Vatican order considers “Holy land” to be former Greater Syria

Not many Catholics knows that the Roman Catholic representatives in Israel, trying to re-establish the kingdom of the crusaders.

This Papal map has no state of Israel, no Gaza and no West Bank. Only Greater Syria.
Investigative Journalism

This map which shows the “Holy land” in red color, can be looked at on this Vatican site in Jerusalem:

The map in found on the site of the Franciscan friars in Jerusalem

The Vatican friars in Jerusalem, consider the Jews to be illegal occupiers of the so-called “Holy land”. That is why the friars website has a logo with a title: “Custody of the Holy land”.  The Papal Kingdom, or occupation of Jerusalem lasted form 1099 A.D to 1291 A.D.

This Roman Catholic map over the Holy land, is also worth reflecting on. During the 400 years the  Ottoman Empire controlled this area, there was no area named “Palestine”. These Turkish provinces was called “Greater Syria”, with Damascus as its main provincial capital. It was divided into several seats of Sultans, non of them ruling over a territory called “Palestine”.

What was the size of the Papal Kingdom of Jerusalem, and what was the area the Pope controlled, or had “custody” over  in the Middle East?

The Vatican wants back their custody of Jerusalem, as this logo explains.

Lets take a look at the map:

The Pope controlled parts of today's Lebanon, Egypt and Jordan. And not only Jerusalem, but almost all of today's state of Israel.

What is the facts, in regards to the origin of today’s use of the name “Palestine”, on this small piece of land in the Middle East.

The ancient Roman Empire name “Palestine” only surfaced among the Arabs after the Ottoman was defeated by the United Kingdom in 1918. Jerusalem was liberated by General Edmund Allenby and his army in 1917.

The Ottoman sultanates of the province of Greater Syria in 1918.

Only after the defeat of the Ottoman Empire in 1918, and the defeat of Islam, it became an issue among Arabs, to get the claimed “Palestine” back to a claimed “Palestinian people”. Because during 400 years of Ottoman rule in the Middle East, the name was never mentioned.  The Ottomans ruled in Jerusalem from 1517 A.D to 1917. A.D.

Source: Take a look at their web-site.

Lets look at other maps, in search for the word “Palestine”:

Among the Old Testament nations, there was no "Palestine". But there were "Philistians", a word that means violent intruders.
In the Babylonian Empire, they never used the name "Palestine".
During the days Jesus walked on Earth, there was no "Palestine".
But in the Roman Empire, there was a "Palestina". The Holy Roman Empire came back into our modern times with the Papal system established as a statehood in Rome in 1929.

My comment: Read about the Papal order that wants “Palestina” back, by evicting the Jewish control over Jerusalem.

12 thoughts on “Vatican order considers “Holy land” to be former Greater Syria

  1. As far as I am concerned, philistines an palestinians
    is one and the same.When King David was told to destroy all of them, there was one lone man and his family and servants that he took pity on and allowed him to live as long as he did not leave his section of ‘ground’ and it was so until some of his stock ‘wondered’ off the property and he left his ‘ground’ to retrieve them.They have been a thorn in the flesh ever since.The rcc has had a deciding control over the Temple Mount area for many years and I have often wondered WHY? The rcc has always been in league with the philistines and the useless nations and their satanic cess pool of members the elite from hades itself.
    The absolute foolishness of their actions and falsified maps does NOT change Father Gods Word and does NOT take an inch of Israel and Jerusalem away from Almighty and Most High Father God no matter how high the unholy rcc false fathers hinderparts shows itself! Father God has them in derision, their eyes are blinded and their hearts are seared over as they believe their lies and even when the evil entity sits himself on the throne that will then be his destruction point and that is established and will be done for Father God is NOT mocked and HIS WORD will BE Fulfilled!
    I am certain there are minnions of the rcc that will disagree and jump stiff legged in rants but for all thats worth as far as I am concerned, so what.
    (I recieved an email with return to sender and lost it when computer did a ‘clean and empty’ process. If that can be resent to me, I will respond immediately)

  2. Thank you Ivar, for your commitment to this job.

    I have learned many things from yours’ and the commentor’s posts over the years. thanks to all.

    Concerning this post however, I thought I might interject, that it is highly unlikely, that the “grand ayatolla whoever” in Iran will be giving in to anyone, anytime, soon.
    He just recently proclaimed to be ‘muhammed-on-earth’.

    Course, then again, he just might not be around at that time. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

    okay I’m done.

    may God richly bless

  3. Hellow all,

    Just wanted to make something clear: On the sixth map, you say there were not “Palestinians” when the Jews ruled this land (then called Kena’an), but this is not true. In the strip of land just to the north of Gaza you can see there is no indication of the residents. This is where the people called “Pelishtim” or Philistines ruled for many years, and this is the source of the Roman name of the country. Please see: for a detailed map.

    The problem with this land is its geographical uniqueness and ancient settelment. Because so many different people ruled it over the years, there is a continuing battle over it. But the Jews were the first people that still exist today, and the only reason for then not to have a contiuous rule is their exile by the Roman empire (not the christians).

    This is why the united nations agreed for the establishment of the State of Israel, enabling the arabs that were located there to stay, as a gesture.

    1. Dear Elad.

      Shalom, and thanks for this comment.

      You wrote:

      “Pelishtim” or Philistines ruled for many years.

      My comment:

      You are right. But the very meaning of the word “Philistines” means intruders. Also they occupied this strip of land. After some years they all perished.

      The Jewish people has not perished. They are alive, and doing well. As the Bible says: There shall always be a remnant of the sons and daughters of Jacob around us.

  4. This is part of prophecy, onve they they to rebuild the temple of David, I’ already know who is the anti-christ, I not calling another human Holy father, Jesus is Kings of kings, and his feet will meet the mount of olives, the only Holy Father I know is God, not man. he walks around as if he never committed a sin in his entire life, it’s sins when you try to justify yourself, when you think in your mind, to yourself, that you’re not a sinner. People wake up already, Jesus return is near, the war of armigaddon, is very close, I stand on truth, I stand on the reform way of teaching, the reform church weakened the beast hand in it’s day, and they do it again. The Catholic Church shed more in History then any meidevil warrior ever done, killed millions, murder. You can’t murder somone because they don’t want to bow to a man that calls himself the Holy father, wake up world, all this is happening right under your noses, and all you can think is the huge building lives in, the jewlry, finset clothing, wake up. Catholics adopted pagan tradtion, of Material, jewrly and so forth. The beast was wounded when the franch came siezed the papacy in the 17th century, and beast recover so great, unitl this day, I urge everone to study on who turned the Chritian church from the sabbath to sunday, the Papacy, who don’t have no power to change any of God’s laws but he claims it, ABOMINATION, now church is praisng every sunday, My congregation holds the sabbath and will never let it go, I follow God not man.

  5. Why worried about the names of people or tribes. We must follow the ways of the Most High and teach it so the world will have salvation.

    1. Alsteele,

      Your comment: Why worried about the names of people or tribes. We must follow the ways of the Most High and teach it so the world will have salvation.

      My Comment: Matthew 7:15 says “Watch out for false prophets. They come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ferocious wolves.”

      If we are aware of what is going on around us, and always study the Word of God, then we will be able to test the spirits (1 John 4), and we will be able to make a stand for Jesus Christ.

  6. Why can’t we all just get along? God Jehovah will prevail through Jesus the Christ.
    No need to fight about it. It will happen according to his word.

    1. Yes, indeed, it will happen according to his word, and that is exactly why we need to fight for the attention of the unsaved and give them the good news of the gospel of Christ so they wil spend eternity in the presence of God, as he desired !

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