Ex-Mossad chief at anti-Netanyahu rally: Our leadership scares me more than our enemies.

Meir Dagan call the Iranian warning of his former boss for "bullshit".
Meir Dagan call the Iranian warning of his former boss for “bullshit”.

Meir Dagan delivered the keynote address at a demonstration held under the banner of “Israel wants change.”

Speakers and attendees at a mass rally Saturday night against the reelection of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu called on Israelis to vote in new leadership in the March 17 election.

The star of the rally was keynote speaker Meir Dagan, the former head of the Mossad and a vocal critic of Netanyahu.

“Israel is a nation surrounded by enemies, but I am not afraid of enemies,” Dagan said.

“I am frightened by our leadership. I am afraid because of the lack of vision and loss of direction. I am frightened by the hesitation and the stagnation. And I am frightened, above all else, from a crisis in leadership. It is the worst crisis that Israel has seen to this day.”

Dagan’s speech came the day after Channel 2 aired an interview with the former spy chief in which he leveled scathing criticism at Netanyahu. In the interview, Dagan can be heard saying “bullshit” while watching Netanyahu tell the US Congress last week that Iran could sprint to a nuclear device in less than a year. Dagan said the assessment is inaccurate and also ridiculed the prime minister’s assertion that Iran has missiles that could hit the US.

Source: Jerusalem Post

My comment:

There will be terrible days ahed, as we approach the end of the age. It will be the age of betrayal, and a gross falling away.

When a former Mossad-chief stab Benjanin Netanyahu in the back, prophecies are being fulfilled.

The large majority of the Israeli sociality are secular. Let it be people of Jewish background or Arabs. They have no regards for the word of God, and desire to live in “peace”. Not knowing that “peace” is an impossibility, without a surrender to the Messiah.  The majority of the Israeli youth are not able to pay their bills, and they blame the Likud party.

“For rebellion is like the sin of divination, and arrogance like the evil of idolatry. Because you have rejected the word of the Lord, he has rejected you as king.”

The possible fall of Netanyahu is caused by his right wing economics. Not by his record related to security issues.

Please pray for the Israeli youth, and for the nation of Israel. My heart desire that they all will be saved.

and all the ways that wickedness deceives those who are perishing. They perish because they refused to love the truth and so be saved.

Unfortunately, the forces of Satan is on the rise, and they will succeed for some time. But when Yeshua the Messiah returns as the Lion of Judah, all the wicked will get what they deserve.  They will spend eternity in Hell. Those who have accepted Him as God, Lord and saviour will go forth to eternal life. Amen.

Written by Ivar