The possibility of peace without the process

No Palestinian leader can possibly survive signing a treaty that does not deliver:

Obama wants to make a kill in the Middle East, with more talks about how to make peace.

(1) a big slice of Jerusalem;

(2) the uprooting of Israeli settlements in the West Bank; and

(3) some big acknowledgment of a so-called Palestinian right of return to Israel proper.

On the other hand, no Israeli politician will yield those things. The Palestinians do not have the strength to force the concession, and the U.S. is exceedingly unlikely to impose it.

The status quo is not a great deal for the Palestinians, obviously. Certainly not as good a deal as they would have had if they had accepted the deals on offer in 1937 or 1947 or 1968 or 2000. But they didn’t accept those offers, and they have lapsed. There may never be a peace agreement. But the alternative to a signed peace does not have to be fighting.

Source: National Post-Canada

My comment:

There is always a possibility to talk. The Arab Palestinians and the Jews have basically been talking for the last 60 years. With Obama, nothing has changed under the sun. He already has received the Nobel peace Price.

The house you live in, can not belong to someone who wants to kill you. Its not possible to «talk» with such a person. You have to keep the door locked.

Because the man who claim both the floor you walk on and your life, might kill you at the entrance to your own bathroom.

Lets agree that two parties that wants to talk, freely, will have to accept each others right to exist. The Arabs have never recognized the state of Israel.

So, is there something new to talk about?

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