Pope wanted to secure Holy places of Palestine as International Zone

As late as 1949, the Pope of Rome wanted Jerusalem to become an International Zone. Not the capital of Israel, but the United Nation ruled Palestine.

Pope Pius XII, Hitlers Pope, tried his best to “secure” Jerusalem under the rule of United Nations (UN) for which the Pontiff could become the religious head.

This is the content of a Papal letter to his Bishops and priests in «The Holy land of Palestine».

Redemptoris Nostri Crucitatus

Encyclical of Pope Pius XII, on the Holy Places in Palestine. To the vererable Brethren, the patriarchs, primates archbishops, Bishops and other Ordinaries.

9. We have never ceased to pray repeatedly for this enduring and genuine peace. And to the end that it might be brought to fruition and permanence at the earliest possible moment, We have already insisted in Our Encyclical letter In Multiplicibus, that the time has come when Jerusalem and its vicinity, where the previous memorials of the Life and Death of the Divine Redeemer are preserved, should be accorded and legally guaranteed an “international” status, which in the present circumstances seems to offer the best and most satisfactory protection for these sacred monuments.

The present pope at the tomb of Pius XII, praying and pushing for his sainthood.

11. Besides, it is of the utmost importance that due immunity and protection be guaranteed to all the Holy Places of Palestine not only in Jerusalem but also in the other cities and villages as well.

12. Not a few of these places have suffered serious loss and damage owing to the upheaval and devastation of the war. Since they are religious memorials of such moment – objects of veneration to the whole world and an incentive and support to Christian piety – these places should also be suitably protected by definite statute guaranteed by an “international” agreement.

Given at Rome, St. Peter’s the fifteenth day of the month of April, Good Friday, in the year 1949, the eleventh of Our Pontificate.

Link to the 1949-document on the official web site of the Vatican: Click here

My comment:

Read more about the order of Malta: Click here

«The International agreement» the Pope was promoting in 1949, will finally be implemented by United Nations. Most likely after pressure from the so-called Quartet, headed by an Anglican turned papist, Tony Blair. The pope of Rome will get a vital role in the formation and regulation of this International Zone, that will have the Temple Mount at its centre. The final anti-Christ will be seated there, and will face his final destiny in Hell on the return of Jesus the Messiah.

Read the document at the official Vatican web-portal: Click here

First published: March 2nd, 2010.

Written by Ivar

2 thoughts on “Pope wanted to secure Holy places of Palestine as International Zone

  1. The Lady in Purple and Scarlet in Revelation is the Beast of the Sea – The Reformation movement in the 14th to 18th Century was against the only allowed “Church” who stiffled education, cultures, art, music who even had gone after their own beginning strongly after the Counsel of Niceian in 538 A.D. stripping of title, exiling, and even burning at the stake if you did not take the belief of the “3 equal gods.” The Word was changed to the pulpit in Latin so the common people had no knowledge of God for themselve. They changed Jesus from a Jewish Jesus to a Gentile (Greco-Roman) Jesus not wanting the God of Israel. Protestant definition is protestors of the Catholic Church – Holy See – Vatican – this should not be offensive to anyone as all were force to give reverence to the Pope. Martin Luther had hard time breaking away until he realize the Pope was the decribed Antichrist in Revelation. The Beast of the Land and the Beast of the Sea has happened many times just as Hitler and the Pope, but it was not time as one of the End Times requirements was for Israel to be reestablished as a nation, 1948 and the return of the Jews to Israel. Now we are here again – who is the Antichrist and who is the Beast of the Land, Military Leader and False Prophet on the 1st Seal – the Rider on the White Horse with Bow and no arrows promising Peace and Safety when all “hell” is about to turn loose. Who is great orator who professes to be Christian, but is not – he is Muslim? The 2 Kingdoms – 2 Feet of Daniel and 10 toes of Iron and Mirey Clay – the two who will run the 10 World Divisions already designated by WTO – the Lady in Purple who controls EU, World Bank, riding the Beast that will later devour her – EU-Rome and Islm. http://www.the7thdayreturnofthelord.com

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