China and Tehran unites

For the first time, Chinese warships docked in an Iranian port Saturday. Beijing and Tehran prepared to conduct a series of joint naval drills.

 Ayatollah leader Hassan Rouhani greets Xi Jinping
Ayatollah leader Hassan Rouhani greets Chinese President Xi Jinping

“Discussing and studying the two countries’ naval relief and rescue operations and drills, confronting sea incidents and accidents and gaining the necessary technical preparedness are among the actions to be practiced with the Chinese army forces,” the commander of Iran’s First Naval Zone, Admiral Amir Hossein Azad, said on Saturday according to the semi-official news agency Fars.

“The voyage of the Chinese army’s fleet of warships for the first time in the Persian Gulf waters is aimed at joint preparation of Iran and China for establishing peace, stability, tranquility and multilateral and mutual cooperation,” he added.

Source: The Times of Israel

My comment:

It is an illusion that Israel will be able to strike out the nuclear capabilities of Iran. Simply because Iran is on of the main suppliers of oil to China. The economy of NATO-member Turkey will colapse if the oil from Iran is blocked, having 30 per cent of its oil supplies from Tehran.

After the rise of ISIL (Islamic state), even the USA is in need of support from the military capabilities of the Shiite revolution. If the majority of Shiites (60 per cent of the population) in Iraq do not back Bagdad, the american proxy regime will fall.

China is the largest importer of oil from Iran.
China is the largest importer of oil from Iran.

China protecting the Ayatollah regime, and moving in alinement with Theran,is yet another sign the the end of the age i near. The nuclear program of Iran will continue, and will eventually lead to Iran being introduced into the club of Nuclear powers. The Ayatollah regime is the ultimate tool of the World, to put unbearable pressure on Israel to surrender, and to join the new universal brotherhood of nations who work for the same “god”.

How long will the enemy mock you, God? Will the foe revile your name for ever?

What we are seeing in the built up of the global army who will bring an end to defeat Zionism. Because as long as Zionist Israel stand, the children of Satan will continue to built up “military capacity” east and north of the borders of Israel.  The ultimate enemy of God of the Bible, who claim to be present in Zion. And who will send His son back to judge the World from Jerusalem.

There will be no mercy for all who refuse to repent, and accept the Lordship of the Messiah. Only by the blood Yehsua shed on Calvary Hill, a man can be saved and escape the fire of Hell. The final judgment is in the pipline. The verdict you will reciveve by the Lion of Judah will be fair.

Repent or perish

Written by Ivar

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  1. The Bible says that the Busher Nuke plant will be destroyed. who does it I don’t know but Israel will always have G-d with them. it also says the next two wars Israel will win and the last war where Russia brings all nations against HER , G-d will roar thru Zion and destroy them all, that Israel will be no more as their weapons will be used against them. and G-d will make a grave on the shores of the Med sea and and will kill many there and then chase the rest home to their nations , killing them on the way and go into each nation and kill the men, women , children and the ox. and it also says Israel should not let anyone try to take the land and to kill the Amlaek an not to have pity on any of them

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