This is my take on some important issues in 2010. On the whole, it was a perfect year. The World leaders paved the way for the coming of the final antichrist. The man of lawlessness  has to appear first. Than Jesus the Messiah will return. In the end there will be victory. Before than, get ready for a bumpy ride.



After Operation Cast Lead in Gaza, the leadership in Israel felt the heat. In a bid to pressure Israel to give up Zionism and settlements on Mount Zion, the issues of Gaza and East Jerusalem were mixed up. The World leaders tried to blackmail Israel. Both cabinet Ministers and the Opposition leader was threaten with arrest on arrival in London.

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The British Government exposed it self as being a puppet in the hand of Islam, and in specific the kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The former Prime Minister of UK, was in need of cash from Riyadh to prevent the British banking system from collapsing.

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The spiritual links between Nazi-Germany and Islam is obvious. While the former center for Jew hate had its capital in Berlin, the planned successor will have its capital in East Jerusalem.

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The Arab World bid to make the Middle East a nuclear free zone failed. Since Islam already have a nuclear armed state named Pakistan, the only Jewish state on Earth would be foolish to give up its nuclear secrets. The Islamic Republic of Iran will become the second Muslim nation with weapons that genocide all Jews.

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The Obama Administration deleted the word “Islamic terrorism” from all official documents. Even the top security advisers in Washington branded violence in the name of “allah” as a form of “freedom struggle”.

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The wars in Iraq and Afghanistan has not produced good fruits. The burden on the tax payers in the US has already bypassed One trillion USD. And tens of billions of dollars have ended up in the pockets of al-Quada and the Taliban.

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The sex scandals in the Roman Catholic Church reached its Zenit this summer. Still very few are willing to dismiss this priesthood, that hides pedophiles and homosexual perverts in its midst.

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Radical Islam is no longer a cancer that is only growing in the Middle East. It is a disease that is crippling major cities in Europe. While Israel has developed effective tools to contain Islamic treats on its borders, Israel struggle with Muslims who attack her from their new bases in the Western World.

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Few Catholics are aware that their Pope is a worshiper of skulls, bones and corpses. This spiritual madness that rules the head of Catholic Religion, has been exposed on this blog. This has been a bid to open the eyes of blindfolded supporters of the Vatican.

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President Barack Hussein Obama and the Pope have both been exposed as promoters of the End Time religion, that will bring all kind of false religions into unity. The last war on Earth will be a war on the Word of God, found in the Bible.

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The most dangerous attack on Israel came from an old ally, the Republic of Turkey.  The present Government in Ankara sent an “aid flotilla” towards Gaza, and helped the Iranian backed Hamas to lure the Israeli navy into a trap. The anti-Jewish propaganda on Turkish TV is similar to the propaganda published in Nazi-Germany.

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The World is quickly falling into merciless violence. The wickedness of man, is best exposed by brawling politicians, who fight tooth and nails inside National Parliaments. Wikileaks also helped the blind, to see all the hypocrisy inside the Global elite.

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