Anti-Zionist “Jews” wants to boycott Ariel in Samaria

36 leading “Jewish” actors and theater personnel refuses to perform 20 minutes drive from Tel Aviv in the township of Ariel.

Limor Livnat gets the support of the Israeli Government. A boycott of Ariel is not acceptable.

Minister of Culture and Sport Limor Livnat on Saturday responded harshly on Saturday to an announcement by 36 theater actors and staff who declared they would refuse to perform at a cultural center built in the settlement of Ariel.

“The theater directors should enlist immediately to address this crisis, since the actors and artists have decided to divide Israeli society,” Livnat said.

The cultural center at the West Bank city of Ariel has been under construction for some 20 years, due to recurring funding shortages.

“This serious [boycott] creates a tear in the Israeli society and discriminates between audiences based on the political views of the actors and artists,” Livnat went on to say.

“Culture is a social bridge and we must leave politics out of the cultural and artistic realms.”

The minister further called on theater directors to stick to the planned performance schedule, despite the boycott, in Ariel and all over the country, saying that “every citizen in Israel has the right to enjoy culture – anywhere.”

The theater directors issued a response on Saturday, saying that the theater companies will perform anywhere there are Israeli citizens who love theater, including Ariel.

“We will respect the political views of our actors,” the statement said, “but we will bring the best of Israeli theater to Ariel.”

Source: Israeli daily Haaretz.

My comment:

The township of Ariel is as Jewish as anything Jewish on Planet Earth.

The state of Israel run the risk of falling apart by action taken by anti Zionist “Jews”.

I have been to the township of Ariel, less than half an hours drive from Tel Aviv. The township is located inside the district of Samaria, the Biblical heartland of Israel.

That claimed to be “Jews” wants to boycott their own brothers and sisters in Ariel, is a betrayal.  This township is the heart of the Zionist dream, of Jews returning to the mountains of Zion.

If the ridge where Ariel is built in not Jewish land, than no land in the Middle East is Jewish.

If the Jews permit the Islamic forces to intimidate a Jewish withdrawal from Ariel, than all the Jews in Israel can start packing their bags, and go back to their village or city from where they returned to Zion.

My Jewish brethren: Stop this. Do lot let the Jewish people them selves be the reason for how Islamic forces managed to finalize a delegitimation of the state of Israel.

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