Modern day Santa Claus is an 1930.A.D invention of the Coca Cola Company.

Todays Santa Claus is a 1930 re-branded  Catholic saint of the Coca Cola Company.

Few Christians are aware that they have become promoters of the biggest commercial brand of America. In 1930, the Coca Cola Company created modern day santa and used him to sell soft drinks.

If you do not believe me, take a look at this official site. of the American commercial major.

The Commercial festival of “Christmas” has its origin in America.
The US Coca Cola santa must have brought gifts from Alaska.
Coca Cola made “Christmas” into a pagan shopping festival.
Food, drinks and Santa have become the focus of the Western Civilization.”Christmas” shopping starts in September.

Before 1930, only a few Catholics paid attention to this Vatican approved “saint”.  His name was Saint Nicholas, and He lived from 270 A.D to 343 A.D.  His feast was on 6th of December, and had nothing to do with the ancient celebration of the birth of the Messiah Jesus.

The Claimed holy man “Nicholas” who lived 1700 years ago.

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Few, if anyone outside of the inner circle of Catholicism celebrated the fast of “Santa Nicholas” before 1862 A.D. Than Thomas Nast “invented” the image popularly recognized as Santa Claus. Nast first drew Santa Claus for the 1862 Christmas season Harper’s Weekly.

First in 1867 A.D “Nicholas” was changed to “Santa Claus” by a commercial magazine.

To mix up “Christmas” with paganism was an American invention.  The Coca Cola “santa” advertisement has been copied in billions. Today, images and physical copies of this hero of paganism is found in almost every Christian home on planet Earth.

How did I become aware of this?

On the 25th, I was blessed with a visitor who work at the management level of Coca Cola Company.

What He told me, made me do some research on Google.

In 2005, The Coca Cola Company held a celebration of the commercial stunt that killed the Biblical  meaning of “Christmas”.

Shame on the claimed “Christian World”, who fooled us to mix up the birth of Jesus with “a Coke and a smile”.

What not man have done, and is doing, to mock God of the Bible, Father, Son and Spirit.

First published 29.12.2010.

Written by Ivar