Israel reject indulgences offered by Obama

“If this deal is supposed to make Israel and its Arab neighbors safer, why should we need to be compensated with anything?”

The battle is on. Benajamin Netanyahu bids the Congress will make Obama's deal with Iran null and void.
The battle is on. Benajamin Netanyahu bids the Congress will make Obama’s deal with Iran null and void.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Sunday urged US lawmakers to combat Iranian aggression by rejecting the nuclear deal and dismissed talk of military compensation to Israel as futile and ineffective.

The deal “endangers our survival,” Netanyahu told ABC’s “This Week” program, adding that Western intelligence agencies aren’t foolproof and may fail to discern if Tehran violates the deal and clandestinely breaks out to the bomb.

“The deal endangers our security, our survival even, and the security of the Middle East and the world,” Netanyahu said, during a US media blitz in the wake of the deal.

Some Israeli and US officials have floated the idea of US military compensation to Israel in the wake of the deal — a suggestion Netanyahu immediately dismissed.

“Everybody talks about compensating Israel. If this deal is supposed to make Israel and its Arab neighbors safer, why should we need to be compensated with anything? And how can you compensate my country against a terrorist regime that is sworn to our destruction and going to get a path to nuclear bombs?” Netanyahu asked.

Echoing Netanyahu’s statement, an Israeli official told AP Sunday that Jerusalem is not prepared to discuss American compensation for the Iran deal, saying that would imply acceptance of the accord.

Source: The Times of Israel

My comment:

Indulgences is an old Roman Catholic practice. It was an offer of something for the priests, in exchange for their absolution of sins.

In terms easy to understand: The priests were ministers of bribes.

President Barack Hussein Obama is a sweet distributor of bribes. Iran is offered 100 billion USD in exhange for “peace” and trade.  Israel will be offered a few more fighter-jets to keep quite.

Obama still feel that Israel is a banana republic, that will eventually submit to the will of Iran and Washington D.C.

In the wider perspective, the President of the USA has surrendered to the aims and objectives of the Shia Islamic revolution of 1979. Obama expect the Zionist state to follow suit.

The “nuke issue” has been a costly affair for Uncle Sam. Hundreds of billions of dollars have been lost, trade opportunities gone waste. Because of all this “Jewish nuisance”.  And to the continued irritation of the Pentagon, CIA and the White House, the prime minister of Israel refuse to keep mum. Benjamin Netanyahu want to take the battle to the lawmakers on Capitol Hill.

Unfortunately for the Israelis, the prophetic word do not give them any reason to put their trust in the USA. Israel shall be betrayed by all nations, and all kinds of religious movements.

 Isaiah 62:1
 For Zion’s sake I will not keep silent, for Jerusalem’s sake I will not remain quiet, till her vindication shines out like the dawn, her salvation like a blazing torch.

The people of Israel must rather surrender to their own God, and accept His Messiah.  The last battle will not stand in the corrupt assemblies in Washington D.C. The Messiah will deal with all His enemies inside Zion.

Yeshua is the Messiah. We can expect no one else.

Written by Ivar

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