The Vatican is the enemy of God and the Jewish people

The Catholic enmity toward Jews are now 1.700 years old. And it is played out against Israel since the start of modern Zionism.

Giulio Meotti  tell the painful truth about the anti-Zionist attitudes of the Vatican.
Giulio Meotti tell the painful truth about the Jew-hate and anti-Zionist attitudes of the Vatican. Behind all this is a false  Messiah, the “Jesus of Rome”.

In his new book, “The Vatican Against Israel: J’Accuse”, Giulio Meotti explores the theological foundation for 1,700 years of Catholic enmity toward Jews and how this is played out against Israel since the start of modern Zionism.

Meotti explores the theological foundation for 1,700 years of Catholic enmity toward Jews that led to manifold persecutory actions and atrocities through the centuries and how it continues to play out in Church policy toward the Jewish State today.

Mr. Meotti explains how the Catholic Church has continued to undermine Jews through its politics, statements, and contemptuous relationship with the state of Israel. Since Israel’s founding in 1948, the Vatican has consistently worked against the best interests of the Jewish state and aided and abetted its enemies.

This extensive, historical Church enmity toward the Jews and the attendant atrocities have led to today’s shocking alliance with Islam and, even more surprisingly, has prevented the Church from aiding persecuted Christians throughout the Muslim world. By disavowing Jewish roots and forging a strategic Muslim-Christian alliance, the Church has embarked on a precarious path for the future of Christendom.
Furthermore, the Church’s adoption of the Muslim narrative on Palestine precludes the recognition of a very real problem jeopardizing the lives of thousands of Christians in majority Islamic nations.

The Church steadfastly ignores the reality behind the Muslim chant, “First the Saturday people, then the Sunday people,” which scripturally links Jews and Christians as the infidel, “People of the Book,” making both targets for violence and repression. However, for Church leadership to admit their vulnerability in this regard would require them to grant legitimacy to the Jewish people in their ancestral land of Israel, abandon the idea of punishment for the deicide, and bear the Jews’ ultimate insult, namely, failure to follow the gospel of Jesus Christ.

The Church and the Death of Jesus

In his book, Mr. Meotti explains that anti-Jewish sentiments were founded on Church pronouncements that Jews are responsible for the death of Jesus. He shows how, until very recently, the Church taught that Jewish history ended with the appearance of Christianity and that Jews were a cursed people who killed Jesus, rejected Christ’s gospel, and were destined to wander the earth for eternity.

Source: Israel National News

My comment:

It is not possible for many Jews to believe in a Messiah, who works against the eternal biblical promises given to the Jewish people. Many Jews can not phantom that the Messiah, has followers who have harmed Jews, forcefully converted them to Catholicism, and even burnt them at stake.

The truth is hard to swallow. The followers of the claimed “Jesus” of Rome, are followers of a copy-cat Messiah, a replacement of the the true Messiah, an antichrist. They have rejected the Bible, and started to worship Baal in the name of the Messiah.

John 8:44

You are of your father the devil, and the desires of your father you want to do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and does not stand in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaks a lie, he speaks from his own resources, for he is a liar and the father of it.

This is the ultimate Satanic deception.  When people have submitted to lies, and started to work for the kingdom of darkness., And do they evil deeds in the name of “Jesus”.

This is the best and most effective tool of Satan. By inventing copies of “Jesus”, has has managed to deceive billions of people.

Do not submit to the lies of religious fraud of the Vatican. Open your Bibles, and believe in the Word of God. Jesus the Messiah was a Jew, the greatest Jew who have ever walked on the face o the Earth. Jesus loves the Jewish people. The true Messiah is the author of every promise that is written down from the first letter in the book of Genesis, to the last letter in the book of Revelation.

Written by Ivar

15 thoughts on “The Vatican is the enemy of God and the Jewish people

  1. The Catholic church was the only church allowed to operate in Communist countries too and i believe they were the main force behind Hitler and the holocaust because the possibility of a connection was covered up but the dots do connect .. and she is going to bring about the false Messiah … it is not a church belonging to Christ … its a power source of hidden darkness and its workings is known to Yahweh ..and the prophecies are being fulfilled and will be fulfilled… the Jews will see their Messiah soon … but first the apostasy… May God look favourably on His people..

  2. This age is obviously drawing to a close. The battle lines are forming. Christians need to come away from the Antichrist’s false “church” and its False Prophet–“Come out of her, my people…”

    The true Church on the earth shines as a Bride waiting for Her Bridegroom. We are unlikely to have to wait very long. Throughout the long history of the Church Age/”times of the Gentiles” God the Father has waited for the entire number of Gentiles to come into His glorious Church–and only He knows what that number is. The wait appears to be over and judgment is surely coming on the earth. And the Bride will be delighted to hear Her Bridegroom come with a shout and the trump of God. But it is a bittersweet reunion. She rejoices to finally be with our Lord Jesus, but is saddened that so many will be lost. “Even so, come Lord Jesus.”

  3. Haha. False info. Similar to the Common Core and global warming myths. You cannot rewrite truth and history. But you can relive it if you don’t learn from it. All the darkness, trying to shroud the Truth, will never prevail.

  4. Pablo, the passage you cite has nothing to do with the real Jewish people. It has to do with the forerunners of Kabbalists (their beliefs are quite Satanic today) who the Vatican has always enlisted in their nefarious schemes. Ignorance is bliss I guess. But do yourself a favor–investigate the crimes of the Roman “Church” and leave “her” while you still can.

  5. The only satanic bastard in this world is the usurer jew who pretends to be the ‘ chosen god’ of the nations… especially of the aryan nations. I will be glad when i will see this fucking serpent who wants to pass for a victim, to be finally annihilated, and if this will be done again by Rome or the Aryan Iran, i will be even more pleased.

  6. I see the devils are hard at work spreading false information, fear and Hatred to unsuspecting weak and ignorant Christians.

    May St Miachel Archangle strike you fowl spirits down!

  7. As the Jewish atheist ,I highly evaluate the Jentiles`just defence of the persecuted Jews. The great historical success of Christianity is ,of course, combined with the heavy crimes against humanity and particularly Jews. My pretensions to Jews include their religious and social self-centrism that was anti-social in the old Europe. Helthy Jewish life, I think was and is possible in their own state only, and Hertzl was absolutly right.

    1. Dear PermReader

      Shalom, and love in Jesus.

      I can not blame Jews for not understanding the difference between Christianity and Roman Catholicism. Since many claimed to be “evangelicals” do not understand that the Catholics are not Christians.

      But I try to make it simple.

      Anyone, who in the name of “Christ” have harmed a Jew, have never known the true Messiah. But followed a copycat, we call an antichrist.

      The true Messiah, Jesus ” Yeshua” was a Jew. Born by a Jewish virgin, raised in a Jewish family, circumzised, dedicated in the Temple in Jerusalem, celebrating all the Biblical Jewish feasts, and rebuking the governor of the Roman occupation.

      Please get your self a Brit Hadasha, (The new Testament) and read about your own brother.

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