Indian army carried dead Maoists rebels like slaughtered animals

There is an unknown civil war deep inside India. 50.000 regular army soldiers are used in a bid to root out “Communist rebels” who are farmers without properties and human rights.

Indian armymen carries poor Indians like they were slaughtered pigs.

There pictures could have shocked India. But few people cares.  After a battle with Maoist rebels in central India, army soldiers carried five men and three women as they were slaughtered animals.

Prime Minister Manmohan Singh calls Maoist insurgency India’s gravest internal security threat. Today, almost 15 per cent of central India is controlled by a communist guerrilla.

The Maoist rebels have attacked Police stations just outside the suburbs of Kolkata. (former Calcutta). Army Headquarters has drawn up a plan to keep about 50,000 soldiers – approximately 5 divisions – in readiness to help the civilian authorities deal with the growing “Naxal threat”.

Is this the way to carry a dead ypung woman?

Source: Times of India, and IBN CNN.

My comment:

The map all investors should take a look at. Areas where a civil war is on.

Do you do business in India?

Do you know whats going on?

I guess not.

But take a look at this map over areas controlled by the Maoists.  The so called “naxalites” are poor Indians, without land and human rights. The “middle class” Indians are to busy making money from Foreign Investors entry into India, to pay any attention to the crimes against humanity that takes place off the limits of reality shows on TV.

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