British rogues in politics and press united against Israel

Media outlets that you might consider objective are anti-Israel. Politicians and journalists merely reflect longstanding foreign policy. Welcome to Britain.

Gordon Brown claims to be a friend of Israel

Weed end comment

by Mike Adams

The efficacy of an Israel-Palestine two-state solution is the only thing you will read about in any of the political manifestos.

International Affairs Editor David Gardner wrote February 26 in the Financial Times: “Israel hurts its cause when it is seen as a rogue state”. Israel is defending itself against terrorists and Gardener finds it opportune to blame Mossad for the rise of Hezbollah. Maybe the Financial Times should just stick to the business news and let other publications handle geopolitics and other countries’ internal affairs.

I have been wondering who the real rogues are in relation to Israel, and I have found two front-runners. Historically, the United Kingdom is in a league of its own. Then we have the united world press exemplified by the UK with its “perpetuum mobile” of unholy condemnation of The Holy Land.

The dictionary definition of “rogue” as an adjective reads like this:
1. Vicious and solitary. Used of an animal, especially an elephant.
2. Large, destructive, and anomalous or unpredictable
3. Operating outside normal or desirable controls

When you think of Anglo-Israeli relations, is it not the case that the UK is “vicious and solitary”?

Just think of the way it acted during the 30-year Mandate period ending in 1948. Immediately after the Second World War, after years of turning a blind eye to the Arab invasion of “guest workers”, policies were implemented that were aimed at preventing the establishment of a Jewish State. It was epitomised by the diatribes of British Foreign Minister Ernest Bevin who ensured that the gates of Eretz Israel remained closed to immigration. He maintained that Jews had successfully organised a worldwide conspiracy against Britain and against him personally. In the same vein, Bevin’s modern day successor, David Miliband, now warns his countrymen travelling to Israel: “… passport details could be captured for improper uses while your passport is out of your control”. In plain language that reads: Israel is a nation of ID thieves and they target all unsuspecting British nationals.

Britain, as an imperial white elephant that never forgets or forgives, is firmly pro-Arab with its top politicians maintaining relations with their Israeli counterparts solely out of a sense of duty. British diplomacy is all about oil and economic interests; being allies or friends doesn’t enter the equation.

A diplomatic snub from the British diplomat Karen McLuskie, who works at the British Consulate in Jerusalem, will serve as an illustration. On March 23 she was attending a ceremony at the end of a British-funded project to train Palestinian athletes for the London 2012 Olympic Games when she took advantage of the situation to send out a political message, and declared that Britain hopes by the upcoming Olympic Games, Palestine will be a free nation within the 1967 borders and with Jerusalem as its shared capital.

Now, what about the “large, destructive, and anomalous or unpredictable”?

If we think back to pre-war Britain with an empire where the sun never set, like an overgrown only child she could probably afford to be presumptuous in treating Israel like a ragdoll. In today’s world, however, Britain is somewhat of a by-line and in no position to throw its weight around. Its economy is still reeling after the recent recession. It may need to remind itself that Israel is its largest individual trading partner in the Near East and North Africa region. And the UK would have no major business interests in Israel other than by the grace shown by Israel.

The British press, as a microcosm of global media flaunting its blatant anti-Semitism disguised as anti-Zionism, is also a monster trying its utmost to delegitimise, demonise and dismantle the state of Israel while dehumanising the Jews. The op-ed that appeared April 5 in the Financial Times by Palestinian Arab politician Mustafa Barghouthi – “Israel knows apartheid has no future” says it all. The FT has become a prime example of a full-blown “hate publication”.

And finally, who is “operating outside normal or desirable controls”? That must surely be a perfect description of the media at large and their “objectivity” criteria when the stories include the words “Israel” and “Israelis”. Honest Reporting shows us the elements in anti-Israel storytelling: misleading definitions and terminology, unbalanced reporting, opinions disguised as news, lack of context, selective omission, using true facts to draw false conclusions, and distortion of facts.

Things go haywire when official Britain publishes its own pieces on Israel. The website of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, for instance, narrates a familiar storyline: “Israel maintains that Jerusalem is its capital city, a claim not recognised by the UK and the international community. The UK locates it embassy in Tel Aviv”, but under a section that bears the self-important heading “The UK’s role in the Middle East peace process” the FCO states that “… a democratic and viable state of Palestine must live peacefully alongside an Israel secure from attack and recognised by its neighbours. Jerusalem must be the capital for both, with a just settlement for refugees”. Consequently, the UK will only recognise Jerusalem as a capital city when the terrorists get their half.

To add to the contradictions and confusion, the section “The UK position on Jerusalem” includes this statement:  “In East Jerusalem our Consul-General is not accredited to any state: this is an expression of our view that no state has sovereignty over Jerusalem.  The UK believes that the city’s status has yet to be determined, and maintains that this should be settled in an overall agreement between the parties concerned”. In other words, Jerusalem remains in limbo until such times as the UK sees fit.

The upcoming general election in Britain will result in “more of the same” regardless of who wins. All the three major parties have a “Friends of Israel” lobby, but they are all extremely dedicated to dividing God’s land. It’s really quite sad when English Jew and prospective parliamentarian candidate for the Liberal Democrats Matthew Harris actually campaigns for “a just two-state solution”.

But to be fair to the Brits, the final single-state solution will only become a reality by “a rod of iron”. The Messianic sceptre will bring both politicians and journalists into line. Becoming politically “incorrect” will, in fact, keep men alive.
Rule Judaea!
Judaea rules the waves
Jews never, never, never shall be slaves.

2 thoughts on “British rogues in politics and press united against Israel

  1. Interesting article Mike, yes indeed my country, being socialist liberals hate anything that opposes their ideals of promoting Islam as a peaceful doctrine. Islam in the UK has risen massively since the Labour govenment allowed mass imigration into our country for the past 10 years or so. Indeed you can see that the UK branch of Islam promotion activley donates large sums of monies to said parties for their support.
    Typical communist, socialist ideals that sell themselves and thier voices and prostitute our goverment and country for donations.
    I do want to add Mike that the UK has a poor history of relations with Israel ( and recent) but of course there are still many who support her too.

    God Bless Israel.
    Shalom Alechiem

  2. !!BRAVO!! Mike
    Uhhh! I love what you wrote here.

    Rule Judaea!
    Judaea rules the waves
    Jews never, never, never shall be slaves.

    Yes, infact when the Y’shua Messiah comes He Himself will appoint rulers for each nation and why not? The Heavens and the Earth belongs to the LORD. I anxiously await for this day.

    My response:

    I’m all for ISRAEL and for the JEWS and most importantly for the GOD OF ISRAEL. Bless His Holy Name!!

    Europe including England wants to dominate Israel? Well, their God never slumbers nor sleeps but always watchful over the APPLE OF HIS EYE.

    If Europe and England can’t figure out what’s really happening in the world today, then dig this; God said very clearly “Touch not my anointed and do my prophets no harm” – so…

    Is it any surprise that the Icelandic Volcano is spewing its toxic smoke, and ashes right towards Europe and England? Go back into the plagues of Egypt (the mass exodus) and do your homework as to how they were caused to the extent of all their firstborns being dead in one night including the firstborns of their animals. I’ll give you a clue; check out the Santorini Volcano.

    My message for the Jewish people:
    I love you
    I respect you
    I support you
    I will cling to you and your God come what may… Amen.

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