“Our Lady will defeat Satan”

“He now sends His Mother, the Lady of All Nations, to you, to all nations. She will defeat Satan, as has been foretold. She will place her feet upon Satan’s head”.

The mother of “god”, the Queen of Heaven is also “Our lady of all nations”. She can be visited in a chapel in Amsterdam.

This is the central doctrine of end time Marian theology.  It is “Catholic Mary” as co-redeemer and advocate, that will return to Earth and defeat Satan.

This is a message out of Holland on 31st of May 1955:

  The Lady again pauses for a moment, and then she says:

  “Satan is not yet expelled. The Lady of All Nations may now come in order to expel Satan. She comes to announce the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit will then come over this earth. You, however, shall pray my prayer which I gave to the world.

Every day and every moment you shall think of the prayer which the Lady of All Nations gave to this world in this time. How strongly Satan is ruling, God alone knows. He now sends His Mother, the Lady of All Nations, to you, to all nations. She will defeat Satan, as has been foretold. She will place her feet upon Satan’s head” .

Source: The Mother of all peoples.

She controls the World, and her glory hides the truth about the cross.

More information about various messages that has been distributed from this shrine in Amsterdam, Holland.

This kind of Marian property has its root in Pope Pius XIIs doctrine of “Catholic Mary” as co-redeemer of her son.

The Church of our Lady of Arabia in Kuwait agrees with this Papal doctrine. It is the very doctrines that can unite the Islamic and Catholic World. The two largest faith community on Earth seems unable to agree on who the Son is. There is a need for a compromise. As long as “his” mother is elevated, they can stand united.

This is the Queen of Heaven that shall return and save both Catholics and Muslims in Kuwait.
Worshipers of “Our Lady of Arabia”, the “Queen of Heaven” in Kuwait.

This what the Roman Catholic Church in Kuwait teach about “The queenship” of Mary, first made a dogma by Pope Pius XII in 1950:

 Pope Pius XII in his Encyclical AD CAELI REGINAM proclaiming the Queenship of Mary said, “Whoever, therefore, reverences the Queen of heaven and earth — and let no one consider himself exempt from this tribute of a grateful and loving soul — let him invoke the most effective of Queens, the Mediatrix of peace; let him respect and preserve peace to which the Virgin Mary impels us, which is not wickedness unpunished, nor freedom without restraint, but, a well-ordered harmony under the rule of the will of God!”

Both Roman Catholics and Muslims in Kuwait share this common prayer:

 We pray that Our Lady of Arabia may hear our prayers, and by her peace make happy a world shaken by discord, and after our earthly exile … show unto us all Jesus, Who will be our eternal peace and joy.

Source: Catholic Charismatic revival in Kuwait.

This is a typical Marian prayer of Catholics who believe in “Our lady of all nations”,

  Lord Jesus Christ, Son of the Father, send now your Spirit over the earth. Let the Holy Spirit live in the hearts of all nations.  That they may be preserved from degeneration, disaster and war.  May the Lady of All Nations, who once was Mary, be our Advocate.Amen.

Source: Mother of all peoples.com

My comment:

The Roman Catholic Church have excommunicated the most extreme Marianists, who have replaced Jesus on the cross with “Catholic Mary”. But the root of this deception is with the Papacy it self.  The Popes have all committed their life to the“Queen of Heaven”.

A dead Messiah hangs next to the Queen of Heaven, who is alive in all her glory.

The image inside the chapel of our Lady of all nations in Amsterdam, exposes the death cult.  On the crucifix next to the Queen of Heaven, you see a cursed being. A dead Messiah.

Roman Catholic priests honors “Our Lady of all nations” in Holland.

But “his mother” is alive in front of the cross, and she invites the whole mankind to share her glory. She will be the returning “princess of peace”, that will defeat Satan. And the children of the Devil are all who are not willing to submit to her authority, and refuse to bow their head and kiss the statues of her.

  Revelation 17:6
I saw that the woman was drunk with the blood of God’s holy people, the blood of those who bore testimony to Jesus. When I saw her, I was greatly astonished.

This was the crimes of all the martyrs of Christianity. The refused to bow to Hellish Papal doctrines, and the “mother of the Popes”.  The Queen of Heaven is drunk on the the blood of the saints. She and her popes will face stern judgment. They will all burn in the flames of Hell for eternity.

First published 5th of December 2011.

Written by Ivar

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  1. I have not read all the comments, yet! Thanks for including the bit about the Catholic Church’s excommunicating Jesus-replacers! Balance makes it easier to respect the writing here! God job! (Keep the pun.) Now, I will read the comments! Thank you, Ivarfjeld–very much–… I will keep reading… <3+W

  2. It is important to keep all that is true! We must not knee-jerk REJECT anything ACROSS-THE-BOARD, rejecting TRUTH in-hand! This disqualifies our argument. BUT, when we ACKNOWLEDGE what IS true, then we will be able to LOOK AT, AND OTHERS WILL LOOK AT, what we are telling them is false. ::pointingtoSELFasneedingtoPRACTICE:: THANKS FOR the info, Ivarfjeld, again! This appears to be based on the translation-so-called, by Jerome, that the Bible Says “she” will crush his head! Considering–I UNDERSTAND–the original language says “he,” I CONSIDER JEROME’S “TRANSLATION,” RATHER, a COMMENTARY. HIS TRANSLATION, however, was the standard of the Catholic Church, so they have been reading–NOT ALL–Bibles with “SHE” will crush his head! Does that make sense of some of this? <3+W

  3. And there shall all hunan kind suffer greatly as they yet again ignore even god and his begotten son as the future evolves, such a pitty they worship them in one hand and afterwards continue to be as the devel in the other.

  4. This demonic entity is one of the most in-your-face one world religion promoting demons.
    I have read the “messages” which could not be more anti-christ and anti-biblical.


  6. Ever go look at the Mosque, the Mormon Temple or catholic temple..take a good look. it has the muslim cresent star etc on them. how long before anyone takes the time to take the only Salvation they will ever be given as we are near the return of Christ the only begotten son. G-d tells us no one will have an excuse. How sad it will be when they stand at the white throne judgement and G-d tells them, depart from me, I never knew you. you of lawlessness. I don’t think many read the true and only bible anymore because if they do, they have toreject Christ to be able to fall off the narrow path and into the ditch on the other side to become worse than the sons of hell and give up their everlasting life to satan..G-d called the ones from the catholic types , snakes and vipers. sometimes I think of how G-d told us to vote in honest G-dly men and HOLD Them accountable and to stay in the word but they have their face in sports and drugs and facebook places that no Christian would visit and think they are saved. If they were they would take on th emind of Christ as we are to choose who we serve. HIM or Money and all the idols the world has to offer. and not learning their history so they repeat it. Islam and the demonic we have in gov is destroying all truth and doing what Hitler tried to do and because they refused the truth, G-d sent great delusion and they believed the lie..and all this demonic is spreading like quick fire all over the world. it is a sad shame. But G-d said it would happen fast and to stay in the word so we don’t get confused. many would listen to truth even ten yrs ago, now they won’t and as the world turns the hate for the Jews is all over the world. but….in the end Israel will win and their covenant is forever as G-d put HIs name there too forever..I see no love or respect with most who has blessed the world over and gave us the prophets , scripture and salvation came thru the Jews. ..standing against Israel and the Jews is standing against G-d with all HIS ENEMIES..Shalom

  7. I do not agree with your interpretations. Jesus mother Mary is not referred to as the great Harlet as you referenced in 17:6. If you read starting at 17:1, you would realize this interpretation is blasphemous. Since I believe this error is so great and insulting to Jesus and his mother, I find no need to correct your many other mis-interpretations. My reason for this post is to save others from following your errors. I will say a prayer for truth for all who seak it and ask your readers to pray to the Lord for him to send his Spirit of Truth to each seaker.

    1. Mary as mother of Jesus is not the Great Harlot, but the “goddess” of mary that catholics make is indeed a pagan practice. It’s not biblical Mary that we’re saying, but the “goddess mary” that catholics make.

  8. Question please.

    You wrote:

    A dead Messiah hangs next to the Queen of Heaven, who is alive in all her glory. 
    On the crucifix next to the Queen of Heaven, you see a cursed being. A dead Messiah.

    My question:

    What is the difference between Jesus hanging on the cross in all Catholic Churches and the Jesus hanging on the cross on this same web page further down?

    After all Saint Paul did say in
    1 Corinthians 1:23

    23 But we preach Christ crucified, unto the Jews a stumblingblock, and unto the Greeks foolishness;

    There is nothing wrong with the picture on this web page as it is reminding me of Jesus my Lord and Saviour who died on the cross for our sins and is now RISEN.

    Elsewhere in Catholic Churches is also a poster saying:
    Jesus is Risen.

    And indeed all Catholics believe Jesus died, is risen and will come again.

    God Bless

    1. Dear armorrcc

      Shalom, and love in Jesus.

      Jesus the Messiah is risen. He is not on that cross. A cross with a dead messiah is a sign of defeat, the victory sign of Lucifer. An emprty cross and an empty grave is a sign of victory.

      Ps. The Mother of Jesus was a Jewish virgin, a sinner, who gave birth to several children. She is not the pagan Queen of Heaven. Please read the Bible, in particular Ezekiel, and stopp mocking God in the name of “Christ”.

  9. Dear Ivar

    Thank you for the reply.

    I still do not understand why Jesus is on this same web page shown on the cross.

    God Bless

    1. Dear armorrcc

      Shalom, and love in Jesus.

      It you are going to make a movie about a person being crucified, how will you do that with an empthy cross?

      When will the Catholic “Christ” come down from the millions of crosses, where he hangs day and night? And, not only is he dead. He also has different colors.

      Do I have to carry a dead Messiah around my neck?

      No I do not. And I will never do.

      But you, you will never listen. Regardless of how many warnigs you will get. That I why I do not want you on this site.

      Do not write more messages.

  10. Dear Ivar

    Ok, now i understand – it is a picture from a movie.

    How could i not known this.

    Thank you Ivar and may God Bless you

  11. For churches that believe that Yeshua is just the son of G-d, died and is only a prophet and do not believe Yeshua is G-d is best to ask themsleves can a dead prophet take away the sins of the world??? no…Yeshua is G-d in the flesh as HE said, I am that Iam and will not sharea hill with any other god..

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