Norway first to betray Israel

The Norwegian Government is proud it has “normalized” the relations with the Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood.

The former deputy minister of Foreign affairs Torgeir Larsen and the former Minister Jonas Gahr Støre.

This is not fiction. This is written in Norwegian on the official website of the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The Norwegian strategy in the Middle East has been updated on 13th of March 2012. The deputy Minister has published the information, also  covered by the Labor-friendly daily newspaper “Dagavisen”.

 “At times we have been criticized, as in 2007, when we normalized the corporation with a Palestinians unity government where the Hamas was represented. These were the days when we also normalized our dialog with the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt”.

The Ministry of Foreign affairs also band the Islamic Revolution in Egypt as a victory for freedom and democracy.

The tittle of the new strategy document is: “our relations with political Islam”. 

 ”The elections in the Middle East and Noth Africa has proven that prinicple of democracy and freedom can co-exist with Islam. The eclectics has displayed that the concept of Islam has many different forms. From pragmatic Moderate Islam, to fundamental forces. This is not surprising, but still important to underline. The approach towards Islam in the West, has often been based on lack of knowledge and simplifications. On Tahrir-square in Cairo, the demonstrators were occupied with the issues of democracy and dignity.

Source: The Government of Norway.

My comment:

Finally we have it in writing, what many Friends of Israel in Norway has claimed: Norway has a former Minister of Foreign Affair who are a deceiver of the flock. Now he is a the leader of the labor party, and might be the next Prime Minsiter.

Not only has he “normalized” Norway’s relationship with the Hamas. He has also started to brag about it.

The problem with “normalizing”of the relationship with the Hamas, is that this “political Islamic movement” is founded on a charter that demands a second Holocaust.  All Muslims are called to kill all Jews, and destroy the state of Israel.

The new Norwegian peace partner in the Middle East is branded as a banned terrorists organization in the US. Still the Norwegian Government wants its citizens to believe that their fairy tale is the truth. Washington still calls a spade for a spade.

These are some quotes from the Charter of the Hamas:

 Moreover, if the links have been distant from each other and if obstacles, placed by those who are the lackeys of Zionism in the way of the fighters obstructed the continuation of the struggle, the Islamic Resistance Movement aspires to the realisation of Allah’s promise, no matter how long that should take.

 The Prophet, Allah bless him and grant him salvation, has said:

 “The Day of Judgement will not come about until Muslims fight the Jews (killing the Jews), when the Jew will hide behind stones and trees. The stones and trees will say O Muslims, O Abdulla, there is a Jew behind me, come and kill him. Only the Gharkad tree,  would not do that because it is one of the trees of the Jews.” (related by al-Bukhari and Muslim).


 Source: The

My comment:

The implications are clear:

 Allah promised that the Jews will be murdered, and the Hamas “aspires to the realisation of Allah’s promise, no matter how long that should take.”

It is horrific to read the Official Norwegian policy of acceptance of the Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood.  Because the Hamas is based on the same Jew-hate that made the Nazis gas six million Jews in the Holocaust.

Most horrific, because the large majority of the Norwegians accepts that the Government of Norway has been, and still is, the largest supporter of Islamic terrorism outside Iran, Pakistan and Saudi Arabia.

First published March 28th 2012.

Written by Ivar

17 thoughts on “Norway first to betray Israel

  1. As I read these last few NTM my heart breaks for those who don’t want to see..even saying this will be controversial to many who claim to be Christians and/or Babes in Christ. Please yall who put this site for all to see and be warned as well as be encouraged, I plead with you to continue to be strong in the days that come and are now. There are many who don’t mind reading these things, it’s a diet this world has given them. But with trembling lips those who see know these too will be among the precious sheep who will be a Platters Special for wolves. My God, Oh Blessed Lord our time is so near so near and Ohh Lord so many of your sheep will go the way they don’t want. Take this site and bring out the Truth even more clearer till you Sir hear OH God Forgive and they turn from the things of these self centered devil worshipers thinking they serve you. Protect their young for they are offering them up to be the next Blue Plate Special of the liars, filthy dreamers in all the nations ruled by Satan. Sir, the World can’t tell or see the difference from yours and their own. !

  2. Let’s see…If I were to stand on a street corner and shout I’m going to kill such and such because they are what ever….Would I be taken to lunch and granted millions of dollars? NOT!! Yet these spawns of Satan are able to announce this world wide against The Nation of Israel…That Statue of Liberty in the harbor ‘supposedly’ for those who are welcome to come to this Nation.. should be ‘scrap metal’ since it’s no big thing for all the murdering thieves of Islam, and the mindless wonders who follow them and support them, are now the the ones welcome to this what use to be such a Great Nation that our Heavenly Father granted so much of His blessings upon in such a short time since it’s beginning. Truly the “Hand-writing is upon the wall so deep for so long that it’s not even something of noticeable pleadings or warnings”…May God have mercy upon our wretched souls! Yet as I see to my own sorrow, this too is in His Plan, while He once again tells us to ‘warn’ and ‘share the Gospel of Jesus Christ’…like He told Moses and Aaron to ‘Go tell Pharaoh’…he will not listen to you, he will harden his heart!

  3. These are far worse than Chamberlain whom believed the nazi’s wanted peace with Great Britain, he came back waving his white piece of paper declaring peace. Don’t these fools realise that Israel is simply a stumbling block to the likes of hamas and all th eother islamic terror organisations moving onto their next agenda, the western world. They are blind fools as Norway from where th emighty Vikingr came from is now a nation of wimps and ostriches with their heads buried in the sand even deeper that the British have their buried.

    1. Matthew 24# and Colossians 3:1-3 are of many scriptures that will help us all as we continue to see the times drawing closer. All the ‘real believers of Christ’ love all who are lost. We do hate the spirits that rule them yet we ourselves were lost in the throes of unbelief and sin before the great mercy of The Lord Jesus Christ was awakened in our hearts. If one defends their denomination so vehemently that’s a major Red Flag! (think about it….Jesus should be the center of our hearts not the denomination!)

  4. The problem with Muslim incursions in Europe is a spiritual problem. Because there is a spiritual vacuum over the rejection of Christ throughout Europe, the Lord has seen fit to let their enemies (Islam is both a spiritual and physical enemy toward the people of Europe) move in to conquer. It wouldn’t be the first time that Muslims have attempted to conquer all of Europe. This time, they are accomplishing it without resorting to bloodshed–at least, at present. We must pray that Europe will have a movement of God’s Spirit and bring many to Christ. One thing that is interesting is that there are now many reports of European Muslims who are responding to the gospel. And there are many reports of secret conversions in Islamic lands as well–based on “dreams and visions of Jesus”. We live in interesting times.

    1. Dear Ellen.


      You wrote:

      We must pray that Europe will have a movement of God’s Spirit and bring many to Christ.

      My comment:

      You are right in your analyses on the rise of Islam in Europe. But the rise is based on an unholy “peace deal” with secular and humanist Europe, that in many areas of life is a worse enemy of Jesus than Islam.

      Europe managed to throw the Gospel out of our school without any help from Muslims. We manged to legalize and bless sodomy, and this totally without the support of any Muslim.

      What we will see is that Catholicism and Islam will unite on an agenda to “fight secular forces”. The real motive behind this alliance is found in the Middle East.

      The real motive of unity is a desire to destroy Zionist Israel, and establish the power seat of the last anti-Messiah in Jerusalem.

      The One World religion will be powerful. It will include 1,5 billion Muslims, 1,2 billion Catholics, and about 500 million deceived people in the Protestant camp (who mixed humanism and faith). That is an amazing 3,2 billion people.

      The majority of the rest are 1 billion secular communists in China, 900 million Hindus and some 500 million Buddhists and New Age’ers. They will also seek towards the One World Religion camp, and worship the final beast.

      The last one billion are secular humanists, and agnostics. They will fall in line with the anti-Messiah because of his mighty signs and wonders. His offer of “peace” will simply be to desirable.

      There will be some 200-300 million Evangelical Christians and Messianic Jews who will reject this falsehood. That is less than 5 per cent of the Worlds population.

      Jesus said that few would be willing to walk down the narrow path, and make it through the narrow gate. There will be no end time revival. There will rather be a massive end time apostasy and falling away.

      Matthew 7:13-14
      “Enter through the narrow gate. For wide is the gate and broad is the road that leads to destruction, and many enter through it. But small is the gate and narrow the road that leads to life, and only a few find it.

      The book of Daniel says that the power of the Holy people shall be completely broken. Than Jesus will return. Amen.

      1. So many are looking for ‘the End Time Revival’ they believe we are in the End Times, but fully believe Christians will not go thru any form of the suffering or discomfort in their lives. Truly I weep for them just as much as for the lost. The lost comes to Christ rejoicing, this group of believers are staking their Eternal Salvation on the false Christ, when things hit they cry, Why me? I paid my tithes, faithful to church going, etc!

      2. Dear Ivar,

        Shalom. Hope you are well.

        Thanks for your post.

        I’m wondering why you failed to mention Jews as one of the people groups that will accept the One World Religion? Did you leave them out intentionally? Do you think that Jews will be exempt from being deceived?

        With the exception of Messianic Jews, their rejection of Jesus Christ as Messiah and God have opened them up to all manner of deception. This will cause them to fall prey to the final antichrist who will deceive them with false signs, wonders, and the promise of a rebuilt temple, (among other things).

        The current situation in Israel today for both Orthodox and secular Jews is troubling. Many Orthodox Jewish groups continue to claim that their rabbi is/was the messiah. Their hatred for the truth is evident by the way they treat and speak of Messianic Jews or groups such as Jews for Jesus who try to minister to them. The secular Jews are more concerned with political correctness and organizing liberal protests from gay rights marches to Palestinian rights — even setting up “tent cities” in Tel Aviv to protest the cost of cottage cheese — while seemingly unaware of the bigger picture — that their tiny country is surrounded by fierce enemies and they are on the brink of total annihilation.

        All one needs to do is go to Haaretz on-line and read the countless slanted articles and editorials by self-hating Jews, agnostic Jews, and atheist Jews who loath their own country. They would rather march for gay rights, turn against they own military, steal IDF secrets, and join hostile flotillas — actions that border on treason — than stand for truth because they are unable to discern any spiritual truth. They have chosen diversity, tolerance and compromise as a way of life and literally walk around like living, breathing robots — blinded by the father of lies.

        Yes, they too will be deceived by the One World Religion to come. They are not exempt.

      3. I realize you wrote to Ivar, and I just read all of your post. In all you said, it sounded like ‘each country’ (smile) the whole globe! Which is scriptural. A few years ago after Disney let the gays have their way, parents flocked still to the Land of Fun for the Family. While they waited in line, their children were subjected to all manner of ‘sexual perversions’ as were the parents. All objections was called ‘hate speech’. I deeply feel and believe that as The Word says, ‘there never was a time’ as what will be nor will it ever be again, also ‘If Sodom & Gomorrah had heard what The Gospel they would have repented….but this generation that ”is their time”…prepare your hearts, and pray for strength for the things we will be seeing and hearing will be as bad and far worse than the degenerates that are lifted up as people to follow as examples, given TV Shows…We truly are in for far worse…it is clear in the Scriptures, yet few preach it, they don’t want to ”offend” but they don’t comprehend that the blood of all that goes to hell because they did not repent, Jew or Gentile alike, Saint or Sinner it will be accounted against the leaders who did not tell the truth! There is no one more full of love for he is love, than Jesus The Messiah, and he spoke much that is called ‘controversial’…that word means…”some may not agree with The Almighty God” so they twist His Heavenly Holy Word. The Word tells us ‘(smile) Israel will be saved ‘by The Sword of The One who all will bow the knee to HIM who was dead but is alive now…JESUS.
        Sometimes I have to think about the trips to Israel after all the chaos is done, how we’ll see and be a part of The Nations bringing “Gifts” to Jesus once a year! Wow!! And that will be in The City of The Great King Jesus Christ…Jerusalem!

      4. Dear JM


        You wrote:

        I’m wondering why you failed to mention Jews as one of the people groups that will accept the One World Religion?

        My reply:

        I wrote about agnostic people. You also wrote about a group you branded “agnostic Jews”.

        I feel this is a the correct word for the majority of Jews. They believe in “god” in principle, but have problems to define who He is, and what “it” is.

        I have ministered to Jewish youth during four winters. I have been six times to Israel, and spoken about faith to Jews of all colors. I have never meet a truly secular Jew. There are close to non of them.

        Israel is a nation set apart from all all nations and people. They have special promises in the Bible that is only given to the sons and daughters of Isaak and Jacob. One of them is troubling for all who believe in Replacement “Jesus”. That the Messiah have a special prophecy to full fill. When he returns, ALL of Israel shall be saved.

        What we see today, is that the hearts of the gentiles gets colder, and the Jewish hearts get softer. The longing for their Messiah is on the rise in the Jewish World.

        When the last and final anti-Messiah arrives many of them will surely be deceived. Including their leading rabbis. But in the midst of Jacobs tribulation, they will understand that they have walked into a trap set up by the pagans. Now they will cry, beg God of Israel to forgive them, and long for their Messiah to come.

    2. >>>This time, they are accomplishing it without resorting to bloodshed–at least, at present.<<<
      Blood is shed on a large scale across the globe, it is just not reported as such on a regular basis..America can't have their little parades and lovely land of the free interrupted by continuous news of children, old as well as young massacred daily as a's easier to keep the sheep in the wrong pen with the wolves dressed as sheep. There are countless horrors in many parts of the world that is ignored, but it's over-ran by Catholics and Muslims they know and are a part of the horrific deeds done in the name of the false Christ, Islam, the Pope! and anyone else who profits in the marketing of human flesh for oil, land, or tree-hugging. Yet these people & governments America included has and does let it continue with only small help and 100% lip service, just like they did when they heard the cries of the Jews and all who stood with the Jews. Sad to say any country that claims to be for Israel they sure stayed in bed with Hitler for a long time while the atrocities continued just like today!

      1. Hi Andrea,

        What I meant is that Muslims are not waging wholesale war against the Europeans—yet. But Muslim extremists have a vision of the world-wide caliphate and they are determined to put it in place by any means possible. They will not succeed but many will die as they pursue their diabolical agenda. The Bible tells us that the Arab nations that surround Israel, will be devastated by the coming wars with Israel (see Psalm 83 and Ezekiel 38). The bloodshed has only begun.

      2. I thank for responding, I understand that ‘a lot of the talk’ is about the Arab Nations …but Sister, & Brother be not deceived this side of the globe where the West is will not escape the tribulation that is to come and is near. We see all the push to bring in more and more damnable heresies to blaspheme The Host of Heaven and His people (The Israelites) ..for HE will open their eyes that they will see it is Satan in the Seat not The Messiah…My part is I pray for strength to keep my eyes on Jesus no matter what the pain is or what I see or what is.

      3. mdmlastprophetcom–confirming catholic prophecies about the fall of rome and its becoming seat of the false prophet with warnings for today: ‘member–true christians exist inside the catholic church who also stand up against any false prophet-including-pope within their midst<+3~

  5. Hi Ivar,

    You said: “There will be no end time revival. There will rather be a massive end time apostasy and falling away.”

    I totally agree with that statement. Sorry—my words were somewhat unclear. God comes to those who are earnestly seeking Him–and most in the West are not seeking Him (or have already found Him, if they were going to). I agree that there will be no end-time Great Revival as some heretics are preaching. But I pray that some would be spared an eternity in hell—even now when it appears to be very late. It gladdens my heart to see Jews and Muslims coming to Yeshua in increasing numbers. I believe that the statistics show that there have been more Jews saved in the last 100 years than all the centuries since the Resurrection. The same is true for Muslims. God is doing a work among those who truly seek Him. It is joyous but bittersweet to understand that there are those who, in spite of all odds, are sincerely seeking the Lord Yeshua. The Holy Spirit is calling them in these last of the Last Days. They will find Him before the End. These are those for whom I am praying. And especially for Messianic Jews I pray that their faith would not fail in the Tribulation to come. Maranatha.

  6. I agree JM, many Israelis will not find the one true God because they are not looking for Him. In that case, a false “god” (Antichrist) will come looking for them, just as he will pursue all who belong to the world. But, even as the time of the Gentiles is closing, God still has a plan for His Chosen. Will all the present Jews come to know their Messiah? No, but the survivors will. And then all the remnant of Israel will be saved (and considering all of the Israelites who have ever lived, it will be a tiny remnant). But they will be blessed in the Millennial Reign and God will give them back all the years that the locusts stole—plus much, much more.

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