Goa-body: Saint or monk?

This is a video of the headline news on local TV in Goa, India, on Saturday 1rst of February 2014.

The story of a possible misplacement of a Buddhist monk was covered by several Goan media, including the weekly paper “The Goan”.

Click on the image to read the story in the Goan.

The original story was published 5th of January 2014, in the largest Sunday paper in Colombo, Sri Lanka, the Sunday Observer:

Click on the image to read the article in the Sunday Observer.
Click on the image to read the article in the Sunday Observer.

500 years after this person died, it is not possible to examine the claimed evidence of his nationality. The best way to settle this dispute will be to take a DNA-test.

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    1. God bless you antonio, for what you just said is wisdom from above. The RC is leading thousands of ignorant catholics down to everlasting fire and damnation. I pray atleast in these end times they open the Bible once in their life time and read from it. We can almost hear the footsteps of Jesus. Cling on the His word, be faithful to Him till the end…

      1. “People have ears but will not listen”. I try to convince many but everyone care a damn to listen.
        One has to be born-again to learn simple truths.
        John 3:3 Jesus answered & said to him “Most assuredly I say to you, unless one is born again, he cannot see the KINGDOM OF GOD.”
        We only try and do our best. Let go , let GOD.

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