The Catholic corpse of Sevilla

Faithful papists in Spain bow before Dona Maria Coronel, one of the “saints” of Sevilla in Spain.

A 600 year old corpse is kept for displayed in a “Church” in Sevilla in Spain

Dona María Fernández Coronel lived in Sevilla in Spain (1334 † 1411).

Her remains can be venerated in Royal Convent of Santa Ines, where the Catholic Church claims “Holy Doña Maria Coronel is uncorrupted”.

I have written about numerous of skulls and bones, that are adored and venerated in Roman Catholic Churches in Italy, and in Catholic Church all over Europe.

This story about Don Maria Coronel is special, because of the very corruptible and disfigured faces of the 600 year old corpse. Lets take a look at some few pictures:

A religious site in Sevilla in Spain, with an adorable corpse in its center.
Roman Catholics kneeling and praying infront of the corpse.
A 600 year old corpse, with a disfigured face, dressed up like a nun.

That Spanish people kneel down and pray in front of this Madonna, is just one of many wicked religious manifestation around the “Holy see”.

You can take a look of the worshipers of this corpse on this video:

Dona Maria Coronel is locally knows for lifting the sieges of her convent enforced by the king, by throwing boiling oil on her face to disfigure it. This does not seem to be a proper act of Holiness, as required in the Bible.

The gospel demands that we take good care of our bodies, which is the very Temple of the Holy spirit. We are not instructed to disfigure our selves.

To worship the dead, or/and bowing down and pray to a corpse, is an act of wickedness. We are not supposed to consult departed spirits. Since we all have the right to approach a living God, if we put our trust in Jesus, and only pray in His name.

 Matthew 22:32
‘I am the God of Abraham, the God of Isaac, and the God of Jacob’ ? He is not the God of the dead but of the living.”

Roman Catholics are members of a death cult. This story is yet another proof.

Written by Ivar

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  1. This is not what Ezekiel meant by the dry bones is it? Very sad, idolising dead bodies when you have a living Saviour to approach with your prayers.

  2. jesus is dead and well fictional, but he did consult/ resurrect the dead and many in the bible consulted with the witch of endor

  3. I lived in Linz, Austria for a year as a teen. Coming from a secular home in a secular but officially protestant Lutheran Sweden, the Catholicism of the city (and country) was overwhelming. Catholic churches on every corner, filled with ornate decorations and icons dipped in gold, and (what was to me really macabre) glass caskets with ‘saints’…More than 30 years have passed, and I still remember the grisly sight clearly; the skeletonized hand of one of the corpses, each finger-bone bedecked by a jewel encrusted ring made a particularly morbid impression. The death cultism of this religion was striking!

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