When “Christ” mocks Jesus

How do we recognize a follower of an anti-Messiah, the replacement of the true?

The blood of the lamb of God, that cleases us from all sins.
The blood of the lamb of God, that cleases us from all sins.

People who do not claim to know Jesus are not dangerous. If any Christian is deceived by such a person, both of them are fools.

The most dangerous persons for a Christian, are people who walk around with Bibles, and use the scripture to defame the true Messiah. They follow a replacement, a false Messiah, an anti-Christ.

Such person can create enormous damage to the body of the true Jesus.

What are the best examples of followers of such antichrists?

Roman Catholics at large are followers of a a fake-Messiah. Many of them say they love “Christ”, and even quote scriptures. But when they quote scriptures, they are either twisted or quoted out of contexts.

  2 Corinthians 11:4
For if someone comes to you and preaches a Jesus other than the Jesus we preached, or if you receive a different spirit from the Spirit you received, or a different gospel from the one you accepted, you put up with it easily enough.

The best example is the Roman Catholic lovers of “Christ” who call their priests for “fathers”. Fully aware of the true Messiah warning them not to call religious leaders for “fathers”. A ‘Christ” who can accept such mocking of the eternal word of God, is not the real Messiah.  The Roman Catholics are also aware that a follower of the true Messiah can only use Jesus as a middleman in prayer and intersession. Still they mock God by prying to the Queen of Heaven. They consult the dead, hundreds of  mortal saints and madonnas for their interesession.

But the Roman Catholics are not the only mockers of God in the name of Christ.  There are also spiritual prostitutes in the Protestant camp of Christianity. They are false teachers who follow doctrines taught by demons.

  Mark 13:6
Many will come in my name, claiming, ‘I am he,’ and will deceive many.

Plenty of examples are found in the Charismatic Pentecostal camp, of “Word of Faith” teachers.  One of the most popular of them are pastor Bill Johnson of Bethel Church in Reading, US.  He teach a gnostic copy of the true Messiah. A Messiah that is not eternal God, but a human that became God when he was anointed with the Holy Spirit. This is classical gnosticism, popular dualism taught around 200 A.D. Johnson present to us a Messiah who has two separated natures, that can be separated from each other.

Most false teachers who claim they know “Christ” have their own opinions about the Bible. They often receive super revelations from God. They either add to scriptures, or they make some part of scripture null and void by their man made doctrines.

Another mortal error within evangelical Christianity, is the believe that God is no longer God of Israel. The God of Israel is presented as a “terrible mythological figure”. The “Christ” of such a “Church” can have nothing to do with the past godhead, and basically created a new age “god” when he walked in Jerusalem 2.000 years ago.

Teachers of such an anti-Christ often tell us that that the Messiah has nothing to do with the rebirth of Israel. and can not be seen as the rock and protector of the state of Israel. Such a “Christ” will take the follower down the path to destruction, and into the hot seat of judgment.

What can we learn from this?

Let all men be liars, and God the truth. Let no man deceive you, but study and obey the Word of God. The Messiah do not have to be defended. He can defend Him self. Only trough the scriptures we come to the knowledge of His nature and character. Only by being baptized in the Holy Spirit we are enabled to stand up for the truth and do the will of the Father.

Written by Ivar

14 thoughts on “When “Christ” mocks Jesus

  1. Dear Ivar,

    You wrote:
    Roman Catholics at large are followers of a a fake-Messiah. Many of them say they love “Christ”, and even quote scriptures. But when they quote scriptures, they are either twisted or quoted out of contexts…
    Once again you are wrong.

    ” If God decides to give His children extra Gifts, then that is His prerogative. Were it not for such Gifts as the Holy Rosary, then souls would have been lost to Him.

    God, through private revelations, gave His children a better understanding of what is contained in Sacred Scripture.”

    1. I surely disagree Sir. Chanting endless, repeatitive, aimless, mindless prayers as the rosary, as I once did, is a waste of time. When what you call ‘extra gifts’ go against the simple Word written in the Bible, it is anti-Christ. Roman Catholics follow multiple fake ‘messiahs’.
      I wish you sight. Catholicism is the nasty entity written about in so many of the texts of the Bible. For every Truth of scripture, there is a false, evil lie: Love-lust, Christ Worship-mary worship, True Repentance – endulgances, Gods Holy Day/Sabbath-sun worship (pope) day, the list goes on and on. If you can’t prove it with direct scripture, don’t quote it, run from it!
      You may be an ‘Old man’ but it’s still not too late to meet Jesus Christ!

    2. Dear Oldman.

      Shalom, and love in Jesus.

      Your comment is the very best example of the validity of my message. RCC either twist gospel-truth, or scritpures are quoted out of context.

      You wrote:

      ” If God decides to give His children extra Gifts, then that is His prerogative. Were it not for such Gifts as the Holy Rosary, then souls would have been lost to Him.

      My reply:

      The most deceptive messages are those where religious men says” “God spoke to me”. In particular if the claimed divine message makes the scripture null and void. The “god” behind such messages is Satan.

  2. Quick, … run…. quick, THE WORD OF GOD have spoken !!!!!

    “And I heard another voice from heaven, saying, Come out of her, my people, that ye be not partakers of her sins, and that ye receive not of her plagues.” REVELATION 18:4
    “For her sins have reached unto heaven, and God hath remembered her iniquities.” REVELATION 18:5
    Human brings “humanries”, but THE WORD OF GOD brings TRUTH !!!

  3. Ivar, you are right. growing up in a assembly of G-d who now I know was much false teaching. for me as a child, they acted and treated all as if only the pastor and his friends and people with a little money were saved. did not have to go to the altar and pray like for please save me. One day I was in sunday school and the pastor’s wife had all us teens pick a folded paper with scripture on it. Mine was John 3:16 and I went to read it, got out my bible and read the next verse that said, I did not come to condem the world but thru Christ and excepting HIM as Savior and L-rd that I am saved because I believe. They made me feel even after that , THAT G-d was sitting on a cloud ready to throw me into hell. They made me so afraid as I would wonder what I was doing to make G-d hate me. For years I listened and feared for my life here and eternity. I ran…and did not look back. that same spirt are still in some of my family. I was telling my sister about just what this report reveiled that now I have known since I got into a Messianic Congr. She wrote me back a email and told me I should not be so negitive. I wrote back and told her I was here to be a winner of souls and a watchman on the wall and have before tried to tell her that we were grafted into Israel , did not replace HER which this fake church and many others so in Apostasy reject Romans nine, ten and eleven and many others like Gen 12:3….the next day I thot of one other thing , a scripture an she had blocked any more emails from me. I cried but felt so sorry as she was so fond of Kenneth copeland. all I can do as we see more fake gospel that they finally see the truth. for me,,,,I am saved and I know it and have said before that when people take scripture out of context all they have is pretext..a lie..not to mention how Yeshua warned us of the great apostasy too. No wonder G-d warned of the wide path , where the narrow path is where some never find it. I am a real suporter of Israel, always for 20 years have been as I learned and let the Holy Spirit lead me, as G-d said, it is better to believe HIM than men. now I find I am part of the tribe of Judea..I just keep praying that more find the real Messiah and see what is happening around the world. I could hardly retain my shock when all these TV preachers join the catholic cult. one other thing is we know HE IS COMING. Shalom

    1. You really have been blessed with sight Ma’am! Thank God and never stop your journey, you are/will be teaching, inspiring, and winning others for Christ!

  4. we know that not all things in the Bible are true, who wrote the Bible and who had the printing press in those days and we know who those people worship, Christ came to teach in the flesh and in the human form and with high strnd dna because of his energy, pure, Love is the purest form of worship and the highest frequency in the known universe, the breath of life, Jesus spake from his consciousness, his third eye, pineal gland, the door he referred to, to the higher realms, “in my father’s house there are many rooms” dimensions, where angels, ETs, our cosmic families, our higher selves resonate in loving frequencies. Christ came to give us his father’s love, compassion and spirit-u-al wisdom and to tell us, that as his children and co-creators, how great we are and to be mindful and respectful of how we speak to people of the Holy father’s creation. Think of 12, 12 dimensions, tho there are many dimensions in the universe, 12 disciples of Christ are the 12 families who gave their dna to bring humans into being, alive, with the breath of life in all things on earth, 12 strnd dna, 12 months in a year, 12 hours am and 12 hrs mp,12 noon is the highest the son-sun, the shepherd, is in the Sky, gaia sophia earth and Father Sky and his loving son, the shepherd is looking after his flock with his solar energy, upgrading our dna and he knows our vibrational frequency hence the reason why Bob Marley sang, “there is no hiding place from the father of creation”. The children coming into earth are from the higher realms of consciousness and to them the Bible is NOT the word of God, it was written by man, God the Holy, the most high, is NOT the author of confusion, Jesus the Christ consciousness was a man of colour and an Essenes:

    …”Each day the Essenes communicated with earthly and cosmic energies (which they termed ‘angels’). In the morning it was an earth energy and at evening time a cosmic energy. At mid-day they would stop to reflect upon the many aspects of peace within themselves, their community, and the world.

    The Essenes are well known for their ‘Tree of Life’ symbol which shows humankind positioned in the trunk of a tree with feet and lower body planted in the earth and the upper part of the body towards branches reaching upwards to the heavens. In the closeness to trees, the earth, and the heavens and their daily communions, they found their spiritual strength”…

    https://www/……Cencord. External links not permitted. Editor. H1GZu1xKq_I

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