World Council of Churches (WCC) wants Pentecostals to join them in the ecumenical movement.

Secretary General Olav Fykse Tveit and WCC wants to take Pentecostals with them back to Rome.

For the first time ever was the Secretary General of WCC invited to address the Pentecostal World Conference.  Lutheran priest Olav Fykse Tveit took the opportunity to preach and promote an end time unity among Churches.

“It is my deep conviction that the member churches of the WCC, some of which are Pentecostal, need the closer bond to the Pentecostal churches you represent. And it is my humble conviction that you need us”, explained Tveit.

Fykse Tveit expressed how Pentecostals and members of his ecumenical group have a common call in God’s mission and need each other to fulfill the call.

Citing Apostle Paul’s first letter to the Corinthians, Fykse Tveit highlighted how there may be many members, but only one body.

“I cannot say to any brother or sister in Christ that I have no need for you. We need each other because it is only together that we can grow into the one body of Christ,” the ecumenical leader stated.

“The world needs a common and credible witness from the churches about God’s love for this world and for everyone in this world.”

Source: Christian

My comment:

WCC are moving ahead with a bid to reach full communion with the Roman Catholic Church. On the road back to Rome, there will be found even Pentecostals.

Classical Pentecostal Churches that have opened up for teachers of the false prosperity Gospel, seems to be joining the WCC. But inside the Pentecostal Movement, there will still be spiritual alive Christians, that will never walk back into the Papal clutches.

Right down the middle of every Church on Earth, there will be two roads ahead. One road that leads back to the false Jesus copy preached by replacement theology teachers in Rome.

The other road leads back to Jerusalem. This group will be forced to split from false Churches, and take the road back to the Jewish roots of our faith. They will obey the Word of God as it is written till the bitter end.

There will come a day when you can no longer have one leg in each camp.