Abbas scared Hamas ready to take over Ramallah

«Hamas smuggles large amounts of weapons into the West Bank as part of the militant group’s efforts to undermine the administration».

Something is cooking. Mahmoud Abbas is scare Hamas and Khaled Meshal is planning to take his seat of power.

This is a statement of PA Chariman Mahmoud Abbas. Also Israel fears Hamas could also stage a violent takeover in the West Bank, and those security concerns are likely to be a key issue in the new round of peace talks.

Despite Abbas’ allegations, Hamas appears to be significantly weakened in the West Bank after a lengthy crackdown. Israeli defense officials said they were unaware of any significant arms stockpiling by Hamas in the West Bank.

Source: AP-Washington Post.

My comment:

The US Military has been unable to secure peace in Iraq. The war in Afghanistan is neither under «control».

What makes the World believe that The US can guaranty the safety and security of Israel?

The Israeli Government has alway been worried about the deep divisions in political views among the Arabs. They simply seems to be unable to agree on anything.

There is no two-state-solution.  There is a «Fatahland» on the so-called West bank does not represent the people in «Hamastan», a hub for Islamic terrorism established on the Gaza strip.

There is no Islamic peace partners available for Israel. The Arab Palestinians are not even able to agree to talk about the possibility of talks about peace in the Middle East.

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