If you have lost your keys, pray to Saint Zita. Her remains are kept in Lucca in Italy. 

The corpse of Zita is kept for adoration and worship. Catholics who pray to her, have better chances of fiinding their keys.

The body of Saint Zita, claims to be found incorrupt by the Catholic Church. (born c. 1218 – d. 27 April 1272).

Se is the Patron saint of all who have lost the keys.

This is her story from Wikipedia

By her death, she was practically venerated by the family. After one hundred and fifty miracles wrought in the behalf of such as had recourse to her intercession were juridically proven, she was canonized in 1696.

Her body was exhumed in 1580, discovered to be incorrupt, but has since become mummified. St. Zita’s body is currently on display for public veneration in the Basilica di San Frediano in Lucca.

The official Roman Catholic website has this report 22.04.12:

 The Church’s liturgical veneration of St. Zita was introduced in the early 1500s, and confirmed by Pope Innocent XII in 1696. In 1580, her body was exhumed and found to be miraculously incorrupt. It is venerated today in the Basilica of St. Frediano, where she attended Mass during her life.

Source: CNA

My comment:

It is not pleasant not to find the keys to your car or house.

Roman Catholics are extra lucky. They just have to pray to” Saint Zita”. Lets take a look at some more pictures:

The Italian madonna is kept for display in a “Church”.
The Roman Catholics claim that the corpse have been kept incorruptable.
The skull and bones of Zita is dressed up. Even flowers are kept on her head.
The corpse of Zita is dressed up in different dresses, and the skeleton shifted into different boxes. The bones moved into different positions.

The Roman Catholics claim that they do not worship saints. They just adore or venerate them.

But when you pray to a saint to fin your keys, do you not worship this saint?

When we pray to Jesus, is this not an act of worship?

That troubled clueless and key-less Catholics do not understand this, is a spiritual disaster. Because the Devil do not mind finding the keys for you, if you only bow down and worship anything but Jesus.

Since the Catholics claim Zita is able to hear their prayers, I wonder if anyone has been able to communicate with this up-dressed corpse.

That must be the only valid reason for keeping someone who have been dead for 738 years for display inside a Church.

Because if the mummy do not speak, or can not hear, i guess this body is just like any other pagan idol that provokes God of the Bible to anger.

We have relier have comment’s on this site, expressing the wickedness of changing clouts on corpses and skeletons.
What should be the purpose of changing the dresses on “saint Zita?”.

To place a palm leaf in her bony hands, is also a bizarre thing to do, to the remains of a person that lived more than 700 years ago.

The metal ring around the skull of the “saint”, is surely not placed in a bid to take the damaging effect of lightning away from this religious site. But more like an expression of the allege power and holiness of this piece of dead mans flesh, acceding to Roman Catholic traditions.

The skull and bones societies have at least two thing in common. The banish of sanity, and the complete absence of The Holy Spirit.

Written by Ivar