The Vatican drug mafia

A car bearing Vatican diplomatic plates was stopped in France with 4kg of cocaine and 200g of cannabis on board.

Late Pope John Paul II and Cardinal Jorge Mejia were brothers in crimes, having the Vatican as a hide out.
Late Pope John Paul II and Cardinal Jorge Mejia were brothers in crimes,using the Vatican as the perfect hide out for the mafia.

Bedridden cardinal’s aide entrusted vehicle to two men, who bought drugs thinking they were protected by diplomatic plates

The car belongs to the 91-year-old Argentinian cardinal Jorge Mejia, emeritus librarian at the Holy See, who retired in 2003 and who is bedridden after a heart attack. Pope Francis, a fellow Argentinian, visited Mejia in hospital in Rome two days after being elected.
French radio reported that the cardinal’s private secretary entrusted the vehicle to two Italian men to take it for its annual checkup. The two men drove to Spain to buy the drugs, thinking they would be protected by the diplomatic plates, according to RTL radio – a scenario not yet confirmed by legal sources.

The pair were picked up on Sunday at a toll station near Chambéry, in the French Alps, on their way back. Neither of the men had a Vatican diplomatic passport, so the Vatican was not directly implicated, French legal sources said.
The Vatican confirmed that the car had been stopped in France with the drugs on board and stressed that no staff were involved in the incident.

Source: The Guardian

My comment:

The Pope is the head of a global syndicate of criminals, with the Vatican statehood as the head quarter. This mafia-state in Rome was formed by Fascist dictator Benito Mussolini in 1929, when the dictator gifted this state to the claimed “Vicar of Christ”  The Pope entered into an agreement with the Fascist party. The Pontiff would become the religious head of Italy,  and Roman Catholicism the state religion, if the clergy accepted Mussolini as the head of state.

After the fall of Berlin in 1945, the stolen cash and gold were shipped into the new Vatican bank. Since the Vatican had gained diplomatic immunity, the mafia could freely operate inside this religious movement.  The whitewash of the cash of the mafia has no end. The latest fund raising by smuggling and celling cocaine, is just the tip of the iceberg.

 Mark 7:6
He replied, ‘Isaiah was right when he prophesied about you hypocrites; as it is written: ‘“These people honour me with their lips, but their hearts are far from me.

For all believers of Jesus: Stay away from this deceptive and deeply immoral movement. Roman Catholicism is not from God of the Bible. The “Christ of Rome” is a copy cat of the true Messiah, an invention of men.

If you want to escape the fire of Hell. Renounce the falsehood of the Pope, and disconnect your self from Roman Catholicism. Please beg Jesus the Messiah for mercy, and obey His commands. Believe the Word of Goa, and reject papal dogmas. If you are willing, you will receive the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Written by Ivar

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  1. The catholic cult was very political way back in bible times and is becoming same now. also changed the Sabbath day to Sunday. I head the pope say to a Imam that they served the same god. for people to except the pope as the christ on earth is unbelievable. after all Yeshua said He had to go back to heaven so He could give us HIS HOLY SPIRIT that leads us int all truth. not to call anyone Father but me. no pope can wash away our sins , it is pure blasphemy , and I see nothing but evil in the catholic cult if people would read the bible for themselves instead of men with evil imagineations. catholic also chose leaders for the nations back then. how sick is it all

    1. Dear mama bear

      Shalom, and love in Jesus.

      The Catholic death cult do have a “Christ” in its center. And the Roman Catholic priests do quote the Bible. The problem is that the system, organization, and leadership has nothing to do with the true Messiah. This is a religious movement, who have falsified history, and changed time, laws and the true understanding of the Christian faith. The Vatican present to us a smart copy.

      The seat of the Pope is the ultimate deception. The Pontif caim to be the replacement of the Messiah, the “Vicar of Christ”. He wants all his priests to be called “father”, him self being the “holy father”. The Bible call such demands for sin and blasphemy. The Pope is also elevated to the seat of God, claimed to be infallible. The only being who correctly can iterpretate scriptures.

      Stay away from this death cult, if you want to escape the fire of Hell. Embrace Biblical Christianity, and obey the true Messiah.

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