Pope and PLO wants “special regime” in Jerusalem

The Vatican hailed a “Palestinian” state and called for an internationally guaranteed special status for Jerusalem.

The Pope and the PLO has agreed to work for the eviction of Zionism in Jerusalem.
The Pope and the PLO has agreed to work for the eviction of Zionism in Jerusalem.

In a statement the Vatican said it was a “propitious occasion” to recall a “common position” on Jerusalem expressed by the Vatican and the Palestine Liberation Organisation when the two sides signed a basic agreement on their bilateral relations in 2000.

The Vatican’s re-stating of its position on Jerusalem, which has remained mostly dormant for years, was bound to irk Israel, which says there is no need for an international status for Jerusalem because those guarantees already exist.

Israel declared Jerusalem its “united and eternal” capital in 1980 after annexing East Jerusalem in the Six Day War in 1967. World powers have not recognized the annexation.

Israel has always resisted the concept of any form of international mandate over Jerusalem.

It has been some time since the Vatican re-stated its position on the city so forcefully, and Thursday’s statement was bound to be received negatively by Israel, a diplomat with direct knowledge of their relations said.

Israel has always maintained that it already guarantees the city’s special nature as sacred to the three great monotheistic religions – Christianity, Judaism and Islam.

Source: Reuters.

My comment:

The Pope has been fighting for the control of Jerusalem for almost 750 years. He lost the ‘Holy City” in 1291 A.D, after ruling there for almost 200 years.

Not so strange, the Vatican became a “peace partner” with the PLO. The Islamic terror-organization was formed in 1964, for the sole purpose of evicting the Zionist rulers from Jerusalem.

We know that the last replacement-Messiah will come and rule in Jerusalem. It will be a brief rule, and a rule based on cheating on the Jews, a rule formed on an ideology of lies and blasphemy against God of the Bible.

We can do nothing to stop this rule. But we can rejoice that it will be brief.

Jesus the Messiah will return and bring a brutal end to this “special regime” invented and promoted by the Papacy.

Paul the Apostle explained that this last man of lawlessness will be killed by the splendor of the return of Jesus.

 2 Thessalonians 2:8
And then the lawless one will be revealed, whom the Lord Jesus will overthrow with the breath of his mouth and destroy by the splendor of his coming.

So: Rejoice, all saints. Be extremely glad.

The Pope, the PLO and the United Nations will all burn on the last day of Judgment.  And all who obeyed the Word of God will be gathered home to their mansion prepared for them in the Kingdom of Heaven. Amen.

First published: July 4th, 2013.

Written by Ivar

12 thoughts on “Pope and PLO wants “special regime” in Jerusalem

  1. It has been plain to me that the old crusaders are rearing their head. Heard John Paul 2 tell the highest Islam leader they served the same god. We know that when they divide Jerusalem the tribulation will start…war is coming quickly. Bibi said something about five yrs at least for quiet peace. but it could very well be seven yrs as prophecy tells us. one thing for sure the enemies will break it because when they say peace , peace , then comes sudden destruction. Israel will win against all the nations that surround them and G-d will made them the wealthest nation on earth and they will take back much land..Israel will win the last of all wars and then last part is when Russia comes with all the nations against Her and then G-d will Roar thru Zion…amen

    1. Dear Kim.


      It is wrong to say that “Israel will win the war against all nations”. It is the Messiah who will win the final war.

      And all who have rejected Him has nothing positive to look forward to. The Messiah will return and set up a judgment throne. He will rule the World with an iron rod. All people will come to Jerusalem, and bow before this throne. And they will face just judgment. All who rejected Him before His second coming will be sent to Hell.

      Give your life to Yeshua the Messiah today. Or you will face judgment and end up in the eternal trash bin.

      1. Dear Kim.


        It is Zionism who holds back the Pope from establishing a “special regime” in Jerusalem. The moment Israel compromise on Zionism, the state of Israel as it is known to day, will cease to exist.

        A very wicked but short lived regime will be set up in Jerusalem.

        Those who compromise with the last replacement-Messiah will face stern judgment, just like the pagans.

        For Jews who side with the last replacement-Messiah, it is not going to be pleasant when the true Messiah return. They are equally lost, and will face judgment.

        But many Jews who have heard the truth shall repent, and embrace the Messiah. When the full number of gentiles has come into the Kingdom, all of faithful Israel shall be saved. All who are a Jew inwardly, and not a fake.

        The gospel about the death and resurrection of Yeshua has been known to both Jews and gentiles for about 2.000 years. There is no valid excuse for rejecting Him. It is a matter of life and death.

        My Jewish brethren. Be wise.

  2. Ivar, You put a map of Israel up here a few days or weeks ago, been so busy don’t really remember exactly when..it showed Israel so chopped up it didn’t even look like a Nation with dots of what is left of Israel or will be not sure how that was stated…Do you still have that picture if so, when you have time would you put it up here again I’d like to send it to some folks and keep a copy for myself…Thank you

  3. Not so strange, the Vatican became a “peace partner” with the PLO. The Islamic terror-organization was formed in 1964, for the sole purpose of evicting the Zionist rulers from Jerusalem.

    I think you have got your facts a little mixed up there. Jordan was occupying Jerusalem in 1964 when the PLO was formed to ‘liberate’ what they call Palestine. That being the rest of the land given to the Jews under the UN Partition Plan: Resolution 181.

    This is the truthful answer to all supporters of the PLO terrorist organisation, who generally speaking, don’t have a clue when it comes to the true history of Palestinian terrorism against Israel.

    1. Dear philmayo7909


      The PLO was formed in 1964 to FULLY evict the Zionists from al-Quds. And of course from all the land the Jews has “occupied” from the Arabs.

  4. Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob (Jacob who was renamed Israel by God) were chosen along with their posterity to bring Jesus the Messiah and King of Israel into the world. Along the way toward that day, God gave them the Torah, the Prophets and all the Tanakh. What a blessing for all the peoples of the world! And how truly tragic that satan has blinded the eyes of so many gentiles to such a great extent that they do not know or believe God and His Unique and Only Begotten Son Jesus!

    God WILL bless them that bless Abraham! Genesis 12:1-3 We should also know that we are to pray for the PEACE of Jerusalem for those that love her will prosper! Psalm 122:6 and finally God is VERY angry with those who add afflictions to the chastening He is giving to is chosen people. Obadiah Ch. 1

    God is love! Investigate!

  5. These things are bound to happen. The Bible says so. However, i shall never raise a hand on the negative side for fulfilling the Bible Prophesies.
    God is merciful, his wrath no man shall stand who is against him.

  6. Når Gud har forutbestemt at dette skal skje – du har sikkert lest at den dagen Jesus kommer igjen, kommer han til å sette føttene sine på Oljeberget, det kommer til å komme et enormt jordskjelv som får hauger og fjell til å vike, og vann kommer til å komme til syne (elv), som rekker langt. Det finnes allerede en elv under Jerusalem. – Landene som går til angrep på Israel (dekker landet som en sky); hva som kommer til å skje med kroppene deres høres nesten ut som om de blir utsatt for et kjemisk angrep (bare søk på ordet “Oljeberget” i nettbibelen (Det gamle testamente, profeti)… – så er det jo ikke stort annet man kan gjøre enn det du gjør, advare folk om å gå inn i “The (Spiritualist) Church”, for de døde har bare dødelige råd å komme med; for de er ikke oppdatert. Det var derfor den rike mann ikke fikk vende tilbake til jorden fra dødsriket. De helbredes av “paver” i “himmelen” og “sankter”, men skjønner ikke at det de omgås er “gjenferd” (onde ånder, Satan som har omskapt seg til en lyset engel – eller hvem som helst – “familiar” (kjente) ånder; dvs som menneskesjeler de en gang kjente. På den måten kunne Johannes Paul den andre tale via et fotografi og helbrede hjernen til en søramerikansk dame nylig, nok til å gi ham helgenstatus. Når Gud har forutbestemt å bruke noen til ødeleggelse, er det bare én ting igjen å gjøre; å be for menneskene som er inni denne svinmakten, om at han må berge dem ut. (Onde ånder kan bo i svin, men når de er døde, går det an å spise dem, om man sjekker at de ikke har trikiner, og ber Gud velsigne maten.) Gud velsigne deg, og takk for alt du har informert om. Du har gjort et livsviktig arbeid. Send en link til Ulf Ekmans familie, vil du?

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