Former US Marine wants 10.000 Westerners to join Hamas against Israel

Kennneth O’Keefe is committed to the ongoing Islamic Jihad to get rid of the state of Israel. The Former US Marine was an active passenger on the Turkish “aid ship” to Gaza.

Kenneth O' Keefe wants Westerners to join Hamas and fight Israel

In December 2002 Kennneth O’Keefe renounced his US Citizenship. On January 7, 2004, O’Keefe burned his U.S passport. He got an Irish citizenship, and moved to London.

The ex- US Marine and Gulf War veteran traveled to Gaza and the West Bank, and got a honorable citizenship in Palestine, by the Palestine Authority.

On August 23rd 2008, He was among 46 people that managed to break the Israel naval control of the sea waters off Israel and Gaza. Their ship from Cyprus arrived to an heroic welcome in Gaza.

O’Keefe is also known for his call to action for large numbers of western citizens to migrate to Iraq and deploy themselves as “Human Shields”

Before the Gaza “aid flotilla” O Keefe said he hoped to garner support from 10,000 Westerners to act as international observers in the Palestinian territories and help bring peace with Israel.

“It will effect a ceasefire from the militant Palestinian resistance that uses violence and call for Israel to honor the truce in order to assure security for its citizens,” he said, adding he had contacts with hardliners, including the Islamic group Hamas.

The observers will use non-violent means in working for the respect of international law, “thereby ending the unlawful (Israeli) occupation”, and bringing about peace, he said.

Kennneth O’Keefe attacked Israel commandos and took their guns

Israeli soldiers was attacked by "peace activists" when they tried to halt an Turkish ship for inspection..

O’Keefe took the hand gun from a IDF soldier. He also helped to wrest an assault rifle from another commando.

The former US Marine has admitted that he attacked the Israel commandos that came to half the Turkish “aid flotilla” on its way to Gaza.

“We were told that if they got on the ship we should arrest them,” Mr O’Keefe said.

When he heard shots from the roof where commandos had descended from helicopters he rushed towards the gunfire, meeting on the way a soldier struggling with activists.

“By this time I had already seen one person dead. We subdued the soldier. He was struggling; he was trying to get to his weapon. I had no doubt that if he got to it before I did I’d be dead.”

After taking the commando’s handgun he took the bullets out and hid it to keep as evidence for a future trial, he said. He also helped to wrest an assault rifle from another commando.

Source: The Times of London. and others. Yesterday, the BBC let the former US Marine do his marketing on the 30 minutes program “hard talk”.

My comment:

Kennneth O’Keefe is a man of principles. He is committed to the ongoing Islamic Jihad against Israel, to see the Jewish state demolished.

But the astonishing side of this story of an American Jihadist, is that the US Government do not see what the Palestinian Authority is up to. The man who burnt his American passport, was honored with a Palestinian citizenship.

The US Government has chosen to work with and support the enemies of the USA. That is a pretty insane Foreign policy, ran by completely incompetent people in Washington.

16 thoughts on “Former US Marine wants 10.000 Westerners to join Hamas against Israel

  1. And people wonder WHY we are having terrible things happen here in America…

    Gods promises are FOREVER.
    “I will bless those that bless you, and curse those that curse you”

    God is referring to the PEOPLE of Israel, not necessarily ‘governments’

  2. Kennneth O’Keefe should be arrested for supporting a terrorist org. However, since the Libs are in charge, that will never happen. Yet, He will be the one who will disappear,and be forgotten, long before the state of Israel ever comes near it’s end.

    1. Dear BA Watchman.

      Shalom, and welcome with this message.

      Let me remind you, that Israel wants to lock up such men as Kennneth O’Keefe. But pressures from power seats like the White House in Washington, forces Israel to release them just after they have been arrested.

      During the so-called “aid-flotilla” from Turkey, Israel arrested the men that used force and violence against the naval commandos. The very next day, some of the terrorists had to be given air plain tickets, and flown back to safe heavens through airports in Europe.

      And you wounder what kind of Spiritual force that is ruling in Washington, London and Paris?

      Do you recall how a trapped Yasser Arafat escaped from Lebanon in 1982?

      He was given an officers cabin, on board a French naval ship and taken to a safe heaven in Tunisia.

  3. why should jews be relocated into palistinia lands and palistinians forced out. I support the struggle for statehood .now egypt and turkey are having problems with israel and my secret sources tell me that the NTC of libya will or join hands to fight israel. Shame on britain,USA and the UN for sitting idle

    1. Dear Layth

      Shalom, and love in Jesus.

      You wrote:

      it’s a dream come true to fight against the zionists one day… I just wish I’de know how

      My reply:

      You can start with me. When can we have a nice cup of tea, and debate how you best can fight me?

      1. haha is that all you got … a cup of tea and a debate, do you think I fear the worda you speak, you make me laugh kid… if you are one of the zionists its not the cup of tea you will be drinking but your own blood 🙂

      2. Dear Layth

        Shalom, and love in Jesus.

        I understand that you do not fear God. You will most likely be able to kill my body. But you can not harm my soul.

        My soul has been purchased by the blood of Jesus the Messiah, who died for our sins at the cross in Jerusalem. You will just send me to heven.

        But for your own soul, I need to pray. Because there is an eternal fire prepared for the enemies of God. This place we hall Hell. I pray for you, that you will not have to spend eternity is this hot place. Therefor repent, and accept that your are a sinner who needs to be saved.

    2. Let me know if you find a way. Will be glad to clean the germs and those child molesters out from this earth. Good to see the jews against the zionist but surprised some intelligent fools media followers supporting genocide. I mean such ignorance and oobvious they like to discuss with a cup of tea its taxfree for em

    3. You can by visiting whatever sources Kenneth has on the net. The truth is, Israel has to go. The state of Israel is the anti human society forming all over the world now, influencing foreign politics as well.

  4. cleary looks like Im talking to an uneducated person. Just for the record I’m a muslim and I do believe in god Allah as the one and only god and what you are nothing but a terrorist who is clearly brain washed by the corrupted media your watching day and night … wake up and look around you… women and children of gaza are dying because of people like you … haha and you still think your going to heaven

  5. Bismallah, assalamu alaikum wa rahamatullahi wa barakatuh. In the name of almighty Allah the one who has no partners, the lord of all the worlds, those who believe in him and the last day and fear their lord shall taste Paradise. Those who ascribed partners to Almighty Allah and fear him not and wander around blind even in the face of clear proof shall surely taste the eternal. Hell fire. The state of Israel will be bought to its knees inshaAllah and the people of Palestine shall be free from the tyranny of the polytheistic Israeli regime..

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