Chile bans Palestino football club “anti-Israel” shirt

The Chilean football federation has a new shirt that has the number one shaped as the map of Palestine before the creation of Israel.

Not Ramallah but Roman Catholic Chile.  The same side of the coin.
Not Ramallah but Roman Catholic Chile. The same side of the coin.

Palestino, a club founded by the large Palestinian community in Chile, has used the new kit in three matches.

Jewish organisations complained that the design implied that all the land was Palestinian.

The Chilean federation said it opposed any form of discrimination.

It also issued a fine of  USD 1,300 to the Santiago-based club.

Palestino unveiled the new shirts in December, keeping the club’s traditional colours, matching those of the Palestine flag – red, green and black.
However, it replaced the number one by a map of Palestine before the UN voted on the partition of the region in 1947

Source: The BBC.

My comment:

Jew-hate and anti-Zionism do not know any borders.

Anti-Zionism has its original source in the Roman Catholic religion.  The very idea that all who live in the “Holy land” must submit to the Papacy.
This kind of ideology is the reason for all religious wars, where the city of Jerusalem have changed hands over the centuries.

The nation of Chile is a successor of Roman Catholic despotism and fascist suppression in Latin America.  We should not be surprised that the Jihad-map of “Palestine” have strong supporters in this Catholic environment.  Not many Muslims in Chili, but sting supports of the Papal and Islamic narratives of World History.

Written by Ivar

6 thoughts on “Chile bans Palestino football club “anti-Israel” shirt

  1. As Christians who seek God.Mari excellent.Its we examine the Honest = Bible (Isa), the Talmud (The Devil / Jewish), Tripitaka (Hindu), the Vedas = Buddhist, and Al-Quran (Muhammad SAW). Where Religious truth.Do not we thirst of truth …!

  2. Whoa! I never thought personalized football shirts could be distressing that it could lead to banning an american football t shirts. This is an intriguing blog yet informative.

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