To stop the Iranian nuclear arms race, we will have to attack some of their nuclear facilities.

Former Mossad chief points towards a strike of iran to avoid another Islamic nuclear bomb.

This is a statement by former Mossad director Danny Yatom. His message was given at the International Institute for Counter-Terrorism conference at the Interdisciplinary Center, Herzliya on Sunday.

“The only thing which might stop a nuclear Iran was a massive air-strike by a coalition of countries”, explained the former Mossad-head.

Since the sanctions are not enough, I am hopeful that the world will come to its senses and reach the conclusion that to stop the Iranian nuclear arms race, we will have to attack some of their nuclear facilities,” Yatom said.

“If the modern air forces led by the United States mobilize their capabilities it is possible. If not to completely remove the threat, at least to delay it for years to come”, explained Yatom.

Danny Yatom.

“I don’t want to be in a situation that I will be sitting in Israel and my fate will be in the hands of others, especially when we are talking about a lunatic regime,” he said.

“I don’t want to be the subject of an Iranian experiment”.


My comment:

The parallel between Iran and Nazi-Germany is now more than obvious. Both these totalitarian regime share an ideology of a world without Jews. They are a problem that has to “be dealt with”.

If the allied forces in 1945 had not made it the full way to Berlin, but during the winter had signed a “peace agreement” with Hitler, the following scenario is more than likely.

Nazi-Germany would have gone ahead with is nuclear program, and detonated its first nuclear bomb. “Peace in Europe” would now have become an impossibility. The Nazi-terror would only have reached new heights.

What about that, you people who live in London, Copenhagen or Paris?