The Hamas flew a drone into the air in Gaza during a military rally.

Not only the USA can use robotics to kill. Now also the Islamic terrorgroup Hamas.
Not only the USA can use robotics to kill. Now also the Islamic terrorgroup Hamas.

The IDF scrambled jets to the Gaza border on Sunday after Hamas flew a drone into the air during a military rally to mark 27 years since the founding of the Islamist organization.

The drone, which Hamas claims was built in Gaza, and upon which was written “Kassam Brigades,” the name of the group’s military wing, did not cross the border into Israel.

According to a military source, the jets were prepared to deal with the threat, but returned to base after the air force saw there was no threat to Israeli air space.

At the parade, a senior Hamas leader reaffirmed the Islamist movement’s founding charter’s pledge to destroy Israel.

“This illusion called Israel will be removed. It will be removed at the hands of the Kassam Brigades,” said Khalil al-Hayya, a top Hamas leader, referring to the movement’s armed wing.

Source: The Jerusalem Post

My comment:

Israel has survived as a state, because of its military supremacy in the Middle East. God of the Bible has secured Israel winning all the wars launched by the Arabs.

Islamic terrorism and the devilish development of drones is changing the game.  A drone do not need an advanced airport, but can be launched from a football pitch.

While the Kassam rockets are primitive weapons, the drones represent a serious new threat to the thousands of farmers living along the Israel-Gaza security fens. Within a few minutes from launch in Gaza, a drone can deliver bombs on the kibitzes in the south.

The IDF have to equip the border areas with advanced lazar weapons, that will bring down an incoming slow-flying drone within seconds of its launch.  This will be another costly investment for Israel, targeted by Islamic terrorists.  The best way is of course to remove the Hamas regime from power in Gaza. But that seems to be impossible an long as the European Union and United Nations being guardians of this terror regime.

May Jesus the Messiah have mercy on all deceived souls.

Written by Ivar