Catholic skull got blue eyes and dental treatment

Saint Mendita lost her flesh when she was removed from her grave. But she got fresh Jewels in her eye socket, and glitter all over her skeleton.

I had decided to take a break from writing on Catholic skulls, bones and corpses. But when I found the picture of “Saint Munditia”, I changed my mind.

Because the Catholic saint that is displayed for adoration and veneration in St. Peter’s Church in Munich, is one of its kind.

The Vatican is not sure exactly when she died. The best guess is around 300 A.D. But her remains were kept in the catacombs of Cyriaca.

What we know is that her remains were shifted from Rome to Munich in Germany in 1675 A.D. And 1300 years after she died, she got Jewels as eyes, and even “dental treatment”.

This is the official story from Wikipedia.

Saint Munditia (Mundita) is venerated as a Christian martyr. Her relics are found in a side altar at St. Peter’s Church (known as “Old Peter,” Alter Peter) in Munich. They consist of a gilt-covered and gem-studded skeleton, located in a glass case, with false eyes in her skull, which is wrapped in netting. Jewels cover the mouth of the relic’s rotten teeth.

Her relics were translated to Munich from Rome in 1675 from the catacombs of Cyriaca. They were transferred to her Baroque Erashrine was built on September 5, 1677.

In 1804, her relics were concealed behind a wooden shrine, but this was removed in 1883, restoring interest in her cult. Her feast day is now celebrated annually with a High Mass and a procession with candle.

Lets take a look at the two skull at this site. One on the skeleton, and one in the box on top of the coffin.

A blue eyed skeleton in a box, with the moth region and teeth covered with jewels.
The skull on the skeleton on the claimed saint, has got stony blue eyes. The skull is dressed up for adoration.
The skeleton is covered with Jewels and glitter.
Inside St.Peters Church in Munich you will find more wickedness executed by some Papists.

Cultural references

Vahni Capildeo‘s poem, called “Saint Munditia”, is found in her collection No Traveller Returns, in which she describes the saint as being “dug up from her burial / a millennium and a third since the flesh fell off her. She’s back in church

Source: Wikipedia

It is very difficult to understand why this claimed to be saint have two skulls.

One skull on the skeleton, and one on the top of the coffin. Whoever they might have been:

Why do both of them have blue colored Jewels put into their eye sockets?

Why do the Catholic feel is more correct to venerate, pray in front off, or adore these skulls, than not Papal approved bones?

There is no doubt that “she is back in the Church”, and also without her flesh. Another horrible example of Vatican approved grave looting, I presume.

That some hell bound papists have put tasteless Jewels on this skeleton, is nothing but religious perversion. And quite a unique perversion. There has never been anything similar to the cult of the Pope.

First published 23.12.2010.

Written by Ivar

15 thoughts on “Catholic skull got blue eyes and dental treatment

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  1. Shalom Ivar,

    Looks like you are on a ‘skull & bones’ hunt rather than a ‘treasure hunt’ but yet you find the treasure in a rather bizarre way LOL! 🙂

    Re. your thougts on *** It is very difficult to understand why this claimed to be saint have two skulls.***

    I would think this woman was born with two heads called POLYCEPHALY. A condition of having more than one head. The term is derived from the stems poly- meaning ‘many’ and kephal- meaning “head”, and encompasses bicephaly and dicephaly (both referring to two-headedness). Read more

    Well, re. the dental work, ‘Booo!! nice job’ but I would have liked to hear from the dentist how he/she felt while drilling into those rotten teeth and studding them with jewels. Lucky skeleton gets her teeth done for free and fixed with jewels and here we get sucked out of our taxes and can’t even get one darn dental per year nor an eye examination.

    Next, they have studded the leftovers of this body with so many jewels, but hummmm!! I can’t think why they didn’t stuff the darn nose with a large Dark Red Ruby then she would have looked like ‘Rudolf the Red Nose Reindeer’. I’m sure they have plenty of gems tucked away somewhere in their hideouts.

    Thanks Ivar, this skull and bones news you bring out gets more and more spooky, wacky, and hilarious each time.

    Have a nice wacky day haha!!

  2. Hi Ivar. I think I may be nightmares from that nasty display of idolatry. The fake eyes with the wig is just gross. Thanks for bringing it into the light.

    1. Dear Sue.


      May be this verse from the Bible, can open the real eyes of some Catholics.

      Matthew 6:23
      But if your eyes are unhealthy, your whole body will be full of darkness. If then the light within you is darkness, how great is that darkness.

  3. Dear Ivar,
    Thank you for your research and bringing this wretched idolatry to light. I’m not Catholic and never have been, but as a Christian I never had a good feeling about the Catholic religion evan though I met such nice people that were Catholic. But since Ive been looking up your site I have been shocked at the facts you have reveled about Catholics. Thank you and I hope you continue to expose this movement of lies. One thing I am growing to believe is that the Catholic church is the modern worship of the Ashteroth of the Old Testement. Here are some similarities:
    *Ashteroth was a female diety/ like The Virgin Mary.
    * Ashteroth was to help and protect women in child birth/ Catholic protection of unborn from abortion.
    *Ashteroth hated men especialy young boys/Catholic abuse of altar boys.
    *Ashteroth was worshiped in her temples by her male temple prostitutes having sex with men that came to the temple/Gay Catholic Priests in “Mary’s temple” having sex with men and boys! Blessings, Dr. Love

  4. Tell me that you idolatry haters don’t have idols of your own that would stagger a rational non-believer or an anthropologist who happened to drop in from another galaxy.

    1. Dear R. Taunus


      The living God hates idols. They can not talk, can not speak. If these pieces of wood and stone falls down, they can not even rescue them selves. Less save us from our sins. Only Jesus the Messiah can. He can cleanse you from your sins, and make you ALIVE for ETERNITY.

    1. Dear James

      Shalom, and love in Jesus.

      Yes. Religious insanity in the name of “Jesus”. Surely, not everyone who say Lord, Lord, shall enter the Kingdom of Heaven. Matthew 7: 21-23

  5. These skull and bone things get worse and worse ivar..
    please tell me where you find all this stuff..
    Im not going to plagiarize etc…
    I couldnt stomach it Brother.!!!
    Excellent work though.
    reblogging it.

  6. have a very interesting post their…

    I am going to look at your blog later…are their any other blogs similar to your, exposing these practices of catholicism ??

    1. Dear narrowestpath


      Thanks for blessing me. I have not come across any other blog, who have dug into the Roman Catholic worship of bones, skulls, and corpses.

      Since most of Evangelical Christianity is ready to bow before the papacy, this kind of blogs will face a tough spiritual battle. We who expose the truth, will be tried silenced by all who have left the path of truth, and walks down the path of compromises. The way through the broad gates, that leads to destruction.

      1. well, that jesuit so called pope is certainly attempting to broaden the path to hell, and damnation..
        thank you for replying Ivarfjeld..

        I had a look at Spookchristians /christianspooks blog earlier..
        he is certainly trying to expose catholicism….for what it is..

        I will have a closer look at his blog sometime..
        thx for replying.

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