Gaza rockets pound southern Israel

Arab Palestinian terrorists operating out of the Gaza Strip fired four rockets and two mortar shells at communities in southern Israel on Saturday.

This is just fireworks in Gaza. Unfortunately Hamas made them a little bit to powerful, so the rockets landed in Southern Israel.

There were no injuries in any of the attacks, as all the projectiles landed just outside local Israeli villages.

Defense officials noted that at least one of the Palestinian rockets was manufactured in a very professional manner, and they believe it had been imported into the Hamas-controlled territory.
Israeli officials have been warning for months and even years that despite international guarantees and feeble efforts to prevent arms smuggling into Gaza, terrorists based there has managed to acquire large quantities of long and short-range weapons. The presence of these weapons will inevitably lead to renewed open warfare in the area.

Source: Israeli Magazine, Israel Today.

My comment:

Rockets into Israel from Gaza, you must be joking?

These rockets was basically not aimed on Israel.

They were only as a part of a celebration, where the pure joy of fresh EU-promoted inflow of “aid”, needed to be illuminated over the skies of Northern Gaza.

I guess this is just the vessels Hamas used to tell, there will be repayment for the cement, also used to build the new Gaza city Supermarket…

One thought on “Gaza rockets pound southern Israel

  1. ivarfjeld,

    The unbelievers will always will feel that Israel has brought things unpon them and that is their damnation! I was there for a military exercise a long time ago and a palastinian was going around and knifing female soilders in the back, I remember how I wished it had been me who had gunned him down.

    All I know from the long journey I have been on as a Righteous Gentile is the fight is long and hard. But our belief is what matters, we must keep fighting and not worry that these idiots believe lies.

    I wished I had more time to spend here on your site, but as it is. 🙂

    Take Care,

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