Do not let anyone tell you stories. I was there when Netanyahu addressed the US Congress. The Israeli media is simply lying.

US Majority leader John Andrew Boehner exerceised his demicractic authority to invite Benjamin Netanyahu.
US Majority leader John Andrew Boehner used his democratic authority to invite Benjamin Netanyahu.

This is parts of an editorial by Uzi Baruch, Israel National News:

“Sometimes you just have to be there to understand how much we do not understand. Sometimes to open your eyes, you need to look from the outside, in. Sometimes you need distance to discover simple truths.

I stayed for a week in Washington D.C., next to leaders of public opinion and senior members of the US Congress. I spoke to many of them. Some of them even visited the American-Israeli Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) annual policy conference. Some attended Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu’s address to the US Congress. Others were not present, but I listened to them anyway. Mostly, I just listened.

They like Netanyahu. They believe him. They see him as the ultimate leader of the Jewish people. They believe that headlines coming out of Israel about Netanyahu’s speech are blown out of proportion.

One of them even said the following statement: “I read the headlines in Israel in disbelief. They have just gone crazy. These are petty politics to bring down Netanyahu’s campaign of incitement and the price is escalating tensions between Jerusalem and the White House to monstrous proportions.”

The Israeli media describes the situation as an inevitable rift between the US and Israel, describing recent exchanges as an all-time diplomatic low. Some very specific media outlets take the Prime Minister of Israel during the time most critical to the security of the state – at the peak of talks between the United States and other world powers and Iran – and make him an irresponsible person in the public’s eyes. Further, they have planted anti-Netanyahu sentiments into the mouths of leftist leaders, who excel in parrotry.

Do not let anyone tell you stories. I was there. The Israeli media is simply lying; I have no other way to say it. In terms of most of the public in the United States, Binyamin Netanyahu was – and remains –  the ultimate leader of the Jewish state. Any other definition of him is fudging the truth.

Netanyahu blames news mogul Noni Mozes for undermining his efforts to achieve stability. This could be correct; I have no idea who is pulling the strings or what his motivation could be”.

Source: Israeli National News.

My comment:

The Israeli media seems to have forgotten that the Democrats in the US, are no longer in majority. President Barak Obama is a “lame duck”, and all his decisions can be scrutinized by the lawmakers on Capitol Hill. If required.

Such in the nature of democracy.

When Israeli media criticize Benjamin Netanyahu for accepting an invitation to speech in the Republican controlled US Senate, they are dishonoring democracy.  Its is a wicked call to elevate Post electoral Obama, as the ultimate peacemaker in the Middle East.

How dreadful it will be in those days for pregnant women and nursing mothers! There will be great distress in the land and wrath against this people.

There will be unberable trouble ahed for the state of Israel, with or without Benjamin Netanyahu as Prime Minister. We know, because Jesus the Messiah has told us.  There can be many reasons for why the Israeli electorate desire to vote Netanyahu out of office.  But to claim that the Israeli Prime Minister has “offended” Obama is only a bad excuse, and anyway only partly right. We all have the right to express our views on Iran. If Obama is offended by our exposure of a “bad nuclear deal”. It tells more about Obama than about the truth-tellers among us.

Written by Ivar