British supermarkets targeted for stocking Israeli goods

Two supermarket chains in the United Kingdom have been targeted for boycott by pro-Palestinian activists in order to stop them from stocking all Israeli goods «for as long as Palestinian rights are denied by the Apartheid regime».

A pro-Palestinian activist demands a boycott of Israel.

The Palestine Solidarity Campaign is calling for a week-long boycott against Morrison’s and Waitrose supermarkets demanding they no longer stock produce from settlements in the West Bank, which they call “stolen land,” as well as all goods from Israel.

In addition to flooding the supermarkets’ help-lines on Wednesday, the group has planned protest demonstrations at several supermarkets throughout the week, urging activists to bring with them “children’s bloodstained clothing” with candles and placards.

A representative from Waitrose told The Jerusalem Post on Friday that their policy is to ensure high standards of farming and worker welfare.

«We source a small se lection of herbs from the West Bank area, grown on two Israeli-managed farms, on which a Palestinian and Israeli workforce have worked side-by-side for many years», the representative said.


My comment:

It is amazing the British Government escape being branded as an Apartheid regime by pro-Palestinian groups. Simply because United Kingdom have been a global Imperialistic Super Power.

It was London who kicked the Muslim Ottoman Empire out of the Middle East.  Israel was under British occupation from 1917 to 1948.

The truth is that both United Kingdom and the Zionists have liberated oppressed Muslims, like the two million Israeli Arabs.  If there is any hold in Israel being a modern day Apartheid regime, why does two million muslim live inside Israel with Israeli citizenship and full electoral rights?

The heart of the Middle East have been occupied by Islam.  Not by the Zionists.  The true Apartheid regimes in the Middle East, are the Arab League nations, that have expelled their Jewish Minority. These nations do not give Visas for any Jewish Tourists, and do not even let the Jewish Air carrier El Al fly over Arab

2 thoughts on “British supermarkets targeted for stocking Israeli goods

  1. probably because the Israelis ethnic cleansed and expelled what Palestinians were there when the state of Israel was created by a bunch of outsiders.

    1. Dear gwaitsi.

      Shalom, and welcome to a site of free expression.

      You wrote:

      probably because the Israelis ethnic cleansed and expelled what Palestinians were there when the state of Israel was created by a bunch of outsiders.

      My comment:

      You are wrong. The Zionist’s did not expel the Arabs, both secular and Muslims. Israel”s first Prime Minister David Ben-Gurion requested all Arabs to stay put, and not leave Zion. He challenged them to help the Jewish people to build a free and democratic state in the Middle East.

      2 million Arabs listen to Ben-Gurion. They are the Israeli Arabs, who live inside Israel with full rights as citizens.

      To the radical opposite of what you claim, there were Arabs who left Israel in 1948. They were convinced that the Jewish state was going to be destroyed by the Pan-Arabic forces attacking her, and chose to fight the war against the new born state of Israel.

      There people call them selves – Palestinians -. They live in misery in Arabic refugee camps, not able to feed them selves 62 years after their defeat. The UN, EU and the USA keeps their dream about another war alive, giving them – aid -, keeping them in extreme bondage to an Islamic agenda of one day being able to destroy the state of Israel.

      This is the truth.

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