Happy Purim to all Jewish brothers and sisters

I wish all Christians could enjoy the Purim Festival together with a Jewish family. United we stand against all who wants to destroy the Jewish people.

My Jewish brothers and sisters. Happy Purim.

May Yeshua the Messiah bless you and keep you safe. May He convince you that He is the King Messiah you are looking for. He has shed His blood for your sins. Amen.

Written by Ivar

18 thoughts on “Happy Purim to all Jewish brothers and sisters

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  1. HAPPY PURIM TO ALL WHO LOVE ISRAEL AND THE JEWISH PEOPLE.may yeshua keep you close to the people of israel and the land which g-d promised to the jews and to all those who love them. and pray for them no matter where you are just keep remembering them even at purim and passover anytime of the year

  2. Since when is Purim a Biblical feast????
    You dividing the world in two very dangerous charicatural opposites:
    ‘jewish’ or ‘catholic’.
    This should be: believers and non-believers.
    Now again my question: were in the Bible is Purim stated as a feast we should celebrate?

    1. Dear p0lleke


      You wrote:

      You dividing the world in two very dangerous charicatural opposites:
      ‘jewish’ or ‘catholic’.

      My reply:

      If you knew and respected your Bible, your would not write such messages:

      Esther 9:28
      These days should be remembered and observed in every generation by every family, and in every province and in every city. And these days of Purim should never fail to be celebrated by the Jews—nor should the memory of these days die out among their descendants.


      I believe all who believe in the Messiah should rejoice with the Jewish people in this great celebration.

      Surely Jesus loved the book of Easter, and celebrated Purim together with his Jewish family.

      1. I read Jesus celebrating Pesach. But I have never read in the Bible He wore a ‘funny’ mask or costume and doing ‘funny’ things to celebrate any kind of victory over any kind of enemy, let alone Purim. Instead, He loves His enemies and gave His life for them, therefore didn’t perform any kind maskerade!

        You use words as ‘surely’ and ‘if you knew and respected the Bible’. If you have so much respect for the Bible than stop using words as ‘surely’ even when it is a FACT that a feast as Purim is not given by God but by men (Hadassah and Mordechai)! On top of that they did not state a everyone should make a fool of him or herself, but should be aware of their voulnerability.
        Jesus did not follow people or tradition, but His Father. He was not religious, but a Believer.

        Paul says that during this eon there ar two human species: believers and non-believers of the Truth:
        That God is the Saviour of all people, especially of those who believe (1Tim4:10).
        And not only the Saviour of Catholic Church Haters and Totally Subjective Israel Lovers

      2. shalom friends and happy purim to you i want to just state for the information of others i hate to see you argue about this i read this and it somehow doesn’t matter what you beleive you have to remember we alllllllll remember what happened in Queen Esthers time when she did the right thing i would have done the same thing too i would risk all i have for the jewish people. if you can respect ivarfjeld has alot to do right now this person doesn’t need to be attacked with words. just respect it. and give everyone including ivarfjeld a chance to do thier work for Yeshua. dont push it, dont say things that can be an insult. or as we say accuse someone for something said ivarfjeld is right what is said period. so happy purim to all of you.please all to respect those and love those who hate and attack….. for no reason

      3. Dear Lis.


        I went to two fellowships yesterday. I have access to the pulpit, and asked the congregations: Which Biblical festival is it today?

        I was met with utter silence. Even the Pastors had no clue.

        All the apostles knew witch festival was celebrated in Jerusalem. How come today’s Christians are completely blindfolded?

      4. Dear Ivar.


        Ordet og Israel, Norge, writes: “Purim er det jødiske folkets frigjøringsfest.”.

        For Jews the Hollyday is now very worldly. It is sad, but true..

        May be, it is the explanation

    1. Hello Sueliz.

      I have for a long time wanted to ask you this: Why don´t you update your blog anymore?

      Blessings Lis.

  3. p0lleke,

    Two kind of believers, those that don’t and those that do….guess that then makes you an unbeliever? Jesus Christ didn’t just celebrate Purim, He caused it to happen and blessed Queen Esther, Mordecai, and all His Jewish people. Why not let the Jews celebrate something they praise the LORD about regarding their deliverance from evil? One day is considered important over another, but you should keep in mind your own day and not point fingers at others that desire to please the LORD. I don’t celebrate Purim, myself, but certainly am thankful the LORD didn’t let His people get destroyed, including the family tree in the line of David! Something to reconsider in your mind, at least in my humble opinion. AMEN.

  4. We had a wonderful Purim this year! We invited some goyim friends over. They are christian zionist. We read the megillah and had a wonderful festive meal. We wore our mask and I even wore my hawaiian shirt! It was a lot of fun!

  5. Is it true that Queen Esther prefigures Mary the mother of King Jesus?

    Mary will thus be the fulfilment of Esther as both are intercessors for the Kings. The wedding at Canaan comes to mind when Mary interceded for Jesus.

    Also the woman in Revelation 12:1 with crown being Mary, Israel and the Church.

    Also both Esther and Mary are called blessed for all generations.

    Happy Purim

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