Marine Le Pen gets 30 per cent

National opinion polls in France gives Marine Le Pen 30 per cent.

More and more voters in France call for a timely governance of Marine Len Pen.
More and more voters in France call for a timely governance of Marine Len Pen.

An opinion poll published today gave Marine Le Pen’s Front National (FN) 29 per cent of support in the local elections on 22 and 29 March – joint top with the centre-right. Other polls in recent days have placed the FN ahead with 30 per cent of support nationwide.

The surveys also point to a polarisation of political opinion in France since the jihadist attacks on the satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo and a Jewish grocery in Paris in January, with many urban and young voters still clinging to the “Republican spirit” of the epic marches “against hatred” in Paris and other cities on 11 January.

But there has also been a strengthening of support in rural areas and in blue-collar or middle-class suburbs for Ms Le Pen’s authoritarian, nationalist, anti-immigrant and anti-European rhetoric. Political commentators say, however, that the poor quality of FN candidates may limit the party’s breakthrough. There has been a drumbeat of revelations in recent days about various candidates running under Ms Le Pen’s supposedly “moderate” and “professional” banner.

Several have been suspended from Ms Le Pen’s “de-demonised” party after it was revealed that they had posted violent, anti-Semitic or Islamophobic comments on social media. And more than a score of NF candidates are over 90 years old.

Local elections in France are usually shaped by local issues and personalities. Many candidates run as independents, so despite the polls showing Ms Le Pen with 29-30 per cent of the “nationwide” vote, she may not capture outright control of any council this month.

All the same, the FN seems assured of getting by far its best ever result in a county council election. At present, the far-right party holds only two “departmental council” seats in the whole country. It seems certain to have scores of members in the new councils, which will be elected on 29 March under new rules allowing local politicians to stay in office for six years.

The two-round election will be closely watched as a guide to potentially explosive French presidential and parliamentary elections in two years’ time. Today’s poll put the governing Socialist Party in third place – suggesting President François Hollande or any other centre-left candidate – might struggle to reach the two-candidate run-off in 2017.

Officially, the FN has made greater efforts than ever before to vet its candidates to protect Ms Le Pen from embarrassment. However, the party, despite claims to the contrary, has evidently had great difficulty in finding active and respectable candidates to fulfil its pledge to contest 95 per cent of county council seats.

One FN candidate on Aveyron in south-central France had called on his Facebook page for the “destruction of the Jews once and for all”. Another candidate in Ardèche in the Rhône valley had posted a swastika and the message: “Marine, you are the reincarnation of Hitler. You are going to clean up France.”

Source: The Independent, UK.

My comment:

There are obviously antisemitic elements in National Front in France. When a right wing party rise to above 25 per cent of the votes, its not avoidable that racists will voice their opinions from within such a movement.

But the basic reason for this popular uprising is the Islamization of France and central Europe. That is why Marine Le Pen is welcomed.  So we can see proper emergency laws being enforced, and Jihadists being deported back to their nation of origin. This kind of deportations can not be enforced with the current apostate leadership in Europe.  The present leadership is taking Europe down the path towards war with the sons of Muhammad.

For all who feel a vote for Marine Len Pen is anti-Jewish, please pay attention. On 23rd of February 2015, Roger Cukierman, chairman of the French Representative Council of Jewish Institutions (Crif), endorsed Marine Len Pen.  The Jewish leader knows that Radical Islam can only be fought by a French government lead by National Front.

From a Christian perspective, the secular Europe will not be able to secure the life of followers of Jesus the Messiah in Europe. If we do let the present leadership hang on to power, we will soon see the atrocities in Syria, Libya and Nigeria being copied in the streets of Paris. Beheadings and crucifixions taking place, and partly defended by the ruling elite. Because they know that they will be the next, if they voice their opinion against this carnage.

[ Jesus Predicts His Betrayal ] “I am not referring to all of you; I know those I have chosen. But this is to fulfill this passage of Scripture: ‘He who shared my bread has turned against me.’

Europenas have for to long put their trust in those who now betray them. Slowly they have surrendered to Sharia. Under Sharia, the gospel can not be preached. No Christian can display their Christian faith in public.  All true witnesses are intimidated to remain silent.

The present elite in Post-Christian Europe has betrayed Europe. May Jesus the Messiah have mercy on their souls, and also protect the true witnesses of the Kingdom of God as they continue to stand for truth at the end of the age. Amen.

Written by Ivar

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