Skull of “blessed Gerard” kept by Order of Malta

The founder of Knight Hospitaller died in 1120 A.D. His skull came to Malta in 1749.

Also the Military Order of Malta venerate a skull, the very skull of their claimed founder.

Blessed Gerard is supposed to have lived from 1040 to 1120, and was a Papal knight fighting for the Catholic Kingdom of Jerusalem.

His skull was transferred from Provence in France to Valletta, in Malta, in 1749. The skull changed location by order of Grandmaster Emmanuel Pinto. In 1834 this order was known as the Sovereign Military Order of Malta (SMOM).

Still being blessed, the surname of “Gerard” is not known. It might be Tum, Tune, Tenque or Thom.

Even Roman Catholics are unaware of how the skull and bones of “blessed Gerard” came to France.

This is what the official website has recorded:

 It is still an open question how the remains of Gérard Tenque come to Manosque. Theodore Andrea Cook writes in “Old Provence”:

 “In 1080 a citizen of Martigues, Gérard Tenque by name, founded the Hospital of St. John at Jerusalem, which afterwards became the great order of the Knights of Malta; and the husband of Gerberge, Countess of Provence, who was called Gilbert the Good, brought back many relics from the Holy Land which were afterwards to be seen in the churches of Arles and all its district” 

  Could it have been Gilbert the Good, who brought Gérard Tenque’s relics to Manosque?

Like many saints of the Roman Catholic religion, “blessed Gerard” was also cut into pieces, and his remains transported to various churches.

Here is a list of location of the relics:

1. “Yet, a humerus and a vertebra of the holy body were saved and kept in the church of Martigues. After the “separation” and inventories, it has been possible to see these remains in a closet of that city’s town hall.” (Ducaud-Bourget)

2. A part of the humerus from Martigues has been given to the Grand Magistry of the Order of Malta in Rome and is kept there in the Chapel.

3. The Grand Magistry has given a part of their humerus fragment to Blessed Gérard’s Church at Mandeni/South Africa on 3rd September 1996.

4. The Grand Magistry has given another part of their humerus fragment to the chapel at the Malteser Kommende in Ehreshoven/Germany.

5. The skull at St. Ursola’s Convent in Valletta/Malta

6. A skull fragment of Blessed Gérard is kept at the Grand Priory of England of the Order of Malta at London/U.K.


My comment:

There is no valid explanation available why this skull have been decorated with flowers in his “hair”.

There is a lot of flower on top of this skull. The purpose of the Military Order of Malta using these flowers are not known.
The amount of flowers are quite spectacular.

The Babylonian whore and her followers knows no limits.

 Revelation 17:2
With her the kings of the earth committed adultery and the inhabitants of the earth were intoxicated with the wine of her adulteries.”

The Military order of Malta is not a forum for uneducated people. They are a gathering of the cream of society.

Even Charismatic “Kingdom now” preacher Rick Joyner is a member.

Read more about the Military order of Malta

 Mark 12:27
He is not the God of the dead, but of the living. You are badly mistaken!”

Read more about the Norwegian Templar Knight, who massacred 77 people.

Lets also take a look at some more pictures:

Portrait of a knight of the Order of Malta, Kunsthistorisches Museum, Gemaeldegalerie, Vienna, Austria.
Many careless or lukewarm people accept to be knighted by the Pope into the military order of Malta.
The Pope with some Knights of Malta on June 23rd 2008.

That this order venerate a 1.000 year old skull is yet another example of paganism inside the various brotherhoods of the Vatican system.

It is difficult to phantom that men can cut a skeleton into pieces, and transport the bones of a mortal man to different locations all over Europe. That these rather rotten remains are kept for adoration inside claimed to be “Churches” is wickedness.

If this funny decorated skull had been the only one used by the clergy and order brothers, it might have been excusable. But since skulls, bones, and corpses are found in their hundreds in Catholic Churches all over the world, this religious institution seems to be fatally deceased.

Many of the skull-stories told to the faithful followers of the Pope, are based on blunt lies. Others are beyond the limits of sanity. The best of them are so baloney, that only completely demonized people can keep on distributing such falsehood.

There are only one correct name for this Catholic order. It is a part of a death cult.

Jesus the Messiah told about men who were full of dead bones, and everything unclean.

 Matthew 23:27
“Woe to you, teachers of the law and Pharisees, you hypocrites! You are like whitewashed tombs, which look beautiful on the outside but on the inside are full of dead men’s bones and everything unclean.

People who wants to escape the coming judgement must leave this Babylonian fraud and falsehood.

Repent or perish.

Written by Ivar

6 thoughts on “Skull of “blessed Gerard” kept by Order of Malta

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  1. There’s one like that in Arizona…it’s really sick…they have a Glass Coffin looking case with the skeleton dressed up…people mulling all around it…they were not pleased with ‘remarks Geesh The Catholic Church is sick…morbid…death worshipers..It’s a smell that is not easily forgotten…!!

    1. Dear Tom.


      Thanks for this comment. It is a complete disgrace, that many Churches do accept Catholicism as Christianity.

      No fear of God. No idea of what Paul meant, when he warned us about men who would come and present ” a different Jesus”.

      When Satan introduce copies of “Jesus”, he is surely able to decieve true Christians, if possible.

  2. The man in the picture from Kunsthistorisches Museum in Vienna is NOT a knight of the Order of Malta, but of the Order of St. Stephen

    1. Can you please give some more info on who that man is in the picture? Also if he is from another order what is the reason for him being beside the skull? That cross on his chest also looks like a cross patte, like the templar cross.

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