Tough Minister lady denies the Pope two bones of Danish king

«Burnt at stake. That would have been the tragic end of Birthe Rønn Hornbech if she had lived 500 years ago».

The Pope met his match in this Danish Church Affaris Minister
The Pope met his match in this Danish Church Affairs Minister

The Danish Minister of Church affairs has denied the Roman Catholic Church two bones they wanted to display as relics.


This is the bones of a Danish king, that the Roman Catholic Bishop Czeslaw Kozon of Denmark has been fighting for. The Papal Bishop has finally accepted that the Danish Minister of Church affairs did not permit the Catholic Church to use bones of the claimed to be «Saint Knud» as relics.

Roman Catholic Bishop
Roman Catholic Bishop Czeslaw Kozon.

«This is a shame for us. But we could never demand. Only wish for these bones», explains Bishop Czeslaw Kozon.

The Lutheran Parish Council in St. Knud´s Church in Odense first gave permission to give two of the bones of the Danish saint to the Catholics. But the Lutheran Bishop Kresten Drejergaard of Fyn became a stumbling block for Rome. The Bishop revoked the permission. He found in neither ethical not theological correct, to give two bones from the Evangelical Lutheran Church to the Roman Catholic Church for the purpose of worship of relics.

The Danish Lutheran Bishops revocation, angered the Social Democrat politician Magnus Heunicke. He demanded an explanation from the Minister of Church affairs, Birthe Rønn Hornbech. She supported her Bishops views. The Catholic Church will not be given a rib bone and a foot bone as tools to be worshiped or adored.

Source: Danish Christian Daily «Kristelig Dagblad»

My comment:

Let me repeat a former comment on this emerging story:

To this rather «strange» dispute, I can only add that our saints are presently living among us, doing the will of the Lord. After people are dead, their Spirit and soul leaves the flesh, and depart either for Heaven or Hell. We should not pay attention to dead saints, and in particular not the bones they left behind.

This is an good example of how silly religious people might become.

That a Danish politician call up on the Minister of Church Affair to rebuke a Lutheran Bishop for the sake of two bones, makes this story even more Bizarre. Danish politician do not have much to do now a days, do they?

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