A Catholic cardinal dress up the corpse of John Neumann for his feast. The “saint” with a mask departed in 1860.

Catholic priests conduct a mass with a corpse inside the altar.

Roman Catholic priest John Neumann has been dead for 151 years. His skeleton is kept for display under the altar of his shrine inside Saint Peter of the Apostle Church, Philadelphia US.

Just before one of the feast of John Neumann, held on January 5th, Cardinal Justin Rigali was given task to overlook the change his vestments. The priest opened the “saints” casket, and exchanged the episcopal garb.

This is what the cardinal said, recorded by a blogger:

 “We have a great model of holiness in St. John Neumann and it was thought it would be good if we could put him in new vestments, also vestments that could reflect the period during which he was actually a bishop and in which he lived and died,” the Cardinal said. “He remains here in the Church that he loved and he remains with us in Philadelphia. This is an opportunity to draw more attention to the fact that he remains with us under the altar.”

 Source: Stjudelitarts

The “saint” also got a new ring, and a face mask. Let us take a look at some few more pictures:

Cardinal Justin Rigali inspects the new garments that has been put on the skeleton.
The skull was covered by a face mask. Even the bishop’s hat is placed on the skull.
The skeleton also got new white shoes for the feast.

This is what Free republic has recorded:This time, in addition to the new vestments, a new pectoral cross modeled from the cross Bishop Neumann wore in life was placed on the body, as was a new episcopal ring. A new face mask, expertly crafted by forensic sculptor Frank Bender, was placed on the body.

During the feast, Roman Catholic priest conduct a mass on the altar of the shrine. Inside the altar is the dressed skeleton.

The source of the picture of the mass held over the corpse:

There are some more interesting stuff about this departed Roman Catholic priest.

 “In 1962: 102 years after his death, the Saint John Neumann shrine was constructed in the lower level of the Saint Peter of the Apostle Church. The body was again exhumed at the second stage of sainthood (Beatification) then revested with a face mask placed over the skull, and the body deposited in a class casket. The remains were then placed under the altar in the newly constructed shrine”.

Faithful Catholics kneel and pray infront of the corpse.

I do not know if personal hobby’s of priest are taken into the accounts during the process of getting the priests cannonized. But this priest was surely not like the neighbor next door.

Behind the alter is St. John Neumann’s personal collection of hundreds of relics from saints. These include teeth, bones, skulls and other miscellaneous and fairly unidentifiable bits and pieces”.

 Source: Findagrave

Sites with corpses, bones, skulls and even human teeth are declared “holy” by the Vatican.

My comment:

It is really amazing to the a cardinal looking like an old aunty, dressing up a skeleton with new garments.  I understand the reason for the face mask.

What if the skeleton sneezed while the cardinal controlled the upper button?

Who would take the responsibility?

Since this priest was exhumed 42 years after his death, all kind of unknown bacterias and other rotten stuff might have been “imparted” on the cardinal.

That St. John Neumann managed to go successful through the beautification process, is nevertheless a mystery. Since He obviously was a morbid skull and bone collector. He even collected human teeth.

From which graves has he stolen all this stuff?

What other “miscellaneous items” he has collected, will most likely remain a secret among the insiders in the Vatican. Because the Pope can not revoke the “sainthood” when it has been declared. The Pontiff is infallible in the matters of who is “holy” and who is not.

So what ever, other, and more disturbing acts of perversion that might be disclosed about this man, the Pontiff must stick to his guns.

It is quite disturbing to see the level of demonization that is exposed in the Roman Catholic Church. It is almost not expressible, this massive spiritual tragedy. I wish I knew how to open their eyes, so that the Vatican faithful became able to renounce this religious system as completely deceased.

Jesus spoke about mighty men who were full of dead mans bones. There can never be a better candidate than the priesthood of the Roman Catholic Church. They are beyond repair. On the day of judgment, they will face eternity in the eternal flames of Hell.

 Matthew 23:27
“Woe to you, teachers of the law and Pharisees, you hypocrites! You are like whitewashed tombs, which look beautiful on the outside but on the inside are full of the bones of the dead and everything unclean.

Written by Ivar