Christians promote “Coca Cola santa” for Christmas

Modern day Santa Claus is an 1930.A.D invention of the Coca Cola Company.

Todays Santa Claus is a 1930 re-branded  Catholic saint of the Coca Cola Company.

Few Christians are aware that they have become promoters of the biggest commercial brand of America. In 1930, the Coca Cola Company created modern day santa and used him to sell soft drinks.

If you do not believe me, take a look at this official site. of the American commercial major.

The Commercial festival of “Christmas” has its origin in America.
The US Coca Cola santa must have brought gifts from Alaska.
Coca Cola made “Christmas” into a pagan shopping festival.
Food, drinks and Santa have become the focus of the Western Civilization.”Christmas” shopping starts in September.

Before 1930, only a few Catholics paid attention to this Vatican approved “saint”.  His name was Saint Nicholas, and He lived from 270 A.D to 343 A.D.  His feast was on 6th of December, and had nothing to do with the ancient celebration of the birth of the Messiah Jesus.

The Claimed holy man “Nicholas” who lived 1700 years ago.

Read more at Wikipedia.

Few, if anyone outside of the inner circle of Catholicism celebrated the fast of “Santa Nicholas” before 1862 A.D. Than Thomas Nast “invented” the image popularly recognized as Santa Claus. Nast first drew Santa Claus for the 1862 Christmas season Harper’s Weekly.

First in 1867 A.D “Nicholas” was changed to “Santa Claus” by a commercial magazine.

To mix up “Christmas” with paganism was an American invention.  The Coca Cola “santa” advertisement has been copied in billions. Today, images and physical copies of this hero of paganism is found in almost every Christian home on planet Earth.

How did I become aware of this?

On the 25th, I was blessed with a visitor who work at the management level of Coca Cola Company.

What He told me, made me do some research on Google.

In 2005, The Coca Cola Company held a celebration of the commercial stunt that killed the Biblical  meaning of “Christmas”.

Shame on the claimed “Christian World”, who fooled us to mix up the birth of Jesus with “a Coke and a smile”.

What not man have done, and is doing, to mock God of the Bible, Father, Son and Spirit.

First published 29.12.2010.

Written by Ivar

43 thoughts on “Christians promote “Coca Cola santa” for Christmas

    1. Dear Armageddon Thru To Yo.


      This article should make many Christians reflect on what kind of falsehood they bring into their house for this festivals season. I was put completely off guard by the guest from Coca Cola Company. After He enlightened me, I will never again let a “santa” enter my house. Like for the rest of Catholicism, keep it for the trash bin.

  1. I have researched a lot about this ‘wonderful holy’ holiday and it doesn’t suprise me to see that the world is once again decieving so many Christians. A pagan holiday through and through, no matter how much we try to wrap it up and say its Christ’s birthday, because at its core it will always be a Pagan holiday.
    The Scriptures point out that the Whore that is Rome shall try to change the set times and even the Sabbath and they contunue to attempt to amalagamate such pagan practices into Holy Days.
    Christ(mass) is no exeption, so many people are decevied and even try to defend this day, I am sure in the Lord eyes that such practices are an abomination, for as everybody (pagan or christian) will have to attest as to why they followed such a worldy festival.
    In fact the early church leaders refused to follow Rome and were persecuted because of this. You can see examples in Xmas stories of Jews (Fagan and Scrooge) they represent the mockery of Jews and devoted Christins that would not follow this day.
    It is the Pagan fetsival of Saturnia (15th-25th Dec), the Emporer simply changed the name a and added Christina theme.
    The Xmas trees, Misteletoe, giving presents, celebrating, drunkeness and decorations were used 2000 years ago and are still used today.
    My question is, if the early Christian followers refused to follow this practice, then I am sure Jesus would not have either. There no reference to it in Scriptues either.
    Like many in this world, I have spend many a Christmas feeling very low, because I have no family except that in Christ and many of them forget that this world is very dark place. My heart is with the lonely,the poor and the broken this time of year.
    My heart is not filled with gorging myself on selfish rewards. I worship the Lord everyday, his birth, his life, his glorius resurrection and his Kindgom.
    When will people understand that anything this world holds as ‘Holy’ is very deceptive and often is not.
    Heres some limks for suggested reading.

    Shalom my friends. With love in Christ
    Peace with you

  2. Dear ivarfjeld,

    I happily came across your site by accident and am impressed by your work and the faith the Lord has put in you. I will pray that you are drawn ever closer to it.

    I saw this year the “keep Christ in Christmas” magnets sold at a parish in my area depict the coca-cola Santa praying over a baby, whom I’d assume to be Christ if he weren’t in a log cabin. In your research, did you happen to find a German influence to the name? Living in PA Dutch country, I always assumed it was a derivative of sanct niklaus.

    It’s truly heartbreaking, how many people are led to disobey the Word without knowing it. I have family and friends deeply devoted to roman traditions, and the only thing I can say is that we must do as we know is right and love them as Christ does. He is calling whom He will, and we are not to judge them but the spirits which seek their souls. Man cannot impart what god has not already delivered. In your ministry, know that He is pleased by obedience before sacrifice. Your humble heart is on display in your reactions to comments, and I thank god for it.

    Continue in peace and the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

    1. Dear Jere476

      Shalom, and welcome to this site.

      Our ministry, as born again Christians, is to point to the death and resurrection of the Messiah. We have to walk in the Power of His resurrection, every day. Ask for mercy and grace, fear God and be humble.

      Many people mixes up Biblical truths, with different forms of paganism. I hope and pray we both are able to correct misunderstandings in love. Sometimes we have to shake and stir people a bit. Specially people who have been deceived, but believe they are on the right path.

  3. Dear Ivarfjeld,

    Your Santa Claus derives from the Dutch ‘Sinterklaas’ or St. Nicholas, a Bishop form Turky and co-author of the ‘Nicea confession of faith’ that came with his slaves, black africans, with gifts. He died on the 6th of december. It is a feast for children since the Middle Ages on the eve of the 5th of December here in The Netherlands and Belgium and some parts of Germany.

    1. Dear Paul.


      This is my point. The claimed to be saint Nicholas has nothing to do with the celebration of the birth of Messiah Jesus. This man Nicholas died on 6th of December, and the Catholic feast has been set to this date of the year.

      So to mix up “Santa Claus” with the birth of Jesus, is falsehood. It was falsehood when it started, and it is falsehood today.

    2. Dear Paul.


      In Norway, ‘santa claus” is called “Julenissen”. A “nisse” is a mythological figure from the Nordic pagan fairytale traditions. “Jul” was the pagan Norwegian vikings feast of mid winter. It was set to the darkest night of the year, 21-22 of December. Martin Luther changed the date to 24th of December, is a bid to Christianize the feast.

      There is a saying in Norwegian, that the adults had to get drunk, and celebrate this feast to make their pagan gods happy. If they did not, all kinds of tragedies would come their way.

  4. Certainly Ivarfjeld,
    But Christmas is not a christian feast at all. Jews do not celebrate birthdays. Christ was born on the 10th Nisan (seven days before Pesach). There is no Biblical ground to celebrate a christian feast on december 25th.
    25th December was the celebration of the Sun: Mitrhas (Asia and Rome) and Helios (Greece), Ra(Egypt).
    Read the Bible: There was no stable, no ox, no three kings.
    In addition to that 2Cor5:16-17
    ‘Wherefore we henceforth know no man after the flesh: even though we have known Christ after the flesh, yet now we know [him so] no more. 17 Wherefore if any man is in Christ, [he is] a new creature: the old things are passed away; behold, they are become new.’

    1. Dear Paul.


      I have no problem agreeing with you that “Christmas” is not important. The Holy Spirit did not expose the exact date of the birth of the Messiah. If He had desired, the gospel writers would have recorded it. His birth was a non-event in Bethlehem in regards to Jewish attention. The “media” did not cover it….Also the records of the journey of the Three Kings have gone missing.

      Luke chapter two:

      “In those days Caesar Augustus issued a decree that a census should be taken of the entire Roman world”.

      “In those days” is a round figure many times used in the Bible. A census would certainly last for months, even years. When it took place in the small village of Bethlehem, there is no record. National elections in India are still held over several weeks. Different days, for different cities.

      This is an endless debate, and 10th of Nissan might be as good a shoot as all other suggestions. I guess God of the Bible did not expose the exact day of the Birth of His Son, so we should celebrate His birth every day.

      What we know, is that Jesus the Messiah entered his ministry in 29 A.D. That was the 15th year of the rule of Tiberius Caesar, explained to us in Luke chapter 3 verse 1. The exact day is not mentioned in the Bible, I presume for the same reasons.

      29.A.D was the year Jesus the Messiah was baptized by John the Baptist. Which date, is again not exposed.

    2. Dear Paul.


      You wrote:

      Read the Bible: There was no stable, no ox, no three kings.

      My reply:

      Please explain this, so I do not misunderstand your point.

      1. Hi Paul,
        With all probability you are correct about the stable. A manger would have consisted of a hollow in the wall with some sticks to support fodder. The stable or creche is a part of the traditional romanticizing of the event. Jesus, in ultimate humbleness, was born out in public for all the world to see, but not care. The ox, is just an argument on your part. Wise men, Magi, Kings are used synonymously, and, again, just an argument on your part.

  5. Ivarfjeld,
    Christians talk and sing about things that are not mentioned in the Bible. They made it this whole christmas thing into a romantic scenery in which you can cuddle baby Jesus instead of a the real situation in which a mature, risen en exalted Jesus Christ pulls us out of our dirt.
    There is no stable mentioned, but a house. There were wise men but the number is unknown. No animals around a jewish woman who is in labour. That is not kosher.

    1. Dear Paul.


      The Jews took offense because their King did not live up to their expectations. There are normally no manger’s found inside houses. There was no room for the mother of Jesus available in Bethlehem. No one who wanted to have anything to do with a girl, they all believed had had sex before marriage. The penalty for such crimes was stoning by death. So to “hide” in a room meant for animals, seems to be a wise thing to do.

  6. You do not understand what I stated:
    Christmas has nothing to do with Christ.
    Ever heard Paul the apostle talking about Bethlehem, a manger? No, he proclaimed Christ come in the flesh, crucified, risen and exalted. So now we do not know Him in the flesh anymore. Let alone celebrating a Baby in His dipers?!
    And your point about the offense people take, that is true.
    There is a lot of offense nowadays either. There is a lot of religion going on in christianity that if yoy tajke that away people are really offenden.
    For instance the fact that God will reconcile everything with HIM in Christ, everything on earth and everything in heaven (Colossians1:20), is for many christians like cursing.

    1. Dear Paul.


      You wrote:

      Let alone celebrating a Baby in His dipers?!

      My reply:

      This was a disrespectful comment, that I hope you regret what you wrote. The birth of Jesus is of great significance and importance. The exact date of His birth, is not important at all

      The Magi, three Kings, or whoever they were, came to worship the new born baby, God manifested in flesh. His coming in flesh triggered unlimited joy and extreme evil. Satan was permitted to kill all boys under the age of two, in and around Bethlehem, in a bid to nullify the salvation of mankind.

      You might not be among the angles who worshiped the new born Messiah. But I would rather have done so, than to be among the mockers.

  7. Ivarfjeld,
    keeping Jesus small is NOT respectful. But very pleasant for ‘christians’ who wants to be in charge. A baby is less frightening than the One sitting at the right hand of teh Almighty.
    As the angel asked Mary at the grave: What are you seeking the celestials among the earthly?
    He is exalted!
    This year by year christmas circus is pure religion. And that s not a good thing for believers who are supposed to grow each year.
    The ecclesia will become celestial beings as well. Are you prepared or do you prefer worshipping an earthly King, like the Israelites?

    1. Paul,
      I pity your sense of need to exalt yourself and your ideas. Jesus was born into this world in all humbleness, small, not big, worshiped by shepherds not kings. Later, foreign kings(Magi, wise men) would worship Him and present gifts representing His later ministry and death. No one is making Jesus small, except perhaps you.

      “As the angel asked Mary at the grave: What are you seeking the celestials among the earthly?”

      Where in the world did you get that???? I find no such reference in Hebrew or Greek. Every source I look into says “living among the dead”

      Your focus on exaltedness is misplaced, Jesus sternly steered His disciples toward humbleness the night He was arrested and throughout His ministry. Succeeding in the first part will bring the second part by default. Are you prepared?

  8. Christmas isn’t Christian and Hannukah isn’t Jewish, those are feasts that have meaning only to men. The feasts of the Lord are the feasts of Leviticus. They have prophetic meaning significant to Gods plan of salvation. He says not to add to or deminish them. If God wanted his birthday celebrated he would have been born on one of those feast days which he probably was. The feast of tabernacles in October most likely, which is why all the inns were full and Mary gave birth in a manger out of necessity and in keeping with the feast.

  9. You are so RIGHT Ed!
    In my opinion it was 10th of Nisan , when all the Israelites had to take a lamb in their home for the coming week of Pesach.
    And especially because on that day, according to Luke 2:42, Jesus and His parents went to Jerusalem to celebrate Pesach while he became 12 years old.
    Luke 2:42

    1. Maybe but passover was when he was crucified. In Luke 2:42 he stayed behind and was found teaching in the temple seeming to symbolize the beginning of his ministry. Tabernacles seems to be more related to birth because of the jewish custom of circumcising on the eight day like in the eigth day of tabernacles. Also Jesus and John the baptist were 6 mo apart, so….. this is making my head spin at the moment but here is an article I read about it.

      And also a list of the feasts from Leviticus for reference.

  10. As a child I was very attached to the idea of “santa” When I found out the truth, I told my parents they were liars.

    I do have santa decorations from years of collecting.But my fascination with all things “Christmas” has taken a back seat.

    My joy is in Jesus, which is never the focus of the world. Only presents and material things.

    A nice thing to do for “Christmas” is go to the soup kitchen and serve the poor.

  11. I have to say… that I am glad to see Christians fighting for SOMETHING for a change, Ivar.

    It is good, however to set the record straight.

  12. it’s a brave article i dare say.
    but keep in mind, its not a one day decision for catholicism to put up 25th dec as the birthday of Jesus. and its not one people decision.

    so unless you commute in a very serious study about it as researchers or something, i’d suggest you’d better keep your thought in mind.

  13. First and foremost, the 21st is not Jesus’ birthday. We know from history that if actually did live, which is debatable, his birth would have happened around March or April. The holiday you have claimed as your own is a pagan holiday known as Saturnalia or the Winter Solstice. Christians have no real holidays. You stole all of the Pagan holidays and manufactured reasons to support them. Same with Easter. It is also a pagan holiday. So, if you’re going to be truthful then stop stealing all of the Pagan Holidays. Christmas is not yours because Christmas is not really Christmas. It’s Saturnalia!

  14. I take offense at the inclusion of ALL christians having “santa”. There has been no santa in my home since I accepted Christ as my savior almost 40 years ago. Someone showed me simply that santa is actually satan rearranged…

  15. Ivar,
    The article is very interesting. The only comment is that St. Nicholas was celebrated by the Orthodox church and is still celebrated now on 6th along with Father Christmas on 25th.
    The red and white guy is also a Russian character called Father Frosty. I am not sure if the soviets invented him or it was in the Russian folklore before Coca Cola created his parody.

  16. It is interesting to note that for Orthodox Christians, in principle the real Christians unlike the business oriented Catholics the 6th of December gifts are limited to kids (as St. Nicholas did) and also 25th is for kids only. In all European countries there are many winter traditions that are mixed with Christmas.

  17. we theached our kids as soon as they understood about Christmas and what it’s all about and santa has nothing to do with birth of Christ. but it is a shame how some Christians get very upset and are against Biblical celebrations that are in the Old Testament. How they symbolize birth of Christ. why is there nine candles in menorah? when celebrating Hanukkah. Center candle that is lit first and is used to lit others as week goes by is symbol of Christ. Apostle Paul used ‘old testament’ writings to proof that Jesus was the Christ that was to come, but it is interesting to find out how, and a beautiful blessing.

  18. Below is a POSSIBLE date for the birth of Jesus Christ although it does not matter which day Jesus is born. As Ivar has said it should be everyday.

    1. In Luke1:5 Zacharia served in the “course of Abias” which Scripture records as the eighth course among the twenty-four priestly courses (see Neh 12:17).

    2. The first priestly course of Jojarib was on duty during the destruction of Jerusalem on the 9th day of the Jewish month of Av.

    3. This means that the priestly course of Abias (the course of Zacharias) was serving during the second week of the Jewish month of Tishri – the very week of the Day of Atonement on the 10th of Tishri. This also lines up with what John is called up to do – Baptism.

    4. In our calendar, the Day of Atonement on 10th Tishri lands anywhere from September 22 to October 8.

    5. Zacharias and Elizabeth conceived John the Baptist immediately after Zacharias served his course. This entails that John the Baptist would have been conceived somewhere around the end of September, and his birth at end of June.

    6. Just after Blessed Virgin Mary conceived Christ, she went to visit her cousin Elizabeth who was six months pregnant with John the Baptist.

    7. This means that John the Baptist was six months older that our Lord Jesus Christ (Luke 1:24-27, 36).

    8. Add six months to June 24 and it reveals December 24-25 as the birthday of Christ.

    9. Subtract nine months from December 25 and it reveals that the annunciation was March 25.

  19. The Lord Jesus Christ asked that we love one another as ‘I have loved you’.

    Paul advised that we be like the noble Jews of Beria and search scriptures to prove whatever we are taught is true.

    It is true that Jesus was born of a virgin in Bethlehem.

    This fulfilled the words of the prophets.

    It is written, ‘those that love me, keep my commandments’

    There is no commandment to celebrate the birth of the Lord Jesus Christ.

    1. Perfectly said Sir! Also John 14:15 ‘IF you love me, keep my Commandments’. Yet today they seem to be multiple choice as most ignore the longest of all (4th) and have forgotten the one that begins with ‘Remember…’ (4th). The one that contains His Holy Seal, again, the 4th.

      I suppose we have forgotten what Daniel 7:25 said in reference to this evil entity (catholicism) thinking to ‘change laws and times’.

      Catholic Encyclopedia, vol 4, page 153, explains that sun day (not Son) is their ‘ecclesiastical MARK of authority’.

      As we know though, Christians do follow His Commandments! Interestingly, in Rev 14, right before He comes for us, we are reminded of the importance of recognizing Him as our Creator, by following His Sabbath Command (Rev 14:7).

      I pray this great sight continues to educate Gods Chosen, the Wise.

      Gods best to you brother!

  20. Interesting stuff, but it’s still a celebration dedicated to Christ. Jesus ended the need to keep the old festivals. And Paul said it’s ok to take part in feasts of the Gentiles as long as you don’t believe in them. Exposing the truth is great but lets not get too bent out of shape about it. Christs Kingdom hasn’t come yet, in power. We still live in the world controlled by the evil one so must make the best of it.

    Col 2:16 Therefore do not let anyone judge you by what you eat or drink, or with regard to a religious festival, a New Moon celebration or a Sabbath day.

  21. The truth is Christmas is a LIE. Jesus never said to remember his birth but to remember his death, which he spoke of the last supper. Did you know when someone wishes you “Merry Christmas” their actually saying Merry “death of or dismissal of ” Christ. The latin meaning for mas is to dismiss. The Mass in the Catholic religious sense is a sacrifice, it is a ceremonial sacrificing of Jesus over and over and over again, followed by the eating of his flesh and drinking his blood, which is blatant blapshemy. When santa/satan says Ho ho ho, Merry Christmas he is laughing and mocking Jesus’ sacrificial death on the cross.. 1 John 2:15 Love not the world neither the things in the world. If anyman love the world the Love of the Father is not in him. Both prophets Jeremiah 2:20, 3:6, 17:2 and 10 and Ezekiel 6:13, 20:47 warned the Israelites of their spirtual adultery of idol worship that they performed under every green tree. Paul taught the Colossians in 2.10: Let no man judge you in MEAT OR IN DRINK, or in respect of a HOLYDAY, or of the new moon or of SABBATH DAYS. 20: Wherefore if ye be dead with Christ from the rudiments of this world, why as though living in the world are ye subject to ordinances. 21: (Touch not, taste not, handle not) 22: Which ALL are to PERISH WITH THE USING, after the commandemnts and doctrines of men?

  22. Shalom Everyone,

    I had done some searching about the birth of Christ for the purpose of discerning the right date of Resurrection Day. Guess what? The Bible does not reveal it very clearly and we know that. Secular sources do not converge on one single date or year either. Here is the post I wrote about it:

    Over time, a lot of pagan things have been incorporated into Christianity, maybe by church fathers who thought they were doing a good thing. We can’t change that. But God is opening our eyes, so we see the truth and change our ways. We can do that.

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