Swedish politician wants to build Mosque on his land

The Social Democrat politician Jan Hansveden in Landskrona in Sweden has accepted 800.000 USD as payment for letting Muslims build a Mosque on his land.

A Swedish social democrate makes the way for Islam in Sweden
Jan Hansveden. A Swedish social democrat makes the way for Islam in Sweden

The Swedish politician has sent in an application to the local authorities to approve the religious building.

«The approached me, and the amount they offered for my property is a lot on money. I am waiting for the reply. Lets see what the Government says to my application», Hansveden explains to the Swedish daily Helsingborgs Dagblad.

The Local chairman of the Social Democratic party Stefan Olsson is alarmed:
«I am shocked. This goes against the views of our party» reports Sydnytt, another Swedish Newspaper.

Source: The Swedish Christian Daily «Dagen.se».

My comment:

The Swedish newspaper Aftenbladet had an article about his daughter having a Muslim boy friend. I am not surprised. A fathers love for his daughter has made him eager to build the couple a proper place of worship….

More about the impact of Islam in Sweden:
Click here

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