Obama spied on 70 million phone calls in France

National Security Agency (NSA) spied on 70.3 million phone calls in France in just 30 days.

Barack Hussein Obama should be impeached as a criminal and put behind bars.
Barack Hussein Obama should be impeached. He is a cyber criminal and should be put behind bars. The US is left with the disgrace of not doing so.

Le Monde says the data, based on leaks from ex-intelligence analyst Edward Snowden, suggest the US NSA agency monitored businesses and officials as well as terrorism suspects.

The intercepts were apparently triggered by certain key words.

The paper says the National Security Agency (NSA) spied on 70.3 million phone calls in France in just 30 days between December 10 last year and January 8, 2013.

This is not the first time the US has been accused of spying on the French. Last year the Elysee Palace confirmed it had discovered a “powerful worm” in the computers of the Elysee network that had the ability to collect files on a machine, take screenshots, even activate the microphone on a computer to record conversations.

The US embassy in Paris categorically denied the US had been involved in any cyber attack on the French government. Nonetheless the finger was pointed by the French media.

On Monday morning Laurent Fabius summoned the US ambassador to an urgent meeting to request an explanation of these latest allegations from Le Monde. But then, the French already know the power of these surveillance programmes – because according to Le Monde they’ve been running a similar surveillance programme themselves; though perhaps only focused on its own nationals.

The agency also apparently captured millions of text messages.

It was unclear whether the content of the calls and messages was stored, or just the metadata – the details of who is speaking to whom.

Source: The BBC

My comment:

There is not more to be said about the present US Government. It can simply not be trusted.

Barack Hussein Obama will be remembered, as the follower of Islam, who was elected to the run the White House. Twice.

The fruits are terrible. And it can still get worse before its over.

Written by Ivar

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