EU court legalize evil

Israel cries foul after EU strikes Hamas from terror list.

EU commisioner Federica Mogherini‬ walks in the footsteps of the Nazis, legalizing the Hamas.
EU commisioner of Foreign Affaries Federica Mogherini‬ walks in the footsteps of the Nazis, as she legalize the Hamas.

Assets of group to remain frozen after ruling issued on technicality, but Netanyahu says Jerusalem ‘not satisfied’; Hamas praises move.

The Palestinian Islamic group Hamas must be removed from the EU’s terrorism blacklist, but its assets will stay frozen, a European court ruled on Wednesday.
The move, described by the European Union as a technicality, quickly drew Israeli condemnation and praise from the Gaza-based organization.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu called on the EU to return the group to the terror list, saying Israel was “not satisfied with EU’s explanations that taking Hamas off the terror list is a ‘technical matter.’”

The burden of proof falls on the EU, and we expect it to permanently return Hamas to the list, so everyone will understand that it is an inseparable part of it — Hamas is a murderous terror organization that emphasizes in its charter that its goal is to destroy Israel,” Netanyahu said in a statement.

The original listing in 2001 was based not on sound legal judgments but on conclusions derived from the media and the Internet, the General Court of the European Union said Wednesday.

Source: Times of Israel

My comment:

When an Islamic terror organization like Hamas is removed from the terror list by a EU court, we have to question if the Nuremberg court of Germany is back in action.

The Nazi court of 1935 did not only decriminalize attacks on Jewish property. The court hailed the attackers as a part of a legitimate resistance movements against “Jewish evil”.

This evening Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu had the following comment to the verdict of the EU court.

“Too many in Europe have learned nothing from the slaughter of 6 million Jews”

Another wordings for “Nazism will be back in Europe”. Yes, indeed. It is.

May God of Israel have mercy on all deceived souls.  May Jesus the Messiah bring stern jugdment on all evil doers. Like all the Neo-Nazis in Europe who feel that Hamas is free to attack Israel and say “Gott mitt uns”. The german version of “allah U akbar”.

Written by Ivar

2 thoughts on “EU court legalize evil

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  1. This is disturbing. HAMAS is known to kidnap people and kill children and pregnant mothers and now they are not terrorist just because their action is considered valid in the struggle against Israel. We may not be far from the day it is ok and valid to behead people if they don’t comply with international law on acceptable behavior on religious tolerance

  2. It is extremely astonishing as to why the EU turn their back to civilization and join hand with the most primitive minded desert Bedouins and murderers
    The Jews were the ones who contributed much to the scientific word
    but the Arab Bedouins spent much of their time sucking camel urine

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