The PLO glorifies Islamic terror

Israeli teachers expose the educational work of the PLO as “terror glorification.”

Arab children are cursed by their PLO parents, who teach them how to slaughter Jews.
Arab children are cursed by their PLO parents, who teach them how to slaughter Jews.

An Israeli teachers’ association will present a comprehensive report about anti-Semitic and anti-Zionist education in Palestinian Authority schools, at a global education conference that opened on Tuesday.

The Association of Secondary School Teachers in Israel, in partnership with the group Palestinian Media Watch – which monitors and analyzes the PA through its media and schoolbooks – is set to present the 57-page report at the Education International World Congress.

In the foreword of the document, the association writes that “the PA teaches its children to reject Israel’s right to exist, encourages them to view Jews as evil and directs them to embrace terrorist murderers as role models.”

It also accuses the PA of depriving their own children of a peaceful future.

The report, which Palestinian Media Watch compiled, includes a detailed list of examples of Palestinian children’s exposure to what the monitor group’s director, Itamar Marcus, has called “terror glorification.”

Source: The Jerusalem Post

My comment:

When the anti-Jewish Nazi regime fell in Berlin in may 1945, the allied forces removed any symbol and sign of the ideology of Hitler. Germany literally had to be de-Nazified.

The same anti-Jewish hatred is being sponsored by the London and Berlin today. But the neo-Nazi camp has been shifted from the streets of Europe, to the mountains of Zion.

The anti-Jewish campaigners are not only found in the Muslim and secular camps. Anti-Zionism is promoted in protestant Churches all over the world. If the Jewish people and Israel are mentioned at all,  claimed to be Christians preach that God has no business left with the Jewish people.  Because they “killed Christ”, he only work through the church.

How can I curse those whom God has not cursed? How can I denounce those whom the Lord has not denounced?
Balaam corrected his ways. Will you be able to do?

 Numbers 24:1

 Now when Balaam saw that it pleased the Lord to bless Israel, he did not resort to divination as at other times, but turned his face toward the wilderness.

Not all will be able. For many protestant preachers, the existence of Israel is troublesome. It would have been better for peaceful coexistence, if the Jewish state had been revoked, and become like all other nations.  Claimed to be followers of the Messiah walk right into the errors of Balaam, and accepts theological bribes as a part of a global bid to renounce Israel.

Unfortunately, not all who say “Lord, Lord” will make it to the kingdom of heaven. As explained in Matthew 7: 21-23.  Many who claim to know the Messiah, do not know Him at all. Not as God of the Hebrews, God of Abraham, Isaac and Israel. The God of Shem.

Watch out, so that no one deceive you. Read the Bible, and come to know the Messiah who will reign over the House of Jacob forever.  The Lion of Judah is the King eternal, who will save Jews and gentiles who accepts His offer of atonement for sins.  He defeated Satan on the cross, gaining eternal forgiveness of sins by shedding His own blood.

After three days, the Yeshua the Messiah rose form Sheol, the Hebrew word for the tomb of silence. He rose from the dead for our justification. Today the Messiah invites us to walk  in the power of His resurrection. To rise, shine and live to His glory. Amen.

The same Messiah will cast billions of His enemis into the everlasting fire of Hell. Do not place your self under jugdment.  Do not participate in the wickedness of those who support the PLO. Nor must you support any other Islamic terror-organization or anti-Zionist religious assembly.

Written by Ivar

2 thoughts on “The PLO glorifies Islamic terror

  1. It’s very funny that the phony , pretending to be Jews in Israel want to expose Palestine childre. Being taught to hate Jews in their schools and textbooks when in the United stAtes for decades we’ve heard and been told that the national teachers association was under the control of the communist Jews. and they are to blame for our acceptance of gay marriage, pornography,war in the Middle East and mass immigrTion of non whites into Europe to take over Europe from the whites by mass immigration of non whites, no public Christian symbols etc. the phony Jews will get their dream of world domination because ignorant Christians want to see end times come at that their Christ will come to fulfill biblical prophecy. We’ll get a taste of what the Russian and European people endured under the phony jews

  2. It is very sad that we teach our children to hate or discriminate against any religion or race,The PLO and other terrorist group’s are not only targeting Israel or the Jewish community’s of the world,we are all in there sight’s as the goal is to spread Islam throughout the world,Quran[4.76]Those who believe,fight in the cause of Allah,the shia muslim’s also follow 1.salat 2.sawm 3.zakat 4.khum’s 5.Hajj 6.jihad etcJihad is supposed to mean fight against struggle,but has become to be used by the extemist to enforce Islam as is required by the quran ,there is only one God[Allah] and his prophet ]Mohammed and if you are not active against the kafar or infidel then you will not see paradise.Eugene is it the Jews dream of world domination,is it the catholic’s,christian’s or is it Islam,get your head out of your backside,cause your talking crap!!!

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