Rome pray to corpse of “Saint Zita”

If you have lost your keys, pray to Saint Zita. Her remains are kept in Lucca in Italy. 

The corpse of Zita is kept for adoration and worship. Catholics who pray to her, have better chances of fiinding their keys.

The body of Saint Zita, claims to be found incorrupt by the Catholic Church. (born c. 1218 – d. 27 April 1272).

Se is the Patron saint of all who have lost the keys.

This is her story from Wikipedia

By her death, she was practically venerated by the family. After one hundred and fifty miracles wrought in the behalf of such as had recourse to her intercession were juridically proven, she was canonized in 1696.

Her body was exhumed in 1580, discovered to be incorrupt, but has since become mummified. St. Zita’s body is currently on display for public veneration in the Basilica di San Frediano in Lucca.

The official Roman Catholic website has this report 22.04.12:

 The Church’s liturgical veneration of St. Zita was introduced in the early 1500s, and confirmed by Pope Innocent XII in 1696. In 1580, her body was exhumed and found to be miraculously incorrupt. It is venerated today in the Basilica of St. Frediano, where she attended Mass during her life.

Source: CNA

My comment:

It is not pleasant not to find the keys to your car or house.

Roman Catholics are extra lucky. They just have to pray to” Saint Zita”. Lets take a look at some more pictures:

The Italian madonna is kept for display in a “Church”.
The Roman Catholics claim that the corpse have been kept incorruptable.
The skull and bones of Zita is dressed up. Even flowers are kept on her head.
The corpse of Zita is dressed up in different dresses, and the skeleton shifted into different boxes. The bones moved into different positions.

The Roman Catholics claim that they do not worship saints. They just adore or venerate them.

But when you pray to a saint to fin your keys, do you not worship this saint?

When we pray to Jesus, is this not an act of worship?

That troubled clueless and key-less Catholics do not understand this, is a spiritual disaster. Because the Devil do not mind finding the keys for you, if you only bow down and worship anything but Jesus.

Since the Catholics claim Zita is able to hear their prayers, I wonder if anyone has been able to communicate with this up-dressed corpse.

That must be the only valid reason for keeping someone who have been dead for 738 years for display inside a Church.

Because if the mummy do not speak, or can not hear, i guess this body is just like any other pagan idol that provokes God of the Bible to anger.

We have relier have comment’s on this site, expressing the wickedness of changing clouts on corpses and skeletons.
What should be the purpose of changing the dresses on “saint Zita?”.

To place a palm leaf in her bony hands, is also a bizarre thing to do, to the remains of a person that lived more than 700 years ago.

The metal ring around the skull of the “saint”, is surely not placed in a bid to take the damaging effect of lightning away from this religious site. But more like an expression of the allege power and holiness of this piece of dead mans flesh, acceding to Roman Catholic traditions.

The skull and bones societies have at least two thing in common. The banish of sanity, and the complete absence of The Holy Spirit.

Written by Ivar

22 thoughts on “Rome pray to corpse of “Saint Zita”

  1. Blessings Ivar,

    I lovED praying to many saints. Since childhood, my best friends were these dead people. I had such great affection for them and great admiration for the lives they lived.

    Now, the joy & peace of praying ONLY to my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, is incomparable!
    I would challenge a catholic reading this comment to dispose of the great distraction of ‘chasing after’ saints and to commit to praying only to God.

    St. Zita’s displayed body is ugly. I would recommend church officials bury her and let her rest in peace, for goodness sake!


    1. Catholics are not required to pray to any saints, only if they feel compelled to. We should always look to those who have gone before us, and learn from them. Just like we can learn what NOT to do by watching those who commit horrible crimes, so to can we learn how to properly follow our Lord Jesus through the lives of the saints. I am Catholic for only one reason Jesus Christ, anyone else who is Catholic, should claim the same reason. Saint’s are not necessary, but are a product of being a devout Christian.

      To anyone who thinks this is “ugly” or “gross”. You are missing the whole point of being human. We die, we become worm food, it is a blessing that God gave us His Holy Church to remind us that death waits to greet us all, and we should be thanking God for such a constant reminder to live Holy and praise worthy lives. Death being seen as “gross” is a new age taboo, and is the work of satan. We must all be willing to embrace, and accept death in any capacity when the time comes, and we shouldn’t be offended when we are reminded of it, especially by those who lived their lives for Christ.

      1. Dear Adam

        Shalom, and love in Jesus.

        You wrote:

        ….follow our Lord Jesus through the lives of the saints.

        My reply:

        The Messiah is neither a product by human reasoning, hallow philosophy, nor political correctness. To worship skull and bones is a perverse form of religious activity, that has absolutely nothing to do with Jesus the Messiah of the Bible.

        To follow Jesus, is to obey the scripture. When you do this, the Holy Spirit will guide your steps.

        The Roman Catholic Church is obsessed with death. Roman Catholics pray to the dead, and for the dead. They even decorate their religious shrines with items of the dead. In this way they reject the Word of God, and mock God of the Bible. There is only one suitable word for this: Paganism. To live out paganism in the name of “Christ” leads to the broad gates of destruction.

        In fact, the Catholic obsession with dead bodies, corpses, bones and skulls, is a fruit of necrophilia. It is to be attracted to dead bodies. The crypt in the Vatican is even called “Necropolis”. Jesus bluntly said: “Let the dead go and bury their own dead”.

        Repent, or face the eternal fire of Hell.

  2. Hi Ivar,

    This is somehow the grossest one yet. Why does the RCC persist in this depravity? Do they not know that death has been declared by God to be His last enemy? Why would anyone want to be a priest or a nun, knowing that they might put his/her corpse on display one day? I’m surprised they haven’t put the dead body of John Paul II on display yet—or does it have to wait until he is “sainted”? His blood is apparently already on display. What a bunch of ghouls!

  3. We Catholics asks saints to intercede to Jesus in heaven for us. We can and do pray directly to Jesus. But we know that if a person is in heaven with God then he is in union with him and can hear our prayers just like the angels can guide us on earth. Therefore, if I could ask you to pray for me right now, why not ask someone I know is with Jesus to pray for me? Mary asked Jesus to come to the help of the couple at the Wedding in Cana and he did.

    1. @Grace: “We Catholics asks saints to intercede to Jesus in heaven for us.”

      Your intent or the “how” or “why” does not matter. It is the “what”. You are trying to contact and/or communicate with the spirit world. Believers in Messiah are not to be involved with these practices (necromancy, divination, witchcraft, sorcery) – Deuteronomy 18:11, Leviticus 19:31; 20:6, 27, Ecclesiastes 9:6.

      There is only One Mediator (1 Timothy 2:5, Hebrews 9:15 & 12:24) for those who are born again (John 3:3).

  4. The Pope is not your Holy Father or your Heavenly Father or as the Catholics teach..”Another Jesus Christ” lower than God and higher than you. The Bible says that “ALL have sinned and fall short of the glory of God”..including the Pope.
    The Roman Catholic Church is a CULT and false religion. The people trapped in it are sincerely seeking God, but are sincerely wrong and this cult is taking over a billion people to hell. Jesus said “I am the way, the truth and the life…no one comes to the Father but through me”. Believe in the Lord Jesus Christ and you will be saved. Just those two biblical statements are considered heresy by the Catholic church and are called “The Sin of Presumption”. They say you cannot know if you are saved…they are calling Jesus a liar. Things not in the Bible are Popes, modern day Priests, confession to a Priest for absolution, the mass, purgatory, eucharist wafer god, nuns, and on and on…all invented by the Catholic church to appear very religious. Do your research and save yourself before it’s too late. Being a Christian does not mean being a member of the Roman Catholic Church. It means being a member of the body of Christ, which is accomplished by faith and trust in Jesus alone for the forgiveness of your sins. It means you do not add your works to His work. Sincerity doesn’t forgive sins. Membership in a church doesn’t forgive sins. Doing works of penance doesn’t forgive sins. Forgiveness is received in the faithful trust and acceptance of Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross for our sin making us acceptable to God and that alone and nothing else. You will be judged at the Great Throne Judgment by what’s taught in the Holy Bible…not any other book.
    The Roman Catholic Church had there own Holocaust called “The Inquisition”. This is where from the years 1200 to 1808 they murdered over 68 million real Christians and others who would not accept there teachings and deny Jesus Christ as the only way to eternal life. Next to Islam they are the biggest false religion on the planet taking billions to hell with them. Pray for those trapped in what the Holy Bible calls “The Great Wh*re”.

    1. @David

      I want to clarify a point. In regards to the comment regarding the citing of the antichrist, I was referencing the Book of Revelation. I thought I’d written that in, but after posting, I realized I’d omitted that important bit of info.

  5. I actually visited this Church in Lucca Italy where Saint Zita remains Very intact Actually her body was exhumed after The most of 100Years after her death The people of Lucca insisted that Rome look at her 2become A saint after almost 100Years They found her body intact How people who believe Explain this is Called simply faith And as Catholics we believe Faith is the Opposite of Pride in witch pride Can lead us away allowing me to Not believe in anything i Can not See or touch Saints we’re human beings Who lived and Live on this earth Human same as myself Making mistakes and there Real people Real presence definitely in heaven and I can learn about them and Inspit of Human nature to Seek vision and touch I believe And have faith No one will Bring me closer 2our lord Then his mother Our most high Saint mary mother of God i hope this is not offensive to anyone Certainly not meant for that God bless

    1. Dear Celia

      Shalom and love in Jesus.

      Are you blind? Cant you see that this is a corpse? Do not corpses belong in graves? What are they doing in the Roman Catholic Chuches as objects of adroation, veneration and worship? Did not Jesus tell the dead to go and bury thier dead, and you proclaim life, the kingdom and the gospel?

      1. The truth Obvious you’re Simply not Sure about You’re willing to Challenge the Truth god bless you

  6. Dear Ivar,

    I’m praying to St. Zita to cripple your hands so you can stop sinning. I don’t want you to loose heaven brother.

    God bless.


  7. @ivarfjeld

    In réponse to your comments…

    “Are you blind? Cant you see that this is a corpse? Do not corpses belong in graves?”

    The remains of our blessed saints are reverenced. St. Zita is laying in her tomb. It is a clear tomb for visibility of the corpse.

    “What are they doing in the Roman Catholic Chuches as objects of adroation, veneration and worship?”

    We venerate (not worship) the saints. Only God is worshipped & adored. We hold them in high regard because they are part of the Body of Christ. He is the Vine, & we are the branches, & they live because of Him in accordance with Scripture.

    “Did not Jesus tell the dead to go and bury thier dead, and you proclaim life, the kingdom and the gospel?”

    In what context, sir? Do you leave your dead to bury themselves? Let’s look at what Jesus actually said:

    From Luke 9 (NABRE – USCCB):
    And to another he said, “Follow me.” But he replied, “[Lord,] let me go first and bury my father.”
    But he answered him, “Let the dead bury their dead.* But you, go and proclaim the kingdom of God.”

    From the commentary following the verses:

    “In these sayings Jesus speaks of the severity and the unconditional nature of Christian discipleship. Even family ties and filial obligations, such as burying one’s parents, cannot distract one no matter how briefly from proclaiming the kingdom of God. ”

    Please cite Scripture in context.

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