I have been challenged to explain why I feel the Catholic Jesus is a copy of the true Messiah, Jesus of Nazareth.

The Pope carries a dead «Jesus». He cant even save him self.
The Pope carries a dead «Jesus». He cant even save him self.

That there will be copies is confirmed in the teaching of the Jewish Apostles Paul.

2 Corinthians 11:4
«For if someone comes to you and preaches a Jesus other than the Jesus we preached, or if you receive a different spirit from the one you received, or a different gospel from the one you accepted, you put up with it easily enough».

This is a list of obvious differences between the copy-cat of Rome, and the true Jewish Messiah Jesus of Nazareth.

In regards to Salvation:

Jesus of Nazareth: He saves today

Jesus of Rome: He will have to wait till you enter Purgatory. No surety of salvation before death.

In regards to dominion:

Jesus of Nazareth: He is a Jew, the head over the house of Jacob forever. The King of the Jews.

Jesus of Rome: He is the head over the Roman Catholics.

In regards to glory and honor:

Jesus of Nazareth: Is a jealous God. Do not share His glory with anyone but His Father God.

Jesus of Rome: He do not mind sharing His glory with his mother, saints and madonna’s.

In regards to worship of wood and stone:

Jesus of Nazareth: Is the author of the 2nd commandment, that forbid idols.

Jesus of Rome: He do not mind being presented and worshiped as an idol.

In regards to prayers for the dead:

Jesus of Nazareth: Pray only in His name. Not to the dead.

Jesus of Rome: He tells us to pray to and for the dead, saints and Madonna’s.

In regards to the dead prophet and the risen Lord:

Jesus of Nazareth: No longer on the cross. The empty cross and grave sign of victory.

Jesus of Rome: He do not mind that his followers still keep Him nailed to the cross.

In regards to exclusivity of Salvation:

Jesus of Nazareth: He is the only way to salvation

Jesus of Rome: His followers have started to tell us that that there is salvation in other religions.

In regards to his Vicar on Earth:

Jesus of Nazareth: He appointed the Holy Spirit as His vicar on Earth.

Jesus of Rome: He appointed a Pope as his vicar on Earth.

In regards to exclusivity of use of Holy Father:

Jesus of Nazareth: He represent the God the Holy Father.

Jesus of Rome: He appointed a Pope to be called the Holy Father, a name the Bible reserve to God.

In regards to all followers as priests:

Jesus of Nazareth: His followers are called to be priests in the Royal priesthood.

Jesus of Rome: He can only use priest that is faithful to the Pope.

In regards to the forbidden name of Queen of Heaven:

Jesus of Nazareth: He told through his prophet Jeremiah not to worship the Queen of Heaven.

Jesus of Rome: His Vicar the Pope tells us to keep statues of the Queen of Heaven.

In regards to prayer to his mother:

Jesus of Nazareth: He told us not to pray to his family. Not even his mother.

Jesus of Rome: He demands prayer to his mother.

In regards to him being white or colored:

Jesus of Nazareth: Walked in the sun. Most likely dark complexions.

Jesus of Rome: Is a pale skinned blue eyed European.

In regards to the Jewish people and Israel:

Jesus of Nazareth: Is the Lion of Judah, and the root of Jesse. He is coming back to his own people, back to Jerusalem.

Jesus of Rome: His followers in the Vatican claims the Jews have occupied the Holy land and Jerusalem. No talk of His return.

In regards to His Father God:

The Pope present to us a copy-cat Messiah.

Since Jesus of Rome is a «Jesus» on the outside of Biblical truth, He are many times in serious disagreement with his father.

A good example is in regards to all the promises given to the Jewish people, and the restoration of the state of Israel.

Since Jesus of Nazareth said: «I and the Father are one», the copy in Rome is a liar and a deceiver.

Rome teachers blasphemy, and present a perverted gospel.

If you do not repent, and continue to put your trust in the wrong Messiah, you will end up in Hell.

This is the truth.

First published 01.11.2009.

Written by Ivar