BBC anchor Tim Wilcox seems to be of the opinion that “since Palestinians suffer under the rule of Israelis, Jews in Paris must expect to be slain”.

On CNN and BBC you can expect blunt antisemitic views to be presented by the anchor’s. The last outspoke example of justification of Islamic Jihad, was aired in the middle of the Paris terror crisis.

Tim Wilcox present to the views an outright insult to the Jewish peope, on the event of jewslaughter in Paris.
Tim Wilcox present to his audience an outright insult to the Jewish peope, on the event of jewslaughter in Paris.

You can not expect all journalists to think before they ask questions. But the values of the editor’s and publishers are exposed when the Islamic narrative to history is presented day and night. On several 24 hours news channels.

Antisemitism is based on the idea that the nature and acts of Jews are the main reason for their collective suffering. This is the base of the ideology of Hitler and Gobbles. Jews are snooty, greedy snobs, and should be shown their proper place.

With the logic of Tim Wilcox in mind: If israel had surrendered East Jerusalem to the forces of Islam, 12 people in a cartoon magazine in Paris would not have been slaughtered.  And there would be no civil war in Iraq and Syria, and Muslims would not have blown up heir brethren’s mosques in Baghdag and Peshawar.  Boko Haram would stop kidnapping Christian school girls in Nigeria, and France could have withdrawn its forces from Mail…Obs…Did I say anything about France?

If you take this kind of logic and worldview to its logical conclusion, you will only find stupidity. When we turn on our TV-sets, we see repeated proclamations without proper knowledge. The fraudulent Islamic narrative to history is being presented to us as the truth.

The base of the problem is found in the Koran. The so-called “Holy book” is a bid to replace the Hebrew Bible.

One lie presented to us in the Koran, is the non-existence of a Jewish homeland. The land promised to Abraham was not gifted to the sons of Isaac, but rather to the Arabs. Sine they claim to be the sons of Ishmael.

Another lie is based on the doctrine that Jesus the Messiah was only a mortal prophet. He is not the eternal God, and his death and resurrection is pointless. No blood, no forgiveness of sins, no salvation, no truth. Therefor we must renounce the Koran as a collection of deceptive demonic lessons by a false prophet named Muhammad.

Written by Ivar