Road to Jenin reopened in ceremony with Tony Blair

The Jalama crossing between the Palestinian city of Jenin and the lower Galilee was opened to vehicular traffic for the first time in eight years.

Tony Blair works hard to force Israel to hand over the Jewish homeland to radical Islam represented by Mahmoud Abbas. This photo is not from Jenin.


The road was opened during a ceremony with Middle East Quartet envoy Tony Blair, local Palestinian governor Musa Kadura of Jenin, and Israeli deputy Prime Minister Silvan Shalom.

The slogan was «Economic cooperation can bring about dramatic change in the Middle East. The Palestinians are still wary that the economic dialogue will come at the expense of the political dialogue – and that is a mistake,” said Shalom,.

He added that,
«opening the crossing will promote the Palestinian economy by bringing in Israeli Arabs as consumers to Palestinian cities» Blair echoed Shalom’s hopes that the step of reopening the crossing and building the Palestinian economy would be a step towards peace.


My comment:

Well and good. Lets hope and pray that renewed trust from the Government of Israel, will lead the Arab Palestinians to renounce violence.

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