This skull is displayed in Santuario basilica di San Luigi in Gonzaga in Italy.

Skulls are not only kept for adoration by Roman Catholics in Bolivia and Mexico. This one is from a “Church” in Italy.

Aloysius Gonzaga lived from March 9, 1568  to June 21, 1591.

He was an Italian aristocrat who became a member of the Society of Jesus. While still a student at the Roman College, he died as a result of caring for the victims of an epidemic. Beatified in 1605, he was canonized in 1726.

Gonzaga was born at his family’s castle in Castiglione delle Stiviere, between Brescia and Mantova in northern Italy.

Aloysius’ health continued to cause problems. In addition to the kidney disease, he also suffered from a skin disease, chronic headaches and insomnia.

The saint was originally buried in Rome but after canonisation the head was removed and has been placed in the sanctuary.

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My comment:

Saint Aloysius is often portrayed carrying a skull, like it was one of his pets.

Lets take a look at some more pictures:

Inside the box, the skull of Aloysius has got company of two angles holding a golden crown.
The claimed to be “saint” carry a dead mans skull under his arm.
It is rather bizarre to see a “saint” using a skull as support for his Roman Catholic version of the Bible.
The Italian Jesuit “saint” must have quite a collection of skulls.
The skull was with him, even when praying. And a golden crown too.

It might be possible that this young Italian seminary priest, who lived in after the Reformation, had blood on his hands. He might simply have cut the head of Evangelical Christians, who tried to escape the Antichrist in Rome.

If you are a brutal killer, or approved of the death of faithful followers of Jesus, you would probably not sleep well at night. This might be the reason for his insomnia.

Nevertheless: Every Roman Catholic priests who worship corpses, skull and bones, put a curse on their own head. Many of them lose their own head. They never rest in peace, but are exhumed by follow demonized priests. Also “Saint Aloysius” lost his head, and it is displayed inside a “Church” and declared “holy”.

The spiritual madness within the Roman Catholic religion comes to us without limits.

First published on 18th of December 2012.

Written by Ivar