The skull and remains of Saint Bonoso and Saint Maximiano are paraded through the streets of Arjona i Andalucia in Spain.

Deceived souls in Spain parade a Roman Catholic skull through the streets.

San Bonoso and San Maximiano, martyrs Christians fourth century of Arjona ( Jaén ). Their feast is celebrated on August 21 .These two men are supposed to have been Martyrs in Syria in 363 A.D. Their remains are venerated in Church of Santa Maria de Arjona.

Source: Roman Catholic websites.

My comment:

First some more pictures:

Arjona. El Santuario de las Reliquias, en la Plaza de Santa Marí
This is the skull paraded through the streets of the city of Arjona in Spain.
Local Roman Catholic turns up in huge numbers to adore the parade of the “holy skull”.
Take a closer look at these men and their skull.
The “holy skull” is 1.700 year old, bur did not start to perform miracles before the 17th centurty.

This is translated by Google Translate from a Spanish Catholic website:


Saint skull

The skull is often on the move, to different Catholic shrinrs to be adored and venerated.
The skull is placed above the altar, but under the idol of the “queen of heaven”

This is just another example, that Roman Catholic Church is not a Christian Church. A true believer in Jesus the Messiah, will never honor rotten remains of mortal men. We worship Jesus alone, and we worship Him in spirit and in truth.

This kind of religious wickedness, is promoted by the Pope. He is the head of the cult of his saint. In their millions Roman Catholic obey the “saints”, and parade relics through the streets of Catholic neighborhoods. They bow before skull, copses and bones. And in this way they mock and defame the true faith in the Messiah.

Behold: These people do not represent the Messiah. Please open your Bible, and get connected to the truth. And the truth shall set you free. Amen.

Written by Ivar