– People should take the little figurine of Jesus from their Nativity scene and kiss it, “and tell Jesus, ‘I want to humble like you, humble like God,’”

The Pope and bow before his christ, and kiss the blond plastic doll with blue eyes.

The Christmas season is a time to learn from baby Jesus to let go of selfishness and be humble and giving as he is, Pope Francis has said.

People should take the little figurine of Jesus from their Nativity scene and kiss it, “and tell Jesus, ‘I want to humble like you, humble like God,’” the Pope said today during his weekly general audience in St. Peter’s Square.
The Pope dedicated his catechesis to the importance of contemplating baby Jesus. The Christmas season offers a timely occasion for this reflection, since many people customarily set up a Nativity scene at home, he said.

The Pope offers incense to the plastic doll, and declear it “holy”.

Pope Francis said the figure of the holy infant in his simple crib invites people to adore the child Jesus and to contemplate the mystery of the incarnation as a revelation of God’s saving love.

Souece: The Catholic Herald, UK.

My comment:

To be elevated to the seat of the ultimate global “peacemaker”, the Pope are in need of Christians rallying behind the papacy.  If he cant be presented as a Christian leader, neither will other religions stand united behind “the holy see”.

Many protestant Christians have already returned to Rome, in their hearts and minds. When they see the Pope kissing a blue eyed, blond baby doll, they accept this doll to be Jesus of the Bible. When the Pope offer incense to the doll, and declear it holy and an object of worship, most Christians to not raise the alarm bell. They keep mum.

The Bible explains that Jesus the Messiah has born in the Middle East, by a Jewess. She had most likely dark complexions, and brown eyes.  The Italian “Christ” looked like a child of a blond, white skinned Roman soldier. He is a gross example of a false European made Messiah.

Regardless of who the Messiah looked like, the Bible says its damnable to worship the creation. This plastic doll is make by human hands, and leads people into idolatry in the name of Christ. While the Pope desire that all of use should bow before the doll, and kiss it, I would rather offer a stern warning:

Do never bow before such Roman Catholic idols and  objects of worship. Resist this kind of copy-cat religion who defame the true Messiah in the name of “Christ”.

Jesus warned us about fakes, that would misuse His name. They only offer God of the Bible some lip-service, and some religious act every sunday.

He replied, ‘Isaiah was right when he prophesied about you hypocrites; as it is written: ‘“These people honour me with their lips, but their hearts are far from me.

The rest of the week they serve the devil, and behave like pagans. Surrender your life in sin and indulgences today. Do not be involved in the actives of this corrupt generation, but make the living God the Lord and Master of your live. 24X7.

Written by Ivar