death by crucifying Jesus over and over many times. Yet Jesus said, “it is finished”. I thought we celebrate Easter
    or Resurrection Sunday once a year and not after every mass?

    This idol of the so called St. Death is just a confusing, misleading and can be a wicked thing that we don’t need or try to even justify. I can create a life size statue of Superman (use it a punching bag) but as long as I don’t start to venerate or worship it , I guess I’m safe. Jesus (The Living Word) is enough and all sufficient for me.

  32. I saw the light God in 2015. You all are wrong about La Santa Muerte (Saint Death or The Holy Death) she is not the Parton Drug Dealers or criminals and is all bout lack magic. its the people that used her for the wrong way. Now I have been blessed by God to be her son. I am the protector of The Children of God, I was told the commandment that you all disrespect and that is respect Thy Father (God) and thy Mother (Saint Death). For in the End those of you that hurt the Children of God and disrespect Thy Father and Thy Mother your souls will be mine for I am the Son of Good and Evil for misusing my Mother. So repent and ask for forgiveness before they come…

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