Israeli built UAVs to track down Maoists in India

India’s security forces will use Israel-made unmanned aerial vehicles.

Israeli developed aircrafts without pilots are used in India to fight Maoists in the jungle.

Israeli made not manned aircraft UAV´s are used by allied forces both in Iraq and in Afghanistan. Now Israeli military high tech will be used by Indian.

On April 6th the Maoists insurgents attacked a convoy in Chhattisgarh, killing 76 armed policemen and paramilitary forces. This was the sixth attack by the outlawed Maoists that have left nearly 250 men in uniform dead since March 2007

The Maoist-infested areas of Chhattisgarh state beginning next week to get real-time information about the presence and movement of extremists in inaccessible jungles and hills.

Sourcer: Daily newspaper The Pioneer, India.

My comment:

I do not want to comment on the civil war in India between governmental forcers and the maoist insurgency.

But its worth to take notice that Israel and the IDF keeps on blessings nations that votes against Israeli interests in the United Nations. Now that India has problems with both Islamic terrorism and communist guerillas, India should stand behind Israel and support her in the Jewish peoples time of trouble.

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