Norway has engaged with Hamas. Their wows to destroy Israel is ignored, and called “only rhetoric”.

US Diplomat Kevin Johnsen told the "secret" truth about naive Norwegians.

This is a secret cable, written on February 13, 2009, by Kevin Johnson, the deputy chief of the US Embassy in Norway. He summarizes Oslo’s aspirations to be a leader in the Middle East peace negotiations.

Norway, according to the cable, has engaged with Hamas, and the organization’s vow to destroy Israel “was ignored or characterized as only rhetoric by the Norwegians.

Norwegian society values dialogue above all,” the cable read. “Talk, even without any expectation of results, is seen as valuable.

Anyone who draws a line and refuses to talk to an opposing party is seen as a radical unilateralist. Conversely, Norwegians are extremely opposed to the use of military force to achieve goals, no matter how laudable.”

Compounding this aversion to force, according to the cable, is the fact that “Norwegians do not generally see any threats” and do not see a danger from terrorism.

To illustrate this particular “societal attitude,” the cable points out that a man who shot up Oslo’s synagogue in 2006, planned to behead the Israeli ambassador and attack Israeli and US embassies was “convicted only of grave vandalism.”

The cable said, however, that his “strict sentence showed some understanding of the severity of the charges.”

The man convicted of the shooting, Arfan Qadeer Bhatti, was given an eight-year sentence in 2008.

Source: Jerusalem Post.

My Comment:

At best, The Norwegian political establishment acts like the Norwegian government in 1935-1938. Hitler was seen as a man of “only rhetoric”.

The Norwegians saw no real threat from Nazi Germany, and had minimized its military forces to a few thousand men.

The Norwegian politics was to stay neutral. The Oslo-doctrine can be formulated like this: “By agreeing with everyone, you will escape from conflicts”.

In April 1940, Norway had to pay direly for its foolishness. The same foolishness that Norway exported to Israel in 1990.  It is called the “Oslo accord”.